Friday, July 25, 2008


I had lunch together with two of my ex-coursemates and a senior from my university days (all furthering studies after their degrees) yesterday, we briefly chatted about everything we used to talk about back when we were still studying. I haven't seen them for several months, and seriously it's a bit embarassing that once we joined the workforce I don't really take time offs to catch up with old friends.

Today, I received a message through facebook from one of them. He said I don't look as cheerful as before. He said I looked like a matured man.

Work stress? I don't know. I still have that crazy, wacky and crappy side inside of me, I think, but yeah, perhaps age is catching up.

I miss the old me. When will this other side of me show up again?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bad morning...

Start off the day by receiving an early phone call from my bank stating that there have been some over-withdrawal and I need to make a fund transfer to my current account before 10am. My account has been pretty messed up recently as the fundraising, company claims and my parents are all using the my same account, it's pretty hard to track all the transactions and I finally got punished for bad management.

We didn't suscribe any internet services in our PJ home, and I couldn't settle the problem online through my e-account.

I rushed back to the office to transfer the fund online and arrived at 9.30am only to find out that the office's network has been down. Immediately I rushed to the nearest bank to make a contra. But due to a newbie at the counter who has no idea how to transfer funds from a savings account to a current account, the transaction was only completed 5 minutes after 10.

As if it's not bad enough, I came back to the office to find the network working fine, browsed my e-account and found that I've been penalized RM100.00 for the late fund transfer.

And bloody hell I wasted my petrol and sleep as well.

Need to settle down a little and manage my time properly I guess. It's been a hectic month of July and there's 9 more days to go, hopefully I'll get through the month in one piece.

Friday, July 18, 2008

testing times...

I intended to update here a couple of days back, but again something came up and I don't really have the time.

To be honest, lately, especially the last 2-3 weeks, I felt that I am completely drowned in my jobs and there are times where I wonder if 24 hours in a day is really enough, because there's just so much things to do.

It's like what I already said, second half of the year will always be busier than the first, and with the current economy not looking so good, there are just too many reasons why I should spend more time doing something more beneficial than blogging. Which is sad, really, because life like this sucks.

But I guess these days we don't really have any options, do we?

Many thanks to our country's government for making my life miserable. You never fail to disappoint me.