Monday, May 30, 2005

this is not a post about star wars...

I was catching up with updates from various blogs when I came along Screenshot's and read this letter.

It's direct and straight to the point, more or less something that I wouldn't dare to even mention out that loud. I'm sure many others think alike too, because it's taboo.

Makes me wonder why the hell did I insist to fight for a place in local university instead of studying overseas like what my brother did. I was trying to prove a point back then and I failed. I am in doubt whether my decision was wise, and there are whispers telling me it wasn't.

And Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith sucks. Fullstop.

back to art...

Must have been more than six months since I last made any drawings. I'm glad I still have the touch, was pretty worried that I'd lost it. Not really that idle anymore to spend some time doing what I enjoyed doing. Since I'll be pretty free these few days, this is something that can keep me occupied. Besides, I think my handwork needs some practice, it's not really up to my own expectations.

Ah, expectations. I need to learn to screw expectations once in a while before they screw me up side down.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

a voice from within...

I’m sitting in front of the computer right now, at 1.40 in the morning. I’ve just reached home and I’ve just taken a shower to clear my mind. Something has been bugging me.

I think I’m slowly losing something inside of me. Some feeling, that is. I’m starting to lose faith and hope in something I’ve always believed in. A conversation took place today; which I do not wish to reveal more about, and it has struck me that my faith and hope meant nothing now.

I thought I deserved better than this. I am emotionally drained; I don’t think I can carry on with my belief.

Although there are only some of you who are close to me (who reads this blog), I’m so sorry but I am not brave enough to expose this weaker side in me. It has always been the dark secret I kept in some corner of my mind, which until now I’ve never told you guys, and I guess I never will. Please understand that there are some things I’d rather not share. Be a friend and just let me settle some of my own problems on my own.

Right now, I’ve made a decision, it may make drastic changes in my life, or it may not. No, I won’t turn into some fashion-disaster ah bengs or start cussing like there’s no tomorrow. There are some of my principles that I do not wish to keep any longer, and for now I’d like to live a life where I can do what I want to do, and not regret them later.

I’ve decided that this earring that I’m wearing will not be removed. This scar, it’ll remain unhealed until some miracles bring me back something I have decided to let go of now. I’m sorry again for not telling the reason behind my decision to pierce my earlobe some years back. It’s another one of those dark secrets I’ve mentioned.

I promise I will be living a happy life, so don’t worry about me. Thank you.

p/s: I know I haven’t been posting a lot of personal posts lately, especially since the Liverpool hype, and I’m sorry to put in such a post as an update to my personal life.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

did i hear 'turkey delight'?

This is gonna be a loooooonnng emotional post, and all dedicated to Liverpool Football Club.

Honestly, Liverpool didn't deserve the Cup. All they did throughout the match was defend and hoped for a penalty shootout, wishing that luck will tilt their way. AC Milan, on the other hand, should be the worthy winners instead.

Dejected Liverpool players after conceding the third goal. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Honestly? Nah, I'm just yanking ya.


It's ours to keep. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Let's celebrate!!! Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

I don't give a damn about how well AC Milan played. Their players practised penalty kicks, that shows that they have the penalty shootout in their minds too. Too bad we snatched the Cup, and now we get to keep it. Sorry UEFA, for having to mold a new one.

'Six minutes of madness'. Well you got that right Ancelotti. What were you saying earlier? You only need 3 minutes to destroy Liverpool? I am somewhat ashamed that we needed 6 bloody minutes to annihilate AC Milan.

AC Milan players reel in delight after scoring one minute into the game. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Forgive me for my arrogance, but do consider all the jeers and banters we have endured the entire season, being written off in every single competition and insulted by football pundits on a weekly basis. I tried to be humble but now that Liverpool won the Cup, I am gonna kick some sorry asses who made those insulting remarks.

Indeed, we Liverpool are not in the same class as AC Milan, their experience in the tournament gave them huge advantage, as we can all see in the first half. In fact, I thought about giving up and go to sleep because I couldn't stand the humiliation. But the diehard Kop fans cheered on shouting that 'We'll beat you 4-3!', and that is some incredible faith they have. In the end of the day, we did not, but we still beat AC Milan though, which is all that matters. At times like these, playing your 'experience' card no longer look that big, we are so much hungrier, and we didn't lose hope.

Well, Dudek certainly didn't. He made a double save from Shevchenko at point blank range to keep the score level. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Dudek, Liverpool's hero of the match. Saving the crucial penalty from Shevchenko after denying Pirlo earlier. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

I am a bit embarassed that I didn't hold the same faith as those Kop fans, but after tonight I feel a lot closer to Liverpool than I've ever had. I didn't realize I was chanting along with the fans in the TV screen singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone' after the exhausting match. That I managed to mouth out the lyrics was even more bizarre, because I have never tried to memorize them.

