Friday, July 17, 2009

weekend plans...

Since my last post, I have been traveling non-stop again, and for a change, come this Sunday it's exactly one week that I've managed to remain within Klang Valley.

The workload didn't lighten though.

Must be some sort of miracle that in the midst of my busiest season, nothing major falls on the date of my birthday this coming Sunday and I will be able to spend some quality time at home. And a dinner plan arranged by The Lady. :)

Nic is back from US and suggested a BBQ session on Saturday night, which will be extremely late considering that both The Lady and I are working our socks off till night, so by the time we start burning up the food it'll most probably past midnight. No problems for Nic and Jacky, as both are attending the Man Utd - Malaysia football friendly match at Bukit Jalil (hmm, I wonder if Nic's back in M'sia just for the game).

Nonetheless, I'm happy to have a decent break from work this weekend, even though for only a day.