Wednesday, November 24, 2004

i'm back...

Sorry for the lengthy disappearance. Funny story. I was walking home from the shop lots somewhere near my home a couple of weeks ago when suddenly there was this bright flash of light. I tried to look at the direction of the light source and it blinded me unconscious. I suppose I fainted or something, cuz the next thing I know I'm tied up in an operation table. I was really freaked out and somewhat pissed off, cuz I'm supposed to get online to register my subjects for the coming semester in these few days. It was then a couple of weird looking 'men' walked in and talked in some gibberish sound, I can't figure out the language they were interacting in. It was only when they walked closer that I noticed that they weren't human at all! Big bulging eyes, no ears, huge head, small body with three fingers on each hand. That totally scared the hell out of me. I yelled for help but to no avail. I assume I'm stucked in an alien aircraft or some crap like that. The two alien lifeforms then spoke again in their stupid language with a little french accent and then proceeded to take a brazilian knife before coming closer to me. I was so scared I gathered all my strength and amazingly, broke free from the latches of the operation table. I stood up and shouted,"With the powers of the great Panelopia, I summon thee to break loose and burn the world to hell! With the blessed curses that befall thee, rise and shine!". A red dragon with spiked back emerged from a spiral teleportal hole breathing fire and dashed towards the two bloody aliens. I can see from their big bulging eyes that they were so afraid because their eyes were filled with tears and they couldn't blink cuz they had no eyelids.

Ok, fine. I'm lying. I just moved and my new home has no phone line or streamyx, so I can't surf the net. And the computers in my faculty blocked access to dumb websites like this one, so I haven't been updating it for quite a while. I am now in a stupid cyber cafe with pathetic useless teenagers playing dumb games like ragnarok, and everyone are shouting out cusses loud because the speakers are damn noisy. Kids nowadays are hopeless.

Don't expect me to blog again anytime soon. Tata...

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Isn't it annoying idiotic Friendster users keep forwarding stupid bulletins? I hate it when I log in and all these pathetic bulletins clog your page. You must be kidding me, don't people have better things to do in this world? Your testimonials aren't food, you can survive without them, morons...

I took the liberty to edit a little bit of the content in the forwarded bulletins and re-forwarded it.
Important = Reason Why testimonials were erased

Friendster deleted because of the sudden rush of people forwarding bulletins in Friendster, it has come to our attention that we are vastly running out off resources.
So, within a month's time,anyone who does not receive this BULLETIN with the exact subjectheading,will remain in our server. Please forward this BULLETIN so that we know you are still abusing this account.
WARNING WARNING We want to find out which losers are actually using their Friendster accounts to forward useless bulletins. So if you are abusing your account, please pass this e-mail to every Spamster user that you can and
IF YOU DO NOT PASS this letter to anyone we will throw you a party.
From Mr. Wa La La

Spamster Toilet Accesories Dept.
Our Friendster system is getting too crowded!!We need you to forward this so we can delete you...
Copy, paste in new bulletin not messages.

I bet everyone will start forwarding this bulletin, muahahahahahaha!!!! (evil laugh)

idiot of the day

I hate Uriah Rennie. The dumb referee who won't give a penalty when Muzzy Izzet cleared the ball off the line with his arm. He's either blind, or he thinks he's refereeing a handball match. Either way, he still has a vase for a brain. I lost count of how many clear penalties Liverpool had been denied this season. CONSPIRACY!!!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

of bad role models...

Back in secondary school, I never really had any respects for the teachers, apart from several who played important roles in shaping the person I am today. The reason?

When I was still in Form 6, this conversation (or something like this, I can't remember very well the exact words) took place:

YY: Jason, do you mind driving me over to AAA plaza after meeting today?
Me: What for?
YY: I accidentally bumped into the back of a car a few days ago in the school's car park. The owner wasn't there, so I left a note with my mobile phone number so that he could look for me to claim the cost of the damage done. Turns out he's working in that plaza.