Aik Wai, my coursemate and football kaki in uni, messaged me at halftime saying, 'dun worry, liverpool will win! yeah!'. I didn't get that until I went back to my room, but thanks a lot for the support. I didn't expect it'll really happen. Btw, he's an avid Arsenal fan.

Which reminds me, sorry for all the stray messages I sent in the morning. I forgot to whom I sent to, but I believe there's quite a number of them. I was...momentarily overwhelmed, and I couldn't sleep. At that time the only thing I wanted to do is to tell the world that Liverpool is the new king of Europe. I only know that I've sent out a lot of messages after receiving some replies, some of them not even football fans, telling me to shut up. Hahahaha, forgive me guys.

Looking at the faces of Liverpool players, including those who are leaving or planning to leave, is just pure joy. Each and everyone of them celebrated like the Liverbird is embedded to their chest and not on their jerseys. This is pride, and what a great sight it was. Thank you Vladimir Smicer, I knew I could count on you (read my previous post).

For sure there are a lot of people out there wishing for a Liverpool victory, except Milan fans, Bluenoses, majority of Man Utd fans and Alex Ferguson. Fergie, well I have to name him, since he's the only manager in the top 6 who didn't publicly wish that Liverpool will take home the Cup. Mourinho, Wenger, Moyes, even Allerdyce spoke out hoping that Liverpool wins. So did Stubbs, the Everton captain. All the best to you guys too in the Champions' League next season. If luck has it then you may even meet us there.

Some posts by bloggers around Malaysia, talking about Liverpool's unbelievable feat (but you'd better believe it) in Istanbul:
Liverpool wins Champions League title
Sorry Idlan Liverpool Won
KINGS OF EUROPE once again!!!
Magnificent Reds
Well ...
Liverpool, what a comeback!
Kings of the Kop
Men Of Anfield - I Salute You!

Stevie G: It's looking good! Hopefully he'll remain here to guide Liverpool to more glories. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Rafa, did I mention before that I just love your balding head? Muacks!!!

The really special one. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

You'll Never Walk Alone

for chelsea fans...

I was reading an article about Frank Lampard recommended by the Koptalk's editor.

Sometimes, you do wonder whether all these footballers have any other things in their minds other than football itself. True enough, Frank Lampard has been a fabulous player throughout the entire season, but it's not only his performance on the pitch that counts. The kindness in that man makes him thousands of times better than the great footballer he is. And no, I'm not kidding. Chelsea fans, you ought to read this article.

Frank, I forgive you for breaking Alonso's ankle earlier in the season.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

a liverpudlian post...

Tonight will undoubtedly be the biggest night in 15 years for any Liverpool supporters all around the world. That was when we last won the domestic title, and 21 years since the last European Cup. Nothing can get bigger than this.

The heroes in red who had paved the way up until this far, thanks for bringing Liverpool back to the world map. Even though the match has yet to be played, you guys have done a great job in and regardless of the outcome of the game, this will be a key moment in Liverpool Football Club’s history.

The manager
Rafael Benitez
One of the best coaches in the world, brought to Liverpool in the summer after emerging triumphant in the UEFA Cup with Valencia. Also won the Spanish La Liga with the same team. Made several exciting signings since becoming the Liverpool manager, namely Garcia, Alonso, and Carson. Also turned some players deemed to be surplus to requirement in previous season into match-winning team players (think Biscan).

The players
No 1: Jerzy Dudek
He did not shine in recent years as like he did back in his first year with the club, but is still regarded as one of the top goalkeepers in the world. Played in 9 of Liverpool’s 14 CL games and kept 5 clean sheets, conceding 1 goal per game in the rest. Will probably play his last match for the club.

No 3: Steve Finnan
The consistent fullback suffered from injuries early in the season and lacked first team appearances after the signing of Josemi, but came back strongly wrestling back his place, and is now considered by Benitez among the first 11. Played in all but one of LFC’s CL games, which is the 1-0 defeat to GAK at Anfield.

No 4: Sami Hyypia
The towering vice-capt of LFC played in every match in the CL, and had been rock solid in defence with Carragher. Lacked a bit of pace and easily exposed when dragged to wide areas, but reads the game well.

No 23: Jamie Carragher
The scouser who ‘will run through a brick wall for the club’ is arguably among the best centerbacks in the world, and still improving. Came through the ranks from the academy, he made the CB position his own and forced Henchoz to move clubs. Strong in tackles and determined, no-nonsense defending.

