Friday, May 20, 2005

brainless knuckleheads...

Two headlines in The Star today which got my attention.

The first one: 600 summonses in one village

My advice is, shut up lah. Committed the offence and you guys still have the guts to go nationwide complaining about it?

Siva Subramaniam told reporters that he found it “a bit weird” for the police to issue 600 summonses in one village alone. “The number of summonses issued is too high; it has never happened in any one place in Malaysia before,” he said.

You're either pretending to be ignorant, or you're blind. I can close my eyes, point at any direction and still manage to tag a motorcyclist riding in my neighbourhood without a crash helmet. And I'm staying in some urban area, not village. Yes, the number of idiotic motorcyclists is that high. I'm not surprised to see 600 summonses over two years, the practice is pretty routine everywhere. I say serves them right. They think they can get away committing small offences.

Construction worker Wong Yik Loy, 49, said he received five summonses, all purportedly for failing to wear a crash helmet between October last year and February this year. “How can I defend myself on this? Two of the summonses stated that I committed the offence at night. Was the camera be able to read my number plate at 8pm and 10pm?” he asked.

If you still insist on complaining, try telling people that you did not commit the offence instead of questioning the technology. You didn't deny that you DID ride a motorcycle without crash helmet, did you? Even if you get to shirk off the 2 summonses there are still 3 waiting for you, and these times you were caught red-handed. This just shows that you have a habit of committing crimes on the road, 2 summonses lesser or not, that makes no difference.

The second one: boy beaten up for teasing classmate

The boy's father Raymond Toh Beng Thong, a company director, 42, said he was angry and astonished when the school called him about what had happened. “How can students be so violent?'' he asked furiously.

My advice is, shut up lah. Your son is an ass for provoking the boy in the first place. I admit the boy's wrong for pulling punches, but when do you see dogs wag their tails at you happily when you throw stones at them?

If I was the boy, knowing that I will get into trouble anyway for beating up that stupid ass, heck, I'll beat the crap out of each and everyone of those who humiliated him. And I won't feel sorry about it.

Two front teeth, a broken upper jaw and bleeding in the mouth are good reminders for the dumbass to act like someone who possesses a brain in the future. Functional one, that is.

10 years from now, in some pub near Orchard Road:
Hot girl: Gosh, you're so cool! Wanna dance?
Dumbass: Sure. *smiles and mouth opened slightly, revealing the 2 lost teeth*
Hot girl: Oh my, what happened? You were in a fight? Wow, that's like, so man!
Dumbass: Hehe, yeah. Old story... let's get on with the dance.
Hot girl: I bet you were fighting to save some damsel in distress. That's like, so cool... *running fingers through her hair, making flirty approaches*
Dumbass: Nah, I was beaten up back in school 10 years ago because I teased some kid about his grades.
Hot girl: Oh. Ok. Urm... oh hi, Jenny! Long time no see! Let's talk about your latest updates over supper! *Dumbass suddenly became invisible*
Dumbass: ...*mouth wide open, albeit not as wide as normal humans' since he had a jaw bone implant when he was 18*

See? That's the reason why you shouldn't act like an ass, dumbass.


rational thinker said...

there are always dumbasses in this world. can't help it. but glad you begin to see things too....

Jr. said...

haha, rational thinker said it in such a way as if monolith was once a dumbass who can't see 'things'


hooey said...

Nice blog Livingmononolith. I, too, have a blog; a very progressive one.

rational thinker said...

jr. u just gotta point me out yeah? hehe..i thought he won't read thru that! just kiddign jaz

Livingmonolith said...

buggers, i was away for a couple of days and you guys are talking behind my back, and in my blog too...