Thursday, May 26, 2005

did i hear 'turkey delight'?

This is gonna be a loooooonnng emotional post, and all dedicated to Liverpool Football Club.

Honestly, Liverpool didn't deserve the Cup. All they did throughout the match was defend and hoped for a penalty shootout, wishing that luck will tilt their way. AC Milan, on the other hand, should be the worthy winners instead.

Dejected Liverpool players after conceding the third goal. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Honestly? Nah, I'm just yanking ya.


It's ours to keep. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Let's celebrate!!! Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

I don't give a damn about how well AC Milan played. Their players practised penalty kicks, that shows that they have the penalty shootout in their minds too. Too bad we snatched the Cup, and now we get to keep it. Sorry UEFA, for having to mold a new one.

'Six minutes of madness'. Well you got that right Ancelotti. What were you saying earlier? You only need 3 minutes to destroy Liverpool? I am somewhat ashamed that we needed 6 bloody minutes to annihilate AC Milan.

AC Milan players reel in delight after scoring one minute into the game. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Forgive me for my arrogance, but do consider all the jeers and banters we have endured the entire season, being written off in every single competition and insulted by football pundits on a weekly basis. I tried to be humble but now that Liverpool won the Cup, I am gonna kick some sorry asses who made those insulting remarks.

Indeed, we Liverpool are not in the same class as AC Milan, their experience in the tournament gave them huge advantage, as we can all see in the first half. In fact, I thought about giving up and go to sleep because I couldn't stand the humiliation. But the diehard Kop fans cheered on shouting that 'We'll beat you 4-3!', and that is some incredible faith they have. In the end of the day, we did not, but we still beat AC Milan though, which is all that matters. At times like these, playing your 'experience' card no longer look that big, we are so much hungrier, and we didn't lose hope.

Well, Dudek certainly didn't. He made a double save from Shevchenko at point blank range to keep the score level. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Dudek, Liverpool's hero of the match. Saving the crucial penalty from Shevchenko after denying Pirlo earlier. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

I am a bit embarassed that I didn't hold the same faith as those Kop fans, but after tonight I feel a lot closer to Liverpool than I've ever had. I didn't realize I was chanting along with the fans in the TV screen singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone' after the exhausting match. That I managed to mouth out the lyrics was even more bizarre, because I have never tried to memorize them.

Aik Wai, my coursemate and football kaki in uni, messaged me at halftime saying, 'dun worry, liverpool will win! yeah!'. I didn't get that until I went back to my room, but thanks a lot for the support. I didn't expect it'll really happen. Btw, he's an avid Arsenal fan.

Which reminds me, sorry for all the stray messages I sent in the morning. I forgot to whom I sent to, but I believe there's quite a number of them. I was...momentarily overwhelmed, and I couldn't sleep. At that time the only thing I wanted to do is to tell the world that Liverpool is the new king of Europe. I only know that I've sent out a lot of messages after receiving some replies, some of them not even football fans, telling me to shut up. Hahahaha, forgive me guys.

Looking at the faces of Liverpool players, including those who are leaving or planning to leave, is just pure joy. Each and everyone of them celebrated like the Liverbird is embedded to their chest and not on their jerseys. This is pride, and what a great sight it was. Thank you Vladimir Smicer, I knew I could count on you (read my previous post).

For sure there are a lot of people out there wishing for a Liverpool victory, except Milan fans, Bluenoses, majority of Man Utd fans and Alex Ferguson. Fergie, well I have to name him, since he's the only manager in the top 6 who didn't publicly wish that Liverpool will take home the Cup. Mourinho, Wenger, Moyes, even Allerdyce spoke out hoping that Liverpool wins. So did Stubbs, the Everton captain. All the best to you guys too in the Champions' League next season. If luck has it then you may even meet us there.

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Stevie G: It's looking good! Hopefully he'll remain here to guide Liverpool to more glories. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Rafa, did I mention before that I just love your balding head? Muacks!!!

The really special one. Photo courtesy of Soccernet.

You'll Never Walk Alone


Jon said...

Watching it as a neutral fan, I thought AC Milan was the slightly better team. But then Liverpool deserved to win because of that mad six minutes.

d-a-v-o-r-s said...

god blessed Liverpool...

Dudek was amazing that night...
He was in the path of the ball striking towards the net...

after half time la...

sashi said...

haha! love this post! walk on!!!

rational thinker said...

it's not too late to support chelsea u know..

NiC said...

hey, i've always wanted liv to win... =)

NiC said...

but you've gotta admit milan was the better team dude... come on...

Anonymous said...

It's not about money, it's not about technicality. It's about passion, determination and pure grit ;) Walk On!

Livingmonolith said...

thanks, all, for the visit.

rational thinker: hey, it's not to late to be a liverpool supporter too, you know...;)

nic: thanks for supporting, but you've got to admit liverpool did produce an exellent fightback, no?