No 21: Djimi Traore
Originally intended to be sold by previous manager Houllier, Benitez gave Traore a chance to prove his worth to the club, and he did so quite impressively. Prone to some silly errors once in a while, most notably the own goal against Burnley which ‘almost made him quit football’, but he has showed to be a valuable player in the squad.

No 8: Steven Gerrard
The LFC captain’s enthusiasm is infectious, as he single-handedly led Liverpool to victories in some games when others performed poorly. Will best be remembered for the thunderous goal against Olympiakos which sent Liverpool on course to this final. Will probably captain the team for the final time before moving clubs, but a victory may delay that from happening.

No 14: Xabi Alonso
The young Spaniard suffered from broken ankle after a clumsy tackle by Lampard on New Year’s Day, but came back straight into the first 11 against Juventus after a 3-month lay-off, and what a display that was. Masqueraded Liverpool’s midfield and held off Juventus for the full 90 minutes, and received standing ovations from the crowd and fans around the world. Great vision, even better execution.

No 6: John Arne Riise
The fullback-turned-leftwing played in every match in CL and is a certain starter in the final. With an incredible left foot and shots packed with power, he is showing signs of returning to the kind of form he showed in his first season. Scored against Leverkusen in the last 16.

No 10: Luis Garcia
The little striker was shrugged off as a lightweight player who couldn’t adapt to English football, but that statement charged Garcia like a bolt of electricity and he ended the season superbly, being joint top scorer with Baros, and the top scorer for the club in CL with 5 goals. Dazzling trickeries and passing, but sometimes loses the ball easily to opposition players.

No 25: Igor Biscan
Biscan has been the most improved player since Benitez took over, and showed what a determined character he is by cementing his place as a regular in the first 11 after seasons of failures. Made an impressive 9 appearances for Liverpool in the CL, but will most probably leave in the summer.

No 16: Dietmar Hamann
Hamann is one the the most underrated player in the Liverpool squad, his defensive midfield position has been the key to the reason why LFC conceded a miserly 4 goals in the 8 CL games he started. Good control with the ball and a tough tackler, sometimes capable of belting in a stunner from long range.

No 5: Milan Baros
Liverpool’s sulking striker was the Euro 2004 star where he grabbed the Golden Boot with 5 goals in 5 games, and is now Liverpool’s top scorer with 13 goals. Going through a dry patch and often find himself lost with LFC’s 4-5-1 approach, and may not even start in the final despite notching in 2 goals in the CL. Will most probably be leaving LFC after the CL final.

No 9: Djibril Cisse
Completed a remarkable recovery from the horrendous injury where he suffered broken bones in 2 places, he is more than determined to get back into action and proved that he still has what it takes to perform at the highest level with the season-ending 2-goal performance against Villa. Scored 1 goal in the CL, and will most probably take over Baros’ place in the final.

No 7: Harry Kewell
The boyhood Liverpool fan had been fading since his move from Leeds, and the recurring injuries had not helped. Played through the first half of the season carrying an injury, he’s now back in action, despite still not 100% fit. Hopefully he’ll remain with the club next season and show what he is capable of when he’s injury-free; terrorizing the opposition’s defence.

No 11: Vladimir Smicer
A crowd favourite, although never showed that he is capable of filling in Mcmanaman’s boots when he was signed 6 years ago. If he manages to get some action in this final (I certainly hope he does), it will be his final involvement before being released by the club. Came in as substitute in 5 of the 6 CL games when he is fit.

No 28: Stephen Warnock
Broke into Liverpool’s first team after being given the chance by Benitez, he has been fighting with Traore to claim the leftback position. Played in 6 of LFC’s CL games, and often consistent when he’s in action. A bright prospect for the future.

No 17: Josemi
His reckless defending has caused Liverpool some games, but he was the first of Benitez’s signing who showed superb adaptability to English football. Did not made much impact thereafter, and an injury forced him out of action since, where his place is eventually taken over by the consistent Finnan.

No 18: Antonio Nunez
The only Spanish signing who has yet to shine for Liverpool, the former Real Madrid reserve is finally looking to be at ease after missing the first half of the season with an injury he picked up during his first training session. Played 5 games in the CL, completing only 1 game which is against Leverkusen at home. Will definitely start on the bench.

No 20: Scott Carson
When he signed, Carson wouldn’t imagine that his first game for LFC would be a tie against Juventus at Anfield, a game which Liverpool won 2-1 thanks to some brilliant saves by Carson. Conceded a tame goal in that game, but some great displays in the EPL sees him being drafted into the England squad replacing the injured Paul Robinson.

