Thursday, September 29, 2005

chelsea's lucky escape...

With all due respect, I honestly believe that Liverpool should've won the match easily, even with Chelsea's impressive defence. It was funny but all of Liverpool's three best chances actually came from controversial moments. Drogba's tackle from the back on Hyypia (replay shows that it was a clear penalty), Fereira was apparently tugging back Garcia as he break through the defence (not really a valid claim since there was no way Garcia could reach the ball before Cech anyway) and Gallas' handball. Penalty claims were dismissed in all three incidents.

I'm wondering what does it take for the referee to award a spotkick, perhaps Carvalho holding an M-16 and shoots down all Liverpool players in sight? (in the penalty box, of course)

This reminds me of all the bad memories from last season. Tiago's handball clearance went unpunished in last season's league encounter. And let's not forget that if Garcia's goal was not allowed in the Champions' League semifinal, Peter Cech would've been off for flattening Milan Baros before that. All that, and I can't believe Jose Mourinho has the nerves to bullshit that lot.

Chelsea's best moment came when Robben hit a nice shot from outside the box which was flapped out by Reina.

Xabi Alonso had a great game, making splendid interceptions throughout the entire match from his holding position. However, I am somewhat unimpressed with the way he tried to get Chelsea players' into the referee's book, not very ethical really.

A good point earned, but the truth is two points were lost in this match. Lucky lucky Chelsea.

Let's hope Chelsea won't revert back to their league form this weekend. It'll be dangerous to think that Liverpool can repeat this feat, especially when our own form is in the pits.

On another subject, it's election day today in the campus. This year I've decided to cast my votes after skipping the last two year's voting. Hey, not really my fault okay? The first year I had an exam, and the second I was forced to cast my vote in some college far away. Anyway, I see better situations this year compared to last year's, although there are still dirty and flawed procedures leading up to the election itself. I will not go into details, you'll have to understand what problems I may face for revealing the facts. So perhaps we can talk about this over mamak if you really want to know, or if you happen to reach this blog by accident and doesn't know me, I'm glad to discuss with you over dinner provided that you send me a picture of yourself (applies to pretty girls only). Hahaha... kidding. Yeah, I know it's not funny. I've lost my touch, damn...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

FF 7 advent children: i've watched it, wahahaha...

Damn, Liverpool drew again. Pretty sad case, but like what Alex Ferguson said, we are now playing simply not to lose the match. I have to agree with that scum (I hate myself for saying that), Liverpool's getting too cautious in recent games we don't look like scoring, though that short spell of goal spree was sorta nerve-wrecking. Five games into the season, and already 14 points behind Chelsea, this is a long long looonnnggg season. (Yeah, yeah, Kam, you get to brag this time, but don't overdo it cuz I'm getting bored).

Let's talk about something else.

Hey, I've watched 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children'!!! Wahahaha, this feels great. Just this morning I was busy searching and asking people around about it. I should've figured out earlier that my cousin would've got it already since she's a big anime fan. By evening the vcds (original wei...) were already in my hands, bwahahaha... Was all excited, but waited until I'm done watching the Liverpool game (sigh) and Malaysian Idol 2 before I played the movie.

There WILL be spoilers ahead, so bugger off if you don't wanna know the plot.

I've been looking forward for this movie ever since it was announced to be in production, primarily since FF VII was the first RPG game I played on PlayStation. The game was mind-blowing, and I've never played another better one since then. It was one of my favourites along with 'Shining Force' of Sega which came out around mid 90s.

Overall, the movie's nice, although I have some difficulty understanding the whole storyline (it was in Japanese, with horrible English subtitles). Can't recall certain characters in the movie, Zack in particular. Wondering who the hell is he, probably some character from Cloud's memory. I played the game around year 2000, I can only vaguely remember what was the story.

