Monday, February 27, 2006

shitty syabas...

Here's a riddle:

What's clear and smells like shit?

Bugger, that's the water supply in PJ. It smells like shit, and I'm not saying literally. It really smells like SHIT! What the hell is Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (SYABAS) doing?!

SYABAS my foot. When they said there'll be water distruption, I was like 'fine, I can live without water supply for a couple of days, there are other places with water'.

I didn't expect it to be 'the-supply-is-still-there-but-it-smells-like-shit' distruption.

Makes you think twice (make it a gazillion times) before choosing the place for dinner around PJ.

Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit... And I still have a test tomorrow morning. Arghhh!!! The stress!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Ever heard of karma?


Perhaps these will ring a bell:

Mourinho angry at Messi 'provocation'


Rafa: Is Robben in hospital?


What do they call it again? 'A taste of your own medicine'?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

good morning...

Hey hey, I'm back from a short hiatus, haha...

Just finished the last of my three tests this week, and right now I'm blogging in my lab while waiting for an electrophoresis at 5 in the morning. This is a great start to a great day!

Yeah, really. Despite the fact that the thermocycler was wrecked earlier in the week, which would result in a delay of my labwork for N months (and a possibility of extending a semester), I'm feeling pretty good.

And like 20 hours of sleep for the entire week? Man, I still feel gooood.

Don't know what got into me, but looking on the brighter side, this life is good. Heck, my life have been great. Yep. Let's celebrate life.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

talking football again...

In a bizarre midweek action none of the top 5 teams manage to get full points from their fixtures. Okay, fine, I'll say top six just to include Arsenal.

With Arsenal, Tottenham and Man Utd losing, it seemed like a golden oppoturnity for Liverpool to improve on the standings but a freak own goal by Alonso condemned Liverpool to their second draw at Anfield. Thankfully, Chelsea were held by Villa or else the gap would look real embarassing even for us to finish second.

Perhaps a little too bitter, but it was a good lesson to learn as to not fool around even though you're against a team with ten men. Liverpool wasted chances after chances and in the end conceded a late goal. Not even Robbie 'God' Fowler can save us despite his breathtaking overhead kick goal which was ruled offside (correctly, damn) in the final seconds. Finnan had a rare penalty claim turned down as he was nudged from the back while breaking free during a swift counterattack, Morientes, Crouch and Garcia were all guilty of screwing up simple shots. It didn't help with Birmingham players camping in their 6 yard box blocking out all the attempts.

Sigh, nevermind lah. At least the other teams didn't get three points. Winning the league looks so far now, but the second qualification spot to CL is a very realistic target. This weekend will be fun with the Chelsea-Liverpool match coming up, just pray that Liverpool may surprise the Chelsea camp in their own backyard.

Oh, and btw, Daniel Agger rocks!