Saturday, September 12, 2009

you know you're old when...

…friends are throwing red bombs at you from all over the place.

I am invited to FIVE wedding dinners in the space of one month. This is simply outrageous (and burning a bloody big hole in my pocket!).

Work commitment means I can attend only two of these weddings, but that does not mean it did any kind to my wallet.

At a time when I’m planning a decent trip to overseas. Crap.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

done and dusted...

It took almost seven months, but anyhow I’m glad that the deal’s finally concluded.

It was right before Chinese New Year this year that we went to view this condo unit, which wasn’t even put up for sale back then. We were merely viewing another similar unit belonging to an extremely fickle-minded owner, and for that this condo unit was presented there and then to us by an agent, from a person who didn’t thought of selling at all.

Immediately after the first viewing we made up our mind that this is the better choice (thanks to the other owner’s decision to increase the selling price 3 hours BEFORE we sign the agreement), and we made an offer to this current unit which he agreed after almost two weeks of consideration.

I had some doubts during the early stages, but seven months down the road, the path looks so far so good. The current tenant is continuing until end of the year, which as least will give us several months’ buffer which can be used to cover the gap when we take over for renovations after vacant. Hopefully, we’ll be able to increase the rental and get it occupied before the turn of a new year.

The entire duration of this transaction hasn’t really gone that smooth, but at the moment I pretty satisfied with the extra knowledge and experience gained throughout the past six months. I’m sure I’ll be better equipped for the next target, although I may have to push the plan further back to accommodate some far more important plans at the moment.

Plans, plans, plans.