Wednesday, April 30, 2008

crépes cottage...

Went to Butterworth and Penang last weekend (whew, I travel a lot lately...), and finally had the chance to stop by Crépes Cottage for some much recommended pancake desserts my friends have been praising non-stop.
Crépes Cottage is owned by an old lady by the name Agnes, and is located somewhere along Gurney Drive. It's a very small cottage by the roadside, with ample parking spaces behind the comfy wooden cottage.
Strawberry Roll
Coincidentally, my girlfriend's best buddy worked for quite some time in this cafe, being the nephew of the owner, as a chef. Many of my friends have dined here and left with praises and good reviews, while for me, 3's a charm as I finally get to test the desserts after failing to have any meals the first two times I dropped by.

Traffic Light

Both my girlfriend and I met up with her other friends working in Penang just to have a taste of the much-talked pancake desserts, we ordered 5 different pancakes for our 11pm supper, one being a new dessert yet to be named.

Hot Apple

I personally find the pancakes very unique, you seriously don't find these kind of desserts at a lot of places.

Italian Iced Coffee

My girlfriend paid tremendous compliments to her best bud who has never served her any desserts available in the menu everytime she visits. And this time there's no difference, we have a specially-made chocolate pancake dessert pre-ordered.

Unnamed Dessert specially made for us!

Am pretty satisfied with the environment and food, I've never tried having supper in such cosy cottage with such colourful walls. And the final bill that came that night was pretty astonishing as well, we spent only RM60.00 on 5 pancake desserts and 5 drinks. Quite a bargain compared to any other eateries along Gurney Drive.

Mango Cup

Crépes Cottage is located at 77-A, Gurney Drive, Penang Island. You can contact Agnes at 019-448 1680 for reservations especially on weekends as there are limited tables in the air-conditioned cottage. For a large gathering of sorts you'll need to sit in the lawn outside, but you'll get the enjoy the breezy wind at night.

Great place to hang out during weekends, too bad they closes at midnight. But they don't mind if you sit around chatting the night away as long as you pays the bill!

Monday, April 14, 2008

whisked away...

I took the last Friday off and left for a short relaxing trip to Malacca. Time to take a short break from work before the busy season approaches. And it's 0.5 of another resolution fulfilled for the year 2008.

Took off around late noon and arrived Malacca Town in less than 2 hours, my girlfriend and I went straight to Jonker Walk's dessert house for a nice bowl of durian cendol. Hanged around until 6pm and when our ex-housemates were off work, we met up for a satay celup session, slurp!

After dinner, we headed back to Jonker Walk for a little shopping spree, but I was obviously very exhausted that night, my legs were wobbly and my eyes were watery even though the clock has not hit 11pm yet. Spent the night at my ex-housemates' rented apartment, which was quite comfy (and those buggers are renting it for RM2XX a month, OMG how the prices differ from KL properties!!!).

The following morning we headed back the street again for some chicken rice ball, before going to the infamous A Farmosa and the Santiago Fort. We took a trishaw ride around the Stadhuys just to kill time, before heading down to Muar to look for my ex-housemate (the same one, working in Malacca but went back to hometown in Muar). We again had some food fest, went for some char koay teow, pork and pork intestine satays and the last but not least, Muar's signature food otak-otak! Well, there's nothing much about the trip other than food, but when you travel for food you go for good food, hahahaha...

Meanwhile, I've captured a better picture of Cactus, this time with a decent camera.
Introducing, Cactus!!!

I like to pretend to look like some soft toy...

Uploaded a large image, but I reduced the quality because this blog kept returning errors when I tried uploading a bigger file size.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Finally, some photos of my hedgehog...:)

I've decided to name this little bugger 'Cactus', for obvious reasons. He has a bitemark on his right ear, and I don't think it can fully recover and grow back the missing part. But this guy's still as handsome as ever.

Made him a tupperware home for snuggling during the day time.

Busy exploring and sniffing around in my room when I brought him up first time.

More interested in nibbling the tissue. Bad boy!

Trying to run away when I picked him up. This fella can't sit still.

After all the hassle, decided to take a nap and ignore me.

Yummy!!! Dinner time for Cactus. The bowl's always empty by the time I wake up in the morning.
Took these pictures using my camera phone, hence the bad quality. Wait till I bring home a DSLR, there'll be better shots for uploading...;)
Someone has offered me another female salt & pepper hedgehog, together with the cage, food, and the wheel as well, at quite a bargain price because he is moving and is no longer able to keep it. I'm still wondering if I should get it, will it be too early for me to have 2? I'm still learning new things with Cactus everyday, I doubt if a second one coming now would be a good time. Heck, today I spent half an hour chasing after the little bugger in the house when I took him out to clean his cage.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

money come money...

If all goes well tomorrow, I'm officially an online trader, hahaha...

I've been putting up my comic collection up for sale in the internet, just started the web running last month and it got picked up real quick. Of course, being a regular member in a few forums does help my advertising.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting my first buyer who'll be the recipient of my Age of Apocalypse comics, that lucky bugger. AoA is my favourite title in X-Men, the first storyline I collected which started over 10 years ago. I'm selling off my collection of 26 issues, which will be quite some healthy 200% profit roughly.

Hopefully end of the month the second buyer will have time to meet up for another collection of mine. If everything's good I'll be putting in more effort in online trading and put up other second hand stuff for sale in the future.

Wish me luck...:)