Anyway, I'm still very satisfied because all the playable characters returned in the movie, even Cait Sith! I read somewhere online where they left the small cat out from the movie, and I was wondering if the rest of the characters are going to make cameo appearances only. Luckily that didn't happen. And boy, what a cool battle they had with Bahamut. Reno and Rude added some comic relief in the intense movie, nice.

One of the best scenes in the entire movie was the fight between Tifa and the Silver-Haired Man. It was fantastic, the battle soundtrack gave me goosebumps. And the famous victory soundtrack, hahaha, very creative touch.

Everything in the movie brought back nostalgic and fond memories. The colourful materias, the special limit moves, Cloud's stylish buster sword, the comical Reno and Rude, Vincent Valentine's dashing and cool moves (man they really have to make him that cool huh?), Yuffie's childish whines, the guardian, whew, just every bloody damn thing damnit!

Oh, and nicely done, the red ribbons on every one of those main playable characters' left arms. Read from somwhere in the internet saying that they were for the remembrance of Aeris (she's in the movie too btw). Very sentimental. A great ending to the best Final Fantasy ever made.

p/s: on a totally different subject, I hope there won't be any more debates about the MI2 outcome. I mean, if you hate Daniel that much you should've sent more SMSes for Nita to win right? Not that I think that Daniel's better, but I think he won it pretty fair and square (don't forget, you Malaysia voted for him). Let's all be a bit more graceful, at least it provided good entertainment for a good 2-month stint. I'm not a big fan of MI2, just happened to catch the finals cuz all my housemates are hooked. I wonder what they'll do on Friday and Sunday nights now.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

okay, i'm very desperate now...

Not really sure what you guys have in mind after reading the title, but I'm pretty sure you guys got it wrong anyway.

Can anyone tell me where the hell can I get 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children'? Pirated or original, I don't care, I just wanna watch that damn movie. Downloads are acceptable too, if you guys don't mind sending it to me.

Do some charity, save this poor soul by satisfying his needs. Pretty please?

Monday, September 19, 2005

happy mooncake festival...

It’s Mooncake Festival tonight. Or rather, last night. Whatever. Took some pictures and here they are:

Enjoying the moonlight outside.

With a couple of posers.

While watching Malaysian Idol 2.

With cocktail and mooncakes on the table.

And a couple of Mooncake Festival SMS wishes.

A celebration of friendship.

Happy Mooncake Festival my friends.

p/s: Sorry for the blurry shots. Blame it on the cheap camera, what to do…

Sunday, September 18, 2005

the malayland...

Was reading a link posted by my friend rational thinker here, and man, it really prompted me to put my brains in working mode now.

It's pretty fascinating to find that there are still such fanatics living in our country. I will not argue that Malaysia is a country dominated by Malays, hence the bumiputera status and privileges, but why condemn diversity? In any situation, I was born in Malaysia, and despite of Chinese heritage, you can't possibly say I'm not Malaysian. So what if my ancestors came from China? It won't make me any less of a Malaysian even though I can speak other languages. This is just sad.

Secondly, language is a very important communication tool. Personally, I feel very proud to be able to communicate in three different languages, all three among the 10 most spoken languages in the world. And I'm currently taking Spanish as an extra language paper, which is btw the 4th most spoken language in the world. I don't think there are any harm done by using any of these languages as mediums to reach out to other cultures and countries. Why limit yourself to what you already have when you can achieve more? Think globally, not locally.

Oh, and stop calling our country Malayland. We switched it to Malaysia a long time ago.

football blues...

Hahaha, I just can't stop laughing when I think about Everton.

Fourth place last season? Big deal. Above Liverpool in the table? Big deal.

Champions League place? Sorry guys, but we booked our tickets. And you guys really got yourselves in some deep shit with that humiliating defeat. In the UEFA Cup first round.

Thanks for proving to everyone that last season was just an accident.

Sorry to bother you guys, bluenoses I mean. Just continue doing what you guys are to do: fighting for your lives in the relegation zone.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

keep up the good work...

