Tuesday, May 10, 2005

stop the nonsense...

Stop all the talk about the Champions' League fifth spot already, would you?

This is getting ridiculously annoying. I mean, it doesn't only portrayed utter disrespect to the team from Italy, it's gonna make us all go red in embarassment should Liverpool fail to beat AC Milan in Istanbul. Not that I hope Liverpool lose, I'm betting my head on a Liverpool victory if I'm the type of guy who bets. I just wanna stress the point that the match has yet to be played, and we're already arguing on something that's maybe or maybe not happening.

I can already imagine some of the idiotic fans of rival football clubs shouting 'What happening to your request to FA for a fifth CL spot? Oops, I forgot, you guys sucked in the final! Wahahahaha!!'

Make discussions after 25th of May, will you?

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