Friday, February 03, 2012

landed finally...

Well, the title itself doesn't explain anything.

But like I mentioned a couple of posts back, I have finally found the nerves to sign an agreement to tie myself down to a whole life of commitment. That 'dream' landed property for my own family.

Surprising sometimes how some things seem to work the way it does. The Mrs and I have been discussing about getting a landed home for years, and for years I have pushed back the idea because I thought at our age and the size of our family, a proper condominium would've suffice.

Having said that, it is still my dream to find a landed for both of us to grow old in. That special home where we will get to decorate with arty farty paintings on the walls, argue over the shades of brown in the livingroom's wall, how the kitchen should be extended, how the bathroom tiles should match the floor tiles, you get what I mean.

I always thought this place will be there, maybe just 5-10 years down the road. Yes, I get somewhat worried with the current escalating price of properties in the country, but in a way I have always tried to assure myself that I will be financially equipped when the day comes I will have no hesitation in signing the dotted line.

And unexpectedly, that day came a little bit too soon for me, or for us?

Nevertheless, it is still a dream home, and all signs and circumstances have it that we will be staying here for a long time. And so we decided to go all in, even though it means that I will never get to buy another property for investment again. Ever.

A huge step to take, and a huge responsibility to shoulder. But every time I look into my Mrs' eyes when we talk about this home, that is all the convincing I need that I have made the right decision.

I can never be happier than to see the person I love that happy.