No 13: Anthony Le Tallec
Le Tallec went on loan after a fallout with Benitez early in the season, but came back a more matured individual. An unknown to Juventus when he started the game, he ran riot at Anfield and left the Juventus players stunned, helping Liverpool to a 2-1 victory.

No 22: Chris Kirkland
Liverpool’s sicknote played an unbelievable 4 games for Liverpool in the CL before injuring himself again, giving the keeper position back Dudek. Dubbed the most promising keeper in the country, but never proved his worth. When he’s fit, he’s a match to any keeper in the country though.

No 24: Florent Sinama-Pongolle
The tiny striker with Le Tallec were France’s brightest prospects when they came to Liverpool, and he showed his maturity in the 45 minutes of action against Olympiakos where his goal sparked an unbelievable comeback for Liverpool. Got injured after that, and missed the rest of the season.

No 33: Neil Mellor
The burly striker had only 2 games in the CL before he went out injured, one being a substitute where he scored an important goal against Olympiakos that sent Liverpool through. He played only 12 minutes in that game. And who can forget the last minute long range cracker that shocked Arsenal in the EPL?

The fans
Over the course of the season, the Kop fans have been at their best and very much influential in Liverpool’s performance on the pitch. The atmospheric Anfield rocked the ground as the fans spurred the players on in defeating Juventus and Chelsea along the way to final. After the game against Chelsea, newspaper worldwide credited the diehard supporters for ‘winning’ the match for Liverpool. Even Jose Mourinho admits that Anfield’s voice ‘amazed’ him.

So there you have it, a brief introduction of Liverpool before tonight’s Champions' League Final. Goodluck, I will be one of the millions in the world cheering for Liverpool tonight.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Steamboat (18th March 2005)

Well, I've mentioned before that I had a steamboat party with my housemates back in March celebrating the final examinations and as a housewarming party, but I didn't have the chance to put up the photos cuz I didn't have them back then, and I got pretty occupied after that. Since now I have some time to idle with, here they are (get some tissues to wipe away your salivas):

My housemates goofing around while I prepare the cocktail, sial...
From L-R: Sharon, me, Lucky, Cheng Pei.

Pei's boyfriend specially brought these prawns (I forgot what they're called) from her hometown back in Kuala Gula, a fishing village, that evening. Yummy, fresh from the sea!
Clockwise from top: Prawn #1, Prawn #2, Prawn #3, Prawn #4, Prawn #5, Prawn #6.
This is supposed to sound stupidly funny.

This is the only group photo we got before chomping down everything in sight.

And this is the one after we chomped down everything in sight.;)
Clockwise starting from me: Me lah...duh, Yee Wen, Cheng Pei, Shwu Shya, Julie, Chang Wang, Sharon, CK, Lucky, Jun's girlfriend (damn, I kept forgetting her chinese name), Jun.

Friday, May 20, 2005

brainless knuckleheads...

Two headlines in The Star today which got my attention.

The first one: 600 summonses in one village

My advice is, shut up lah. Committed the offence and you guys still have the guts to go nationwide complaining about it?

Siva Subramaniam told reporters that he found it “a bit weird” for the police to issue 600 summonses in one village alone. “The number of summonses issued is too high; it has never happened in any one place in Malaysia before,” he said.

You're either pretending to be ignorant, or you're blind. I can close my eyes, point at any direction and still manage to tag a motorcyclist riding in my neighbourhood without a crash helmet. And I'm staying in some urban area, not village. Yes, the number of idiotic motorcyclists is that high. I'm not surprised to see 600 summonses over two years, the practice is pretty routine everywhere. I say serves them right. They think they can get away committing small offences.

Construction worker Wong Yik Loy, 49, said he received five summonses, all purportedly for failing to wear a crash helmet between October last year and February this year. “How can I defend myself on this? Two of the summonses stated that I committed the offence at night. Was the camera be able to read my number plate at 8pm and 10pm?” he asked.

If you still insist on complaining, try telling people that you did not commit the offence instead of questioning the technology. You didn't deny that you DID ride a motorcycle without crash helmet, did you? Even if you get to shirk off the 2 summonses there are still 3 waiting for you, and these times you were caught red-handed. This just shows that you have a habit of committing crimes on the road, 2 summonses lesser or not, that makes no difference.

The second one: boy beaten up for teasing classmate

The boy's father Raymond Toh Beng Thong, a company director, 42, said he was angry and astonished when the school called him about what had happened. “How can students be so violent?'' he asked furiously.

My advice is, shut up lah. Your son is an ass for provoking the boy in the first place. I admit the boy's wrong for pulling punches, but when do you see dogs wag their tails at you happily when you throw stones at them?

