Monday, October 31, 2011

ending 2011 in style...

Blogging seems like a difficult chore these days, I always wonder how some blogger find the time to commit. I mean, don't these people have a full-time job or something?

First it was twice a week, then once a week, once a month, once every two months, and now I guess I'll be blogging once every quarter of a year. Soon I'll be posting twice a year if the graphs indicate whatever it looks like it's going to be.

Anyway, an update is still an update, no one shall complain that I never blog anymore (the least I am updating my blog more often that my friends do, you guys know who you are).

October came and it's gonna be gone in a few hours, and we're into the final 2 months of 2011. What exactly have I done in the year 2011? Need a quick refresh.

Quarter 1 - Got married, best celebration party of my life. Honeymoon in Club Med Kani, Maldives, best holiday in my life. Went into a subsale purchase, met the worst agent and banker in my life.

Quarter 2 - Joined Business Network International, got to know individuals from dozens of different industries. Went to Bali, but was working while holidaying. Had no break throughout June, spent 10 hours at work when lucky, or 20 hours when unlucky.

Quarter 3 - Work spill over from June to July. August was meant to be better but didn't happen, but at least finally closed the deal started in February. Schedule became hectic as outstation assignments started piling in. Started looking out for the next property.

Quarter 4 - First month into the last quarter of the year, and already traveled 5 states in a little over a month. Made the bravest decision in purchasing the most expensive property in my short working life.

With 2 months left of 2011, I would've wanted to make the most of out it, but knowing the nature of my business, chances are 2 or 3 days off in the next 60 days will be considered a luxury. Already worked through Deepavali, will be working through Hari Raya Haji, Awal Muharram and Christmas. My best bet for a day off work will be New Year, provided that I won't need to work from home.

What more, with one of my best friend's wedding coming in the coming few weeks, I have actually considered for a couple of months whether to make the bold decision and fly to NZ for a short break and celebrate my buddy's big day in Christchurch, but in the end decided that it will be somewhat irresponsible considering that my colleagues will be battling and working their a$$e$ off when I am away.

So sorry, bro if you're reading this, would really love to be there to witness your biggest day in your life. But I can assure you that even though I'm thousands of miles away I will be cheering for you on the day you end your bachelorhood, congratulations brother!