Saturday, April 05, 2008


Finally, some photos of my hedgehog...:)

I've decided to name this little bugger 'Cactus', for obvious reasons. He has a bitemark on his right ear, and I don't think it can fully recover and grow back the missing part. But this guy's still as handsome as ever.

Made him a tupperware home for snuggling during the day time.

Busy exploring and sniffing around in my room when I brought him up first time.

More interested in nibbling the tissue. Bad boy!

Trying to run away when I picked him up. This fella can't sit still.

After all the hassle, decided to take a nap and ignore me.

Yummy!!! Dinner time for Cactus. The bowl's always empty by the time I wake up in the morning.
Took these pictures using my camera phone, hence the bad quality. Wait till I bring home a DSLR, there'll be better shots for uploading...;)
Someone has offered me another female salt & pepper hedgehog, together with the cage, food, and the wheel as well, at quite a bargain price because he is moving and is no longer able to keep it. I'm still wondering if I should get it, will it be too early for me to have 2? I'm still learning new things with Cactus everyday, I doubt if a second one coming now would be a good time. Heck, today I spent half an hour chasing after the little bugger in the house when I took him out to clean his cage.


rational thinker said...

didn't know you re such a big fan of pet. this is the 2nd piece since your tortoise hor?

btw, this was the "word verification" below:



NiC said...

gotta admit that things looks cuter than i imagined... =)

Livingmonolith said...

@rational thinker,

i think this will be my last type of pets. last type, not last one, hahaha... i'm negotiating another one right now, whether or not the second one is destined to be my pet we shall know by the end of this month.

the verification suits you, huh? ;)


yep, he certainly is a cute little fella, but occasionally has mood swings. you don't wanna disturb him when that happens.;)