If I was the boy, knowing that I will get into trouble anyway for beating up that stupid ass, heck, I'll beat the crap out of each and everyone of those who humiliated him. And I won't feel sorry about it.

Two front teeth, a broken upper jaw and bleeding in the mouth are good reminders for the dumbass to act like someone who possesses a brain in the future. Functional one, that is.

10 years from now, in some pub near Orchard Road:
Hot girl: Gosh, you're so cool! Wanna dance?
Dumbass: Sure. *smiles and mouth opened slightly, revealing the 2 lost teeth*
Hot girl: Oh my, what happened? You were in a fight? Wow, that's like, so man!
Dumbass: Hehe, yeah. Old story... let's get on with the dance.
Hot girl: I bet you were fighting to save some damsel in distress. That's like, so cool... *running fingers through her hair, making flirty approaches*
Dumbass: Nah, I was beaten up back in school 10 years ago because I teased some kid about his grades.
Hot girl: Oh. Ok. Urm... oh hi, Jenny! Long time no see! Let's talk about your latest updates over supper! *Dumbass suddenly became invisible*
Dumbass: ...*mouth wide open, albeit not as wide as normal humans' since he had a jaw bone implant when he was 18*

See? That's the reason why you shouldn't act like an ass, dumbass.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

on da vinci code and sepet...

I've finally read the Da Vinci Code, and watched Sepet the movie. Yeah, I know, I'm a bit not that up-to-date with the latest fads. Sue me.

I'm pretty disappointed with the Da Vinci Code. Not that Dan Brown's a bad writer, I think he rocks, but the climax never goes upwards as the story progresses. In fact, it's getting more and more anticlimax. I mean, I was hoping for some shocking end but all I got was one where everyone could predict already before reading. There goes two weeks of intense reading. Remind me to browse the ending of the next book I'm gonna read. And I won't read Angels and Demons, Deception Point and Digital Fortress. Once is enough, I won't be fooled twice.

And Sepet? Well, I won't say it's mind-blowing, but it IS very Malaysian. Ng Choo Seong, the guy who played Ah Loong (I will not call him Jason because that is MY name) seems a bit awkward, but Sharifah Amani is brilliant. When I was watching the part where Ah Loong tells Keong to 'meet this girl, and you'll understand why I like her so much', he really means it. She's a star-in-the-making. Linus Chung, in my opinion, should remain working behind the camera. I'm sure his film-making won't be as bad as his acting. Anyway, Sepet is the first locally made movie I've watched since forever, and I didn't regret it.

I just don't get the ending. Anyone mind telling me what it was all about?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

loads of old pictures...

Went to Nic's place earlier and managed to unearth plenty of photos I never recall taking. Thanks to modern technology (the scanner, hahaha...), I've saved some to keep for memories, and I'm gonna take the remaining negatives to the photo shop and burn them into a cd.

For now, here are some for the old buddies...

True Victorians, 1996-2002. It's sad this photo never managed to be published in the school magazine. A real classic photo of students who represents the heart and soul of Victoria Institution. Once a Victorian, always a Victorian.

An attempt by the Board of Chairman (BOC) to produce the largest card in Malaysia. Not sure if we made it, but I'm so proud to be the key figure in creating and designing the artwork. This was my last high profile involvement in VI before I left the school for good.

The weird-looking girl who looks like the Qi Hei Empress would be Choy Yee. I can't remember when this photo was taken, probably during sports day. The bodyguards flanking the Empress would be Nic and I.

The admin for the Victorian Editorial Board. From L-R: Goh, Nic, me, Jasmine.

On the way up to Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu in conjunction with the turn of the millennium. My brothers for life, from L-R: Jacky, Nic, Kam, me (wow, look how thin I was back then).

The legendary six reaching Low's Peak and captured a photo of our achievement. It was still dark as we reached the peak pretty early. I'm not sure what was the thing that caught my attention and made me look elsewhere, but this is the best one we have up there. Front, L-R: Kam, Nic, Jacky, me. Back, L-R: Ang, Ah Si. Those glorious days we had...

We managed to get some nice shots up there, but sadly the two mangkuk hayun prefects (as Jacky enjoys putting it) couldn't stand the weather and sped back down to Laban Rata. Can't really blame them, they got up real fast and waited for a long time for us to reach up there to take the group photo. Sorry for being so slow guys. ; )

And finally, look what I have here; a picture of Nic and Kam back in primary school. Hahahahaha, see how cute those little buggers are when they were still kids. Man, this is really classic.

I'll probably post up more photos of the others when I've burnt them into a cd. Can't do anything with only the negatives. Right now these are enough to bring back some pleasant memories of old times. Aaahh, how time flies...

