Sunday, October 30, 2005

THES world top 200 universities ranking 2005...

First of all, congratulations to UM for managing to stay in the top 200.

That's basically all I can compliment. Now, the ranting part.

Plunging 80 places from last year isn't something that we didn't expect. 89 was a bit overrated. Even at 169 I find it hard to believe. The current status of local universities is just so bad that I sometimes feel embarassed to say that I am doing my degree in one.

To say that we do not have the brains is nonsense. We have enough to drown the entire population of Singapore. But why is NUS still ranked above our country's most prestigious university? We all know the answer, it's just that no one wants to say it out loud.

Year in year out, we turn away our hopeful young talents, deeming them as not good enough to earn a place in the local unis. This is one example. Doing his degree in a university ranked 19th after being rejected by the 169th-placed UM. How on earth does that happen is beyond logic. And I assure you he is only one among thousands of similar cases over the decades. Think again. Don't you think there's something wrong in the education system?

It's about time the administration do something to improve the standards before we plunge deeper. Instead of putting up banners and billboard celebrating our 'Top 100 Uni' (which can be found everywhere in the campus), why not spend the money on something more practical, such as building more laboratories with better facilities?

I really really REALLY should stop blogging, my finals are coming soon, damnit!

Friday, October 28, 2005

several things in my mind now...

1) To the owner of the car with the plate number JJG 225,
I advise you to approach any car workshops and realign your car's headlight beam, cuz your stupid HID lights are BLINDING me YOU MORON!

2) I should start taking politics less seriously, like watching a cartoon or something. It's just laughable, really. But good entertainment nonetheless.

3) I don't mind people praising their religions and spreading them, but don't put down others while doing it. I never said your God played poker and has a beer belly, did I?

4) Midway through my thesis project and my labwork ends with no results. No RESULTS. How amusing, hahaha... In for a meeting tomorrow with my supervisor to discuss what went wrong. I really need something fluffy to punch at right now. Some dummies like Badruddin or bloggers who address themselves as a third person. So that I can reduce stress while doing good for the community.

5) Freddie Aguilar's 'Anak' (a Tagalog song) is a really nice song.

6) Damn you, I fast when I want to fast, so what's your problem? When did the rules said only Muslims can fast? Clueless bimbos.

7) How exactly does Ethidium Bromide work in gel electrophoresis? Damn, this question is bugging me like hell. I can't believe I can't answer when my pharmacy housemate asked me that. It reflects UV light to emit the glow you see in the gel analyzer. Ok. But it was into the agarose gel during preparation, so why doesn't the entire gel glow and reflect the UV beam? Good question. How, damnit, how?!

8) Please let 'Corpse Bride' be a good movie, cuz I'm watching it tomorrow night. Please, please pretty please.

9) I like the idea of wearing tudung in universities (for the ladies obviously, duh). Just like how I wished I had the chance to wear baju Melayu to school back then. I thinks that's quite cool. But let's not make it a compulsory thing. It kills the joy.

10) Study, you idiot, study. There are only 3 weeks to Finals!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Watched the movie on Thursday midnight, would've been one heck of a movie, even for non-football fans.

An inspirational movie with all the ingredients we would want to see in a football movie, Goal! would be ranking among the top movies I've ever watched. Of course, I'm somewhat biased since I'm a football fan.

Kuno Becker did well in his role as an illegal immigrant from Mexico going through various obstacles to achieve his dream as a professional footballer. As the storyline develops, we can see more and more similarity of how football is worshipped as a religion in UK, and how a promising youngster struggles (and successfully) to make it big in one of the top clubs in England.

The supporting cast aren't bad themselves. I'm surprised to see Alessandro Nivola speaking British English so fluently despite being an American. Marcel Iures looks so convincing as the Newcastle manager it makes me wonder why Souness is still lingering in Tyneside. Stephen Dillane is the nice bloke who did everthing he could to make sure Santiago Munez thrives in the big stage. And there are no harms done with a few cameo appearances by the huge football stars from Real Madrid and Newcastle.

This is the movie to watch if you're an EPL fan, even for a Liverpool fan like me (although I have to stress that they lied about the results in the last game).

I think I'll be away for while in the coming weeks, the final examination's coming up soon in a few weeks time, so don't expect any regular updates.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

why i hate door-to-door direct sales...

I'm wondering if direct sales have stooped this low.

Today a salesperson turned up at the door and enquired about the condition of the gas tank (whatever you call it, I can't remember) in my house. Having just returned home the night before (I stay with my uni mates, remember?), I had no idea how is it functioning now and naively told him that. He then asked me to check the serial number printed on the pipe which connects the gas tank and stove, which I couldn't find.

