Wednesday, May 28, 2008

united malaysia for malaysians...

Got the link through a close friend's blog, and finally got to listen and watch the music video after numerous attempts, don't have a speaker you see, I'm poor...;) Goofy as it seems, the video served it's purpose to call for unity in our home, our country, our beloved Malaysia.

As of now (10.37pm, 28 May 2008), 59,469 individuals have downloaded the song, over 100,000 had listened the song through youtube, and thousands of bloggers are spreading the same message through their blogs: we all hope for a single united nation and we are all proud to be Malaysians. See beyond colours and you will see that we are brothers and sisters, after all.

Spread the love, Malaysians. Spread the love.

Our country needs it.


WY said...

could at least link me! bitch.

Livingmonolith said...

i already have your link at the side bar, unlike some people who linked me but named wrongly...;)