Monday, April 27, 2009

dead tired, yet awake...

It has been a while since my last post, in fact I'm quite surprised myself that I actually have a little time to spare today to write a couple of lines (or more) here.

For the past 4 days, I have accumulated about 15 hours of sleep due to work commitment. That works out to be approximately 4 hours a night. Although I was scheduled to be off from work yesterday, that didn't stop me from getting calls from Kelantan and also some stuff I brought home to work with. Which by the way, I am seriously annoyed that some Kelantanese don't know that Sundays are actually NOT working days in the Federal Territory and Petaling Jaya! Do you really have to make a call at 9.00am on a Sunday morning to talk about work?!

Anyway, it was dead tiring that by Saturday night I was getting all grumpy and easily pissed off. Not just me but all my colleagues as well. But strangely I have no problem staying awake at work for the past few days. In fact I think I gained some weight as well. I blame it on my poor digestion system which was affected by lack of sleep and couldn't recover as fast as I consume my meals. ; )

Anyway, after a hectic morning of post-convocation matters to settle, things seem to have slowed down and the working pace isn't as aggresive like the past few days.

I'm worshipping the man who invented Labour's Day. That must be the only day in my calendar where I can totally switch off from work.

I'm going to sculpture a little statue figurine of that man and place it somewhere in my room and pray to it everyday for giving me a total break from work.

I'll probably send him an email and tell him that he rocks.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Reminder to self: Don't forget the aims. Don't forget the goals.

Going to work five days a week (or in my case, occasionally seven days a week), it's quite easy to sometimes getting a little bit too comfortable and forget to push myself to achieve what I can possibly achieve within my limitation. It's easy to take my foot of the pedal at times, especially so when the bed and air-cond looking so tempting, the relaxation of doing nothing but watching television and lazing around at home, or all those luxuries in life.

I hate to admit that I am someone that needs a kick in the butt to get things going, but I guess fact is I am. Occasionally life gets a bit too comfortable and suddenly you lose the drive to strive.

Man, and I'm only just about to step into the second quarter of a century old.

Reminder to self: Remember to remind self when all seems a bit too rosy. Life is not that way, all that's worth having doesn't come easy, and don't expect them to.