Friday, May 13, 2005

angry post with plenty of cussing...

Today I almost killed a school kid when I was driving out for lunch. Had I been thoughtful and caring I would've killed him.

I was driving on the left lane of a road in a residential area near UPM about 12:30pm, which was about the time school was over. School children were all over the place and road drivers were sensibly extra careful and courteous (which is kinda rare). When I approached a curve and was about to turn a Harley Davidson dashed out of nowhere and almost caused me to sandwich it with a school bus moving on my right.

I stepped on the brake pedal and watched how that motorcycle luckily squeezed between the front of my car and the rear light of the bus. Lucky bastard.

To the f***tard motorcyclist (I seriously hope you are reading this),

I don't care if your father's a f***ing rich a**hole, that doesn't give you the bloody right to drive like an ass and speed along a road in a residential area. You know who you are, the idiotic Form 4 or Form 5 kid who studies in a secondary school near UPM (I know that bloody fact because you are still wearing your school pants at that time, I would've posted your plate number if I saw it). Yes, the Harley Davidson impresses me; I'm sure those underaged school girls will go 'hubba-hubba' over your hot bike, but I would be even more impressed if you end up in a road accident with a trailer with your body parts still intact. The nice guy in me hopes that you'll die a horrifying death where you get dragged by a trailer and ends up with a decapitated head and your f***ing rich father couldn't bury you whole because your head rolled off the road into the drain which leads to the main sewage where it flows to Klang River and your deformed head will be eaten up by the lurking crocodiles. The evil side in my hopes that the same thing happens, only that it's not your head which was decapitated, it's your penis instead. And you'll live until 134 years old without knowing what it's like to have sex. All the little girls will point their fingers at you laughing and this will happen every single day for the rest of your miserable life. And your gay neighbour goes around telling everyone that he lives next to the 'last eunuch in Malaysia' and the news spread like hot cakes until CNN makes a special live documentary broadcast about the story of a boy who's penisless with brains as big as an ostrich's.

To the f***ing rich a**hole father of that f***tard motorcyclist,

You're a shame to the society. If you have that much of money to spend, use it on something else, don't buy your brainless son a huge bike to show off in school. What were you even thinking? From the brief encounter I had with your f***ing son, I would say that it is sufficient for me to label you as a failure and you make a bad dad. If you have any senses you'd cut off your own penis so that you won't be able to produce another f***king dirtbag. Considering that you're so f***king rich, keep some of your money for your lawyer so that in the future he can handle your funeral when you die, I don't think your f***ing son(s) will still be alive when that happens.

p/s: Sorry for the cussing, that's not really me. But this incident really pissed me off and I can't describe it better without using profanities. Momentarily taken over by pure anger, I'll be fine in the morning.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

what about my future?

Time sure flies by. Without even noticing I have only 2 and a half more working days before my holiday resumes. That, plus another 50-pages report for my industrial training which is due early next week (damn, I should've suggested a later date to my supervisor).

It has been extremely educational in the past 8 weeks, learning plenty of stuff I didn't have the chance to put my hands on back in my own uni. This also presented a new path for me to choose; whether or not to continue doing my master and phd programme after I graduated. I know it's pretty early to think about this right now, but people around me have been bombarding me with these questions I find it hard to dismiss the possibilities. Besides, it's true what some of them said, when you're already in the working world you won't want to go back studying.

In an ideal world, I'll do my master degree after half a year working as a research assistant, preferably overseas, and within a year and a half hopefully it'll be converted into phd. Then I'll come out and work as a lecturer for a few years before venturing into the business world. I have given some thoughts on it, since I don't believe I will enjoy being an employee for my entire working life, and F & B is one sector which I have really made some serious thinking of.

Dreaming a nice dream indeed.

All too soon to say, for now I'll just concentrate on my final working week here and finishing my report. I have been procrastinating a hell lot.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

stop the nonsense...

Stop all the talk about the Champions' League fifth spot already, would you?

This is getting ridiculously annoying. I mean, it doesn't only portrayed utter disrespect to the team from Italy, it's gonna make us all go red in embarassment should Liverpool fail to beat AC Milan in Istanbul. Not that I hope Liverpool lose, I'm betting my head on a Liverpool victory if I'm the type of guy who bets. I just wanna stress the point that the match has yet to be played, and we're already arguing on something that's maybe or maybe not happening.

I can already imagine some of the idiotic fans of rival football clubs shouting 'What happening to your request to FA for a fifth CL spot? Oops, I forgot, you guys sucked in the final! Wahahahaha!!'

Make discussions after 25th of May, will you?

Monday, May 09, 2005

liverpool crash out from champions' league

Liverpool finally went out from the Champions' League, next season that is. Arsenal won the match 3-1 and fairly so.

