Friday, May 13, 2005

angry post with plenty of cussing...

Today I almost killed a school kid when I was driving out for lunch. Had I been thoughtful and caring I would've killed him.

I was driving on the left lane of a road in a residential area near UPM about 12:30pm, which was about the time school was over. School children were all over the place and road drivers were sensibly extra careful and courteous (which is kinda rare). When I approached a curve and was about to turn a Harley Davidson dashed out of nowhere and almost caused me to sandwich it with a school bus moving on my right.

I stepped on the brake pedal and watched how that motorcycle luckily squeezed between the front of my car and the rear light of the bus. Lucky bastard.

To the f***tard motorcyclist (I seriously hope you are reading this),

I don't care if your father's a f***ing rich a**hole, that doesn't give you the bloody right to drive like an ass and speed along a road in a residential area. You know who you are, the idiotic Form 4 or Form 5 kid who studies in a secondary school near UPM (I know that bloody fact because you are still wearing your school pants at that time, I would've posted your plate number if I saw it). Yes, the Harley Davidson impresses me; I'm sure those underaged school girls will go 'hubba-hubba' over your hot bike, but I would be even more impressed if you end up in a road accident with a trailer with your body parts still intact. The nice guy in me hopes that you'll die a horrifying death where you get dragged by a trailer and ends up with a decapitated head and your f***ing rich father couldn't bury you whole because your head rolled off the road into the drain which leads to the main sewage where it flows to Klang River and your deformed head will be eaten up by the lurking crocodiles. The evil side in my hopes that the same thing happens, only that it's not your head which was decapitated, it's your penis instead. And you'll live until 134 years old without knowing what it's like to have sex. All the little girls will point their fingers at you laughing and this will happen every single day for the rest of your miserable life. And your gay neighbour goes around telling everyone that he lives next to the 'last eunuch in Malaysia' and the news spread like hot cakes until CNN makes a special live documentary broadcast about the story of a boy who's penisless with brains as big as an ostrich's.

To the f***ing rich a**hole father of that f***tard motorcyclist,

You're a shame to the society. If you have that much of money to spend, use it on something else, don't buy your brainless son a huge bike to show off in school. What were you even thinking? From the brief encounter I had with your f***ing son, I would say that it is sufficient for me to label you as a failure and you make a bad dad. If you have any senses you'd cut off your own penis so that you won't be able to produce another f***king dirtbag. Considering that you're so f***king rich, keep some of your money for your lawyer so that in the future he can handle your funeral when you die, I don't think your f***ing son(s) will still be alive when that happens.

p/s: Sorry for the cussing, that's not really me. But this incident really pissed me off and I can't describe it better without using profanities. Momentarily taken over by pure anger, I'll be fine in the morning.


Acrix said...

Lovely post! Haha~

100 said...

yea...f***tards...they live up the names of f***tards...

(This is a respect to your explicit cussing)

ItchyMicchi said...

wow that rocked like a mofo.

Livingmonolith said...

fortunately i am now back to my happy-go-lucky and lovable self. we can all look forward and enjoy life now.