Monday, December 17, 2007

darn weekend...

Supposingly the Super Grand Slam Sunday is going to be hell of a great entertainment for me with Liverpool vs Man Utd and Arsenal vs Chelsea being showed live on the telly. I could just sit on the couch and watch football with junk food all over the place.

Instead I've been working all night and missed both matches, and I had to endure keeping track of the games using Soccernet's Gamecast. Bloody hell, already missed the match live, and Liverpool lost despite having over 60% possesion and 20 attempts? This has to be kidding, it's like last season's fixture and dejavu.

Gonna give football a break this week, too tired to get my brains all worked out on something beyond my control. So I'm here happily blogging on a Monday evening, how is that possible?

Hahahaha, I didn't go to work today...;) Wait, actually I did. It's just that I worked for over 24 hours continuously I only came home at 8am this morning. Gonna tell ya, working from 6am to 8am the next day without a break is pretty hell draining, by the time I took my shower this morning my eyelids kept shutting themselves and I felt all lightweight and drifting around.

Crashed into the bed and didn't wake up until 3pm when a client called (damn, I forgot to turn off the mobile).

An easy Monday today, another couple of days at work, and I'll be off for a longer break. You can be pretty darn sure I'm gonna turn off my phone during this coming break, any calls work-related will pretty much bring stress even when you're on holiday.

So people, expect me to be M-I-A for a week...:)

Friday, December 14, 2007

i'm dreaming of the white christmas...

Ho ho ho, it's the year end holidays and Christmas is approaching in 10 days, it's going to be a cool and long break for me after so long.

I don't know why, but Christmas seems to be the holiday I look forward to most. Probably caused by all those Christmas movies back then which gave me a warm and serene feeling during this festive season, I seem to enjoy this most.

I'll be on a long break from work next week onwards, a deserving one I would say, after going for a stretch of 3 weeks without any days off. And I still have to apply using my annual leaves instead of replacement leaves, sigh... Can't complain much, there are days where I'm idle, and there'll be days when I have to work my socks off.

Anyway, I'll be celebrating Hari Raya Haji and Christmas in Butterworth this year, much to my delight to be able to be at a place so far from work they'll have no chance to drag me back...;) After that, I should be on a short trip to Singapore for an appointment, all the way until the end of the year and back in time for New Year.

Things didn't change much, except that I lost my passion in blogging, gained 2 new pet tortoise, bought a new handphone, and with fingers crossed, owned my first ever property (provided that nothing goes wrong during the transaction in half the year that follows).

My pet tortoises (Indian Stars) came about 3 months back when we're having an awful lot of time and decided that these cuties can bring much joy to our lives. True enough, the two hatchlings have been keeping us occupied with their daily diets and sunbaths, cleaning their poops and aquarium, my girlfriend now shudders when I told her I wanted to get another pet: a hedgehog. Hahahaha, anyway, I still hope that will happen, I'm so desperate to have a hoglet, and am now studying so hard to be a breeder. Hopefully I'll be able to turn it into a hobby, a hobbyist breeder. How nice does it sound?

Forgive me for not posting any photos of my pets here, I've been away from blogging for a gazzilion years (in blogging world, at least), I've forgotten how to post a picture here.

For this Christmas I've got myself a new handphone (yes, I've finally BOUGHT a handphone) instead of inheriting old mobiles from my brother for the past 7 years. Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. Google it up if you have no idea what phone is this. Got it during SS14's Digital Mall Price Crash early this month, although I suspect that the price didn't really vary that much. Anyway, splashed RM1,000 on this slim buddy, at least I have the comfort to know that now I don't have to bring out an old phone when I'm out meeting clients, hehehe... Downloaded some interesting songs into it and boy, does it play like a real radio. I'm impressed with the sound quality when it's on MusicPlayer mode, but the ringtones and alert tones are a bit too quiet. Wonder why is that... Anyway, I'm still pretty much satisfied (you have to when you've spent 4 digits on a phone!).

And the property. Ha, what's to say, let's just say this is my first step into investment world. A cheap, and I would say bargain, property which came along several months back when I was still learning my trades in property investment. I've come to realize that this interest requires a lot of research and endless reading and scouting. Hopefully this will be a success, and the first of many.

Too long and winding for reading, I know, I'll end this post here now. Kam, so now that you're back in NZ, I guess you can expect to get my updates from this half-dead blog. ;)

Adios amigos...