On a lighter point of view, we now can calmly say that we are still competing for the UEFA Cup which is sort of some consolation. No big deal I guess. Still in Europe, and still challenging for a cup anyway.

With the Premiership all decided except for the relegation battle, there are nothing else to focus on other than the CL final in three weeks time. I hope Liverpool can manage to grab hold of their fifth European Cup, though I do not think that gives us the right to compete in next season's. It's more or less a bonus, cuz if Liverpool wins it, they get to keep the trophy and UEFA will have to mold another replica.

Besides, that's all we Liverpool fans can look forward to, right?

Congratulations, Bluenoses, you've earned the last Champions' League berth. However, being a Liverpudlian, it's pretty normal that I hope that you guys crash out in the qualifiers. No offence really.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

merit or quota?

Pretty amazed by this article in The Star.

It sure is disturbing to see the enrolment of Malays in critical courses lower than it was when we practised quota system, but whose fault is it really? If the Education Ministry reviewed the current policy and find it a disadvantage to the Malays, what actions do we expect the Ministry to take? Change back to the quota system?

When they announced that we will begin practising the meritocracy policy they said it was for a fairer competition for places in local universities. That I agree. The year ended with more percentage of Malays enrolling into universities compared to any other races, and we've had no qualms about that. At least we fought for our places fair and square, nevermind the differences in STPM and matriculation.

But now knowing that the majority of the percentage went to not so 'favourable' courses, Umno Youth wanted a data to clarify whether this is a smart move in the first place.

The sad thing is I don't see the undergrads in local universities, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, complaining about these craps. The people bringing up all these controversial problems are, instead, the political figures and the Education Ministry.

It's about time to stop spoonfeeding our people and let us walk on our own. With this kind of shielding and protection, we will never lose our tag as a third world country.

Friday, May 06, 2005

meaningless debate...

Just saw this post at Koptalk, and I didn't even notice such an issue back then.

To save the trouble clicking on the link (I know you guys are a bunch of lazy asses), I'll just copy and paste it here:

Gutless FA backed London clubs
The national media are quickly catching on to how the English F.A. protected both Arsenal and Chelsea last season when it cropped up that there would not have been enough Champions League places on offer for them this season had results created a complicated and controversial situation.

You will recall that Arsenal and Chelsea met in the quarter-finals of the competition last year so a similar situation could have developed like the one we're currently facing, should we actually win the Champions League by defeating Milan.
Although the problem never actually presented itself last season, the FA made provisions for the 4th placed team to be entered into the UEFA Cup instead of the Champions League.
On March 10th last year, the FA published the following statement: "Should Arsenal or Chelsea win the Champions League, they will automatically qualify for next season's competition, but England will not gain an extra Champions League place, even if they finish outside of the top four in the Premiership. In that scenario, the fourth-placed team in the Premiership will play in next season's Uefa Cup."
Fortunately Oliver Kay of The Times has picked up on this and so too has Sam Wallace of The Independent.

I couldn't get to the webpage using the link in Koptalk, it's probably expired or taken out, whatever.

I still think that should Everton finish fourth this season, they should qualify for the Champions' League even if Liverpool wins the Cup, that if they manage to do it, but it's too early to argue about this meaningless debate which in the end may not even be of worthy mention at all.

However, I'm not impressed with the FA's stand, it's so clear how they switched sides comparing this season and last. If indeed Arsenal or Chelsea managed to win the Cup last season (which if some of you didn't already know, Arsenal got dumped by Chelsea in the quarter, and Chelsea were knocked out in the semi), Liverpool would've, ironically, been overlooked in this competition and would be challenging for the UEFA Cup instead. The fact that Liverpool got all the way to the final is just, well, ironic (I hate this word).

And Arsenal's vice-chairman's in the FA board. Hmmm...

In the end of the day, we wouldn't know what will happen. Maybe Liverpool will be thrashed by AC Milan in the final 6-1 and our arguments would be for nought. Or maybe Everton will suffer from hiccups and lose all their remaining matches and Liverpool will pip them to fouth spot, besides winning the Cup too.

Ah, daydreaming too early I guess. But I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

happy mother's day

My mom fell sick today. So sick that it makes me sick.

For as long as I can remember, I've never seen my mother getting sick, let alone becoming so ill she can't even stand up without fainting. She has been complaining of a bad back for the past week, and the last few days her health's getting worse. Stomachaches, dizziness, low blood pressure, vomitting, all these showing that her health's faltering.

