Thursday, July 26, 2007

short update...

Let's start with a joke:

A pair of husband and wife are filing for a divorce. Both wanted the custody of their 6 year old son. The judge couldn't decide who should the boy follow, and therefore asked the child, "Who would you prefer to stay with?"

"Neither. Both of them always beat me. I don't want to stay with them," replied the boy.

"Then who do you want to stay with?" asked the judge again.

"I want to stay with the Malaysian Football Association."


"Because they never beat anybody."

Haha. Okay, lame.

So here's the update. I was MIA for such long time due to a single reason: my girlfriend was staying with me for the past couple of months, and since she said she would not want to read my blog, I have no choice but not to blog at home.

Of course, now she's back in Penang she encouraged me to update my blog since she knew it's one of the things I usually do before we started dating a year back. ;) Very thoughtful girlfriend I have here, doesn't it make you jealous? Hahahahaha...

She finally got her posting and she'll be based in PJ, woohoo! So now she is no longer worried about being thrown to whatever town she had never heard of, I can also take a breather. And since she's starting work next month, I'm thinking of getting a part time job at night. Any recommendations?

I'm seriously thinking of Starbucks, but apparently the pay's real bad. I mean, I really wanna learn a trick or two in this business, but if it really takes up so much time and gains so little in return, maybe this is not really a good idea. But I guess I can look for others. Well, let's just wait till the girlfriend's steady with her job first, then I can put some serious thoughts into this.

I'm damn sleepy right now I don't remember what I wrote above. Next few days will be hectic, I'll need to get all the sleep I can get now. Tata...