Saturday, March 24, 2007

photo day...

Had some great time doing a photoshoot two weeks ago. Here are some of the photos for you guys to enjoy, hehehe...

Too lazy to upload the rest already. Maybe next time. Ditto for now...

Monday, March 05, 2007

wanna know how i celebrated chap goh meh?

Sometimes I don't get why people enjoy going to concerts.

You take out a big chunk of your bank savings so that you can go wrestle your way to some dirty seats in a bloody hot and smelly stadium, get bitten by mosquitoes for 3 hours, have some crazy drama queen fans screaming their lungs out right behind you, and that annoying girl beside you kept kicking you as she sings horribly out of tune the entire night. The worst thing I can imagine - thank goodness it didn't happen to me - is to have a 60 year-old woman beside you, dressed like some la-la mui and shouting so hard you'd be worried whether her lungs will fly out right at your face.

Welcome, people, to Wang Lee Hom's KL Heroes on Earth Concert. I rest my case.

Surprisingly though, I actually thought the concert was worth the money. I mean, where else can you find an artist; who also writes and produces, who plays the guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, violin and er hu, all in the same concert?

That's a great concert, to be honest. Even for people like me who loathe these teenage fangirls' activities. Lee Hom definitely has the looks and body, dances well (modern, hip-hop and breakdance in the concert, as well!) fantastic showmanship, and has a good voice. Together with the talent to fuse classical Chinese music into western styles, I'm running my brains overtime to figure who else can do such thing.

Now don't worry, I won't go screaming my lungs out for this Lee Hom guy here. Not a fan, never will.

Too bad the girlfriend is one. That explains my appearance at Bukit Jalil Stadium last night.

Ok, that's it. No more free advertisement for this American-Chinese guy anymore in this blog. One concert is enough. Let's hope Michael Jackson doesn't stage a comeback concert in Malaysia or I'll spell bankrupt.