He then proceeded to volunteer himself to examine it himself. Suspecting that something could be wrong, I declined his offer and politely asked him to leave.

I told my mother about the incident later and found out that another salesperson dropped by a few days ago. That time, my mother allowed him to come in and check the serial number on the pipe. The salesperson spent some time disassembling the pipes and stuff before recommending my mother to buy his type of pipe which is 'supposingly' better and safer. My mother didn't want to and asked him to leave his company's contact numbers so that we can call him if we really need it. He was reluctant and didn't give it, and then left rudely after fixing back the pipe.

Later that night, my grandmother came over to cook dinner as my parents were out. She was about to start cooking when she smelt something weird in the kitchen, and after examining the gas stove, she found out that the pipe was loosely fitted and the gas was leaking.

I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but one thing I know for sure is that it can cause some serious accidents had my grandmother not found out about it so soon.

That salesperson is lucky we have no way to trace him nor his company. The next time he comes around, I'll definitely screw him up before sueing his pants off for attempted murder. Pathetic bastard.

Monday, October 10, 2005

this blog of mine...

Note to self: Will be sitting for Spanish language test in approximately 10 hours. Must try to finish posting in half an hour.

I have nothing in particular to blog about.

Probably suffering from a burnout, or I've just lost interest, either one, I don't know. Somehow I feel that blogging isn't what it used to be.

I started blogging for two reasons:
1) being harassed to start blogging by a bunch of old friends who were (and some still are) blogging; and
2) to keep in touch with my close friends and to let them know what I'm up to.

Frankly, I'm really grateful to those who bugged me to create this blog, so to connect myself with my close friends who are now scattered all over the world. Although it has only been a little over a year, I can't imagine how my social life would have been without it.

But somewhere along the line I have a feeling that I am still losing touch. I don't know what went wrong. I don't know where are my friends, I don't know what they're busy with, and I don't know how they're living their lives. We don't share our lives the way we used to.

Perhaps age is catching up with me, with all of us. At 22 I'm in the phase between teen age and adulthood. Changes are happening everywhere. Some have started working, some are in their final years, and some I don't even have any ideas of their whereabouts. Everyone are drifting away slowly.

I miss those days when I can hang out at my friends' houses and talk crap till dawn. Days when we can just go have a drink at a nearby mamak whenever I feel hungry at night. Days when we can just knock off our shoes anytime and play a silly 3-3 football game. Days when we could hit the midnight movies and rant about it after the show. Days when we drove around town for hours in the middle of the night without a destination. Days when we beat the heck out of the birthday boy.

At this moment, I don't think blogging can fulfill what I want. It's just a journal to keep all my thoughts and I don't really need to remind myself of all the things that I never wanted to remember in the first place. I'm tired of facing the computer every single day and chat using the keyboard.

I am sick of internet life.

Monday, October 03, 2005

i can imagine kam choking in his saliva while laughing...

Ah, Liverpool got a good thrashing by Chelsea in the league tonight. Not a very kind scoreline too, 4-1 (I can hear Kam's thumping footsteps speeding here to spam my blog with his 'awesome Chelsea' comments).

What the hell, Liverpool didn't turn the magical European nights' mode on and save Gerrard's goal, there were nothing to be proud of. Deservedly beaten by a better side, although two goals came from swift counterattacks. Benitez decided to take a gamble by taking off Hyypia and Traore, and eventually paid the price. Not really with options considering both the players having horrendous games. Traore's a walking disaster. I hope Mourinho comes up with a 50million pound bid to sign that guy. His fakes can't even deceive schoolboys, and his legs never get untangled when dribbling.

I don't understand why Liverpool can be so different from the way they play in European games.

Drogba and Carvalho both did really well, so much better than Wednesday night. Jose Mourinho must be commended for his tactical interpretations. Can't say the same for Benitez. Leaving out Cisse (again?) and 4-5-1 at home is just what everyone are complaining right now. We're asking to be shot at the foot.

Last game before international break, I'll be taking a football-related-blogging hiatus and spend more time in completing my presentation and preparing for tests. Don't worry, still around to blog about other stuff in life,, like... you know, I think I'll tell you when i come up with a post in the near future, okay?


Update: Just found out that Mahathir was in VI recently, as stated in this blog. No idea what it was for though, can't read the words in the backdrop. Saw Ms Shanti's face in one of the photos. Go have a read, you ex-Victorians.