It's okay, just keep on smoking like there's no tomorrow. Won't like there are any tomorrows anyway if you don't get to smoke. Whatever that keeps you happy. Don't worry about your lungs, they won't get stained with tar that fast. Well, at least it's not really that apparent in the first ten years. Don't worry about mine too. Or the pregnant lady's sitting at the next table. Or the old man's standing beside you. I mean, get real, it's not like those are your lungs, right? Not really your problem if they can't stand the smell of cigarettes. It's not really that expensive of a hobby too btw. Definitely more worth it than donating to charity, haha. Come on, it's just cigarettes. What's life if you don't get to enjoy, right? Life's too short. That's right, you totally hit the spot my dear.

YOUR life is definitely gonna be too short for you to enjoy.

Have fun. I really mean it.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Man, this is not good. Just found out that my eyesight has worsen since the last time I had a checkup, which was like almost 3 years ago.

Anyway, that's not the important thing here. The main thing I wanna say is that I've decided to change my spectacle frames. Yes, after 5 whole years wearing this ultra thick-framed Gucci spectacles I think it's about time to change a little on my appearance.

I've purchased a smaller frame-less brown spectacles with tinted glasses. Probably will look slightly awkward at first sight, since I've never put on any small spectacles before. I wanted to sound more excited but I couldn't express it out in words. Not like I'm really excited right now, though. I'll still wear the old one when I go for football games. More durable, you see. At least it won't break when Ang hits the ball mighty hard right in my face like what he used to do.

Don't be surprised when you meet me the next time we go out for a drink. ; )

Sunday, September 04, 2005

taking a break to blog stupid issues...

Psstt, don't tell anyone else, but I got into a police officer's record book a couple of days ago. Nothing biggie really, I was in Putrajaya Friday night taking photos with some friends, celebrating my last test before the midsem break. Something about people always commit suicide there or something like that, he said. Bugger, it's not like we look like we're gonna commit some mass suicide for some satanic ceremony. There goes my good reputation, stained with that stupid record.

So, finally the holiday break's here. It certainly doesn't have that kind of joyful feeling though, for I have to spend the whole week back in the lab, again, to continue on my project. And prepare for my presentation the following week; I was unfortunately picked to be the first to present in the class. And then there's a test 2 days after that. And another test the following week. Crap. Am I even on holiday now?

Studies aside (not really, but whatever), I've been reading a lot of blogs recently. And I'm sort of hooked with the 'stupid tourist in KL' issue. You'll know who I'm talking about if you keep track in PPS. That's a great read.

I've never been a fan of that particular blogger but I won't say that I hate her. She writes good stuff, pretty intelligent too. Too bad she has some kind of attitude problem. It's not easy to own a blog read by thousands of people daily, complete with posts that diss off people like it's nobody's business. I would have difficulty juggling that, but she seems to be handling it quite well. She's not completely wrong in her post about KL, but that doesn't mean she got it all right.

She voiced out her opinions, so did others. Fair right? She can say that 'bloody KL-ians are a bunch of rude, tiko (sorry no idea what that is), uncivilised and dishonest people', so why can't I say she's a stuck-up bitch who's full of herself? (btw, I personally think that she gives herself way too much credit on her 'good looks') And what, cutting queues is rude huh? So using the toilet for the 'handicapped' isn't? Sweeeet...

Yeah, yeah, Malaysia's an underdeveloped country, we suck in this, we suck in that, whatever you wanna say. So much for a country whose government banned chewing gums because their citizens have a fetish of sticking the chewed gums on MRT's sliding doors.

Yeah, I know insulting the country is cheap, but I only learned it from that blog.

"Malaysians, if you still decide to be rude and uncivilised, just think of the image you are protraying for your own country. Not good at all."

All these, coming from the mouth of a rude and uncivilised Singaporean. How ironic.

Yes, I didn't like that post, so I too can complain in MY blog.

But enough of complains, I think I'll go get a chewing gum. Yum.