Sunday, July 31, 2005

what benefits do i get for donating my blood?

I hate it when people ask me what benefits they get for donating blood or platlet.

What? Are you selling your blood now?

If you don't have the heart to donate, then you don't have to do it. No one's forcing you.

But if you've never done it before, then don't try to act smart and be philosophical about it. I don't really appreciate it when you try to imply that I'm stupid just because I spend hours in the transfusion unit extracting a mere 30ml of platlet from my blood.

I am saving a leukemia patient's life. What the f*** have you done?

If you think saving half a liter of your blood is more important than saving another person's life, then you ought to shut up when strangers don't lend you a helping hand when you desperately need it.

Stop asking for favours from people when you're not giving them.

Friday, July 22, 2005

thank you all...

Disconnected from the cyberworld for a week and now here I am, blogging from the library on a Friday night. Was working on some research but what the heck, I need a break.

Anyway, thanks you guys for the birthday wishes. This year's birthday was celebrated in a quite awkward way. My birthday clashed with my former residential college's 'supper nite', which is one of the main orientation agendas for the chinese community in the college. Feels weird having so many people together, but I can't complain much since I get to meet a lot of college friends who moved out over the last couple of years. And a call from New Zealand too, haha, thanks man.

I'll be returning to Penang next Friday to obtain my samples for my final year project. Just finished making arrangements today, and now I have an 'assistant' who'll be following me there. One problem solved, now I need to concentrate on my lab reports due next week.

You know, I really wanna blog about the NEP thing, but I'm a bit too drained to write intellectually right now. We all know it's a common and stupid issue, so why should I even bother anymore right? Some people never learn and I'm getting tired voicing out opinions when there ain't really any freedom of speech in this place because in the end I'll only get blasted by people who thinks they know every single bloody thing.

The only nice thing in my life now is getting to have a cup of coffee in the middle of every night. And learning Spanish. Okay. Two things.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

irresponsible driver...

My housemate was hit by a car last night while riding his motorcycle. It was a hit and run accident, the driver drove off before my housemate can even stand up after falling down in the middle of an X junction.

It happened inside our university's campus. The car was approaching the junction but didn't stop. He's probably illiterate and can't read the 'BERHENTI' signboard. Luckily my housemate was riding his bike at low speed and there weren't any cars coming behind him after he was knocked down. My housemate was so shocked he couldn't recall how he fell from his bike, and at that time he didn't thought of checking the car's plate number (or maybe it's because the car sped off instantly).

Irresponsible bastard.

I can't believe there are people out there who can do such a thing. Even though my housemate didn't have any serious injuries (he has some bruises on his legs and a bad cut on his left arm), who knows what can happen if a vehicle passes by at the same junction after that?

My housemate was on his way to his girlfriend's place for a bbq party but had to return back home to nurse his injuries. We were initially surprised to see him coming home so soon, but thank God he was able to ride his wrecked bike all the way back to our house. He's okay now, but we're not very sure about the bike.

I hope that driver will suffer from many sleepless nights feeling guilty for what he did. And then dies choking on tofu.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

busy summer for liverpool...

Liverpool's summer break this year has been very exciting for fans like me.

After emerging thriumphant in the Champions' League final against AC Milan, players around the world are keen to join Liverpool whenever the club expresses some interest. This is a good sign for LFC after so many years lingering as the 'sleeping giant'. To be really honest, for as long as I have supported Liverpool, there is only 1 trophy left I have yet to witness at Anfield; the domestic title. FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup, Charity Shield, European Super Cup, Champions' League, all in the space of 4 years. Not trying to boast but that's a pretty remarkable feat, I don't quite believe it myself. But nothing is more important than being the league champions, and I believe this will be the mentality instilled in the players for the coming season.

We saw several players departing Liverpool in recent weeks, cult heroes Igor Biscan and Vladimir Smicer both went to foreign clubs. Others who left are Chris Kirkland (loan deal to West Brom) El-Hadji Diouf, Mauricio Pellegrino, Bruno Cheyrou, Alou Diarra, Richie Partridge (exciting young player), and a few reserve team players.

Some players signed new contracts which will tie them up for a few more seasons, the most recent ones being Jamie Carragher and skipper Steven Gerrard. Prior to this Didi Hamann and Djimi Traore penned new deals too.

Some young players look set to be featured more often in this coming season. We saw Stephen Warnock coming through the ranks last season and did a good job. John Welsh, Darren Potter and Zak Whitbread are speculated to be more involved this season.

Then there are these new faces in the squad. Jose Reina, Boudewijn Zenden, Mohamed Sissoko, Mark Gonzalez (1 year loan deal), and Antonio Barragan. Luis Figo is pleading Real Madrid to terminate his contract so he could join Liverpool, and Benitez is still keen on Peter Crouch (personally, I think £6.5m is a big joke). Also, previously it was reported that Liverpool are chasing young Lincoln City defender Jack Hobbs.

If you ask me, I would love to see a top striker and defender signing before the season begins. Pablo Aimar and Matthew Upson are exciting links, but I am no expert in this. Besides, I'm sure Benitez has some names in his wishlist.

4-3 for Liverpool against Wrexham with both Morientes and Baros scoring a brace. I can't wait for the season to start.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

happy 53rd birthday, mum...

It's my mother's birthday today, came back home just for the occasion so I can go out for dinner together with my family. It's been a while since the last time we went out together for dinner. I can't remember having any ever since my grandfather had a stroke early last year. It's not really that convenient eating out.

Anyway, midway through the dinner my uncle told my mum that he saw me with a girl watching movie last month and asked me when I'm bringing her to meet the parents. Wah lau, damn pai seh wei. I choked on a mushroom and almost died of embarassment. I remember telling him that she's only a friend. I don't get what's the fuss is all about, no one gives a damn when I go watch movies with Pao Ko. But nevermind lah, I always tell my mum who I go out with so she knows pretty much how's my social life. Saved by my mum.

Tomorrow night will be the first official meeting for the third year seniors of Second Residential College. Sounds a bit funny that I'm somehow involved; I moved out after first year. But since all my housemates are 'bigshots' in the Tiong Hua Society, previously known as Chinese Community group (CC), I'm gonna be dragged along too. Not that I have a lot to do there, this year the college has no Science undergrads at all for the first time, so there aren't any juniors for me to look forward to in the upcoming orientation. Damn out of place I tell you.

Gonna pack up my stuff tomorrow morning and shift them to PJ, including this computer. No line over there yet, so the only way to blog is through the faculty's computer lab, which is always full anyway (despite having about 100 computers). Don't fret if you guys don't see me blog that often. Just stay nice and fuzzy.

Monday, July 04, 2005

back to uni...

Blogging from faculty's computer lab, gonna be quick.

Just came back from Redang last week, and now I'm back to PJ already, lagging behind in my research work. Need to spend more time in the lab and settle my stuff fast before the semester starts, and it's not easy since most places in the uni are restricted because of the orientation week.

Went to watch 'War of the Worlds' last night, not bad but the ending's kinda unexpected. What a crappy end.

And I think I'm too tanned right now, just now a couple of chinese girls walked into the computer lab and asked me questions in Malay. I replied in English but they kept going on rambling.

And my skins on my shoulders are peeling off and this sucks.

Note to self: Next time remember to apply sunblock on shoulders!