She has always been the pillar of strength to me, looking so able and strong in managing the home and her work for the last few years. I guess I am the only one who didn't realize age is really catching up with her. She's 53 this year, and had she been any luckier, she's retired and enjoying life now.

Times like these I wished that I have never made the decision to rent a place with my friends and stayed at home to look after my mother instead. I should've brought an umbrella for her when she was getting off the car in the middle of a heavy rain. I should've done more chores at home instead of going out with friends. I should've accompanied her for breakfasts more often. I should have, I should have... all the things I should have done but I didn't.

Thank goodness she felt all better after throwing up in the clinic just now. At least she can now walk without feeling dizzy or fainting.

And now I can finally rest, after a chaotic day with only 2 hours of sleep since yesterday morning.

Btw, it may seem a bit too early, but I guess there aren't any better moments than right now, so Mom, Happy Mother's Day and I love you. I promise I'll spend more time with you and Dad and yadda yadda yadda whoever's related to me in one way or another.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

i got 17As because i use s******'s pencils!

I just saw an advertisement by a famous local stationery supplier which is really ridiculous. Apparently the SPM top scorer signed an endorsement deal or some sort of things to appear in the short ad, which was trying to imply that students can score better in exams using their product.

I find this ad totally stupid. If she (the top scorer, I don't know her name and I don't give a damn anyway) managed to obtain 17A1s because she used S****** 2B pencils to answer the questions, you'd be wondering why there aren't any other 17A1s students around. She got good results because of her hard work, not because of your stupid pencils.

The cheapskate strategies companies use to attract consumers. Bah...

Monday, May 02, 2005

putrajaya, kuala selangor, ice-skating and birthday celebrations...

The last couple of days were terribly hectic, having fun of course. On a rare occasion where my supervisor insisted that I take a leave on Saturday to visit the BioMalaysia exhibition at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), I fully utilised the holiday by giving myself a deserving break.

After visiting BioMalaysia's exhibition in the afternoon, I came back to PJ just in time to leave for Kuala Selangor with my housemates and a senior, since everyone took the oppoturnity to return to KL during the 3-day holiday, not gonna spoil the fun, should I? Leaving at 7pm, we arrived Kuala Selangor around 9:30pm and took a boat trip at Taman Kelip-kelip and enjoyed the beautiful scenery with fireflies all over the place. The boatmen were surprisingly nice and actually very willing (by our request) to bring us close to the fireflies until they flew all over us. Too bad we didn't capture any pictures that time.

Later after that, we had our dinner at Kuala Sungai Seafood Restaurant and enjoyed some great food there. I'm lazy to post any close-ups on the dishes (besides, I don't wanna make you guys drool all over your keyboards), so I'm posting a picture of us before the dishes arrived instead.

L-R: Yeow Huei (our graduated senior), Sharon, me, Yee Wen, CK, Shya, Lucky, Julie.

The following day we went to Sunway Pyramid for some ice-skating actions, considering a lot of us haven't tried it before, and the last time yours truly skated was like about 7-8 years ago. Thank goodness I still have some of it left from last time and managed to stay fall-free throughout the entire session. However, I guess we're a bit too old for this sport, seeing so many teenagers (with horrible fashion tastes) on the ice rink. Pretty lot of young adults with immature minds too, but I shall not elaborate on that and spoil the mood.

L-R: Shya, Sharon, See Wan, Jun, Julie, Yeow Huei, Lucky, me.

Casually posing while at rest, F-B: me, Jun, See Wan, Sharon, Yeow Huei, Julie.

Clockwise from bottom left: Jun, me, Sharon, Lucky, See Wan. Sorry for the bad quality, no professional training whatsoever...;)

We celebrated Jun's and Sharon's birthdays in advance that night because it is the last time we have a full gathering before the new sem begins. Planned a surprise celebration for them and thought of a splendid idea. Lucky was supposed to pretend to broke an arm and Yee Wen would be running upstairs to alert us and borrow my car keys, before conning them to come down and see the birthday cake which is hidden in the crowd in the living room. But instead of barging into my room where Jun and I were hanging out, Yee Wen accidentally went into Sharon's room and she went down early and spotted the birthday cake before they could hide it (which btw, asking the smallest person to cover the cake is a very bad decision). Anyway, it's the thought that counts, right? So it doesn't really matter how screwed up the act was.

Birthday kids: Jun and Sharon.

Front row, L-R: Yeow Huei (what's with the horny look?), Jun, Sharon, Lucky, Shya.
Second row, L-R: Julie, See Wan, Yee Wen, Kai Sean (another senior), Chang Wang, CK.
Back: me, who else?

Btw, today (2nd of May) is also the birthday of my old crush. So have a wonderful birthday celebration and may your life be filled with happiness and joy.