Saturday, September 12, 2009

you know you're old when...

…friends are throwing red bombs at you from all over the place.

I am invited to FIVE wedding dinners in the space of one month. This is simply outrageous (and burning a bloody big hole in my pocket!).

Work commitment means I can attend only two of these weddings, but that does not mean it did any kind to my wallet.

At a time when I’m planning a decent trip to overseas. Crap.


tomatoinc said...

jason...two questions:

1) who are getting married - anyone i know?

2) where are you going for the trip? NZ? :P

cLiu said...

curious on Kam's 2nd Q too

Livingmonolith said...

kam & cLiu:

1) one ex-colleague, two form six schoolmates, one ex-housemate and one uni-mate. :)

2) unfortunately, no, hahaha... i'll be going to hong kong (hopefully), partly for holiday, partly for work.


giganaut said...

wait.. form six schoolmates and one uni-mate?? who wei? i might know this people..

Livingmonolith said...


wXXXy & yXXn wXi, i'm sure you remember who, and both came out of nowhere really.

uni-mate, i don't think you know who's that, she's from our neighbour college, not from our faculty. :)