YY was a year my junior back in secondary school.

I didn't hesitate to drive him there. Honestly, I respect him for doing that, considering a lot of people would've left without giving a damn about the stranger's car. This shows how much moral and discipline is instilled among students in my school. But one thing for sure, the teachers didn't play any role in this. Let me recall an incident told by Ah Si.

He parked his car at the car lot beside the swimming pool which directly faces the school quadrangle one day after school. He was sitting inside his car when he saw a teacher reversing her car into a parking space when she bumped and wrecked another car's headlight. The teacher stopped her car, got off her vehicle, took a look at the stranger's car, looked around, and left. Just like that! Nothing else. None. Zero. Zilch. She clearly didn't notice Ah Si was still in his car watching the whole thing from start to end. Now tell me if teachers like that deserve any respect. Screw her, I hope she dies of anorexia bullimia.

Ah Si then went over the the unknown owner's car and left a note with that teacher's contact number and name (smart move, eh?).

Of course, that is not the only reason why I don't respect the teachers. There's also teachers who stole the school's fund *cough RM30,000 cough* and others but I don't think it's appropriate to post it here now cuz I can go on and on about the whole thing. Maybe next time. Or maybe I'll just leave it to Nic to say something, I'm sure he has a lot to talk about, right, my friend?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

allow me to bitch for a moment

I am so dead tired. My life for the past couple of weeks only revolves around mopping and sweeping the bloody floor, vacuuming, assembling bedframes and wardrobes, feed the hamster, take shower, eat, shit, sleep, lodging stuffs, trashing old books, yelling at people, cleaning the windowpanes, complain, clean up the kennel, surf the net, wash the toilets, brush my teeth, comb my hair, massage my legs and back, eating panadols, watch football, etc etc. This sucks. I'm supposed to be on HOLIDAY FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! Can't anyone let me have a proper day off damnit?!

I swear if I am to stay with my siblings for another couple of years, I'm gonna turn psychotic. I just came back after shifting my sister's furnitures from Ikea and assembling them, and guess what my sister is doing now? She's watching a bloody movie in Midvalley with her boyfriend! And right before I switch on this computer, I was in the living room packing my brother's old books and trash. And he's out having supper with his friends! What the hell?! So now I don't have a life, do I? You guys come up with all sorts of mess and I have to clean them up? And why the hell am I the only one who has to mop, sweep and vacuum the floor for the last 2 weeks, while you guys go there and shake your useless legs? Gimme a break and start learning how to do something other than being rubbish!

If there is indeed a God in this world, please bless me with ultimate patience to tolerate them. Because if you give me strength I swear I'll beat them into pulp.

Four more days, be patient, four more bloody days...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

yadda yadda yadda...

This is the comment I posted in Nic's blog, with no apparent logic.

Livingmonolith said...
hey, try this: add 2 cups of coke with 1/2 a cup of seven up. then add a pinch of salt. next, put 2 tablespoon of chicken rendang curry followed by 2 cups of dairy milk. tear an A4 paper into 14 pieces and throw them into the mixture and let it blend. next, take 2 plates and drop them onto the floor until they break. take the broom and sweep the floor clean. then filter your mixture and boil it from 1 bowl into 3 bowls of liquid. keep the fire steady and remember to put the pot's lid in the livingroom while you're boiling it.

p/s: if you're still alive after drinking it, contact me.
3:03 PM

You know, once in a while, I tend to do or say something ridiculous just for the sake of it. I don't know, maybe I'm just too much of a depressed jumbo mumbo complicated rascal with some refridgerator for a brain. I swear I don't know what the last sentence meant. Whatever. Well, with my kind of life, sometimes you need this kind of humour to keep yourself sane and know you're still inhaling oxygen.

Yeah, I know I crap a lot, forgive me for doing so, because I believe you'd rather have a crappy friend than have a big tree as a friend, right? Hahaha... cheers and be thankful of everything in life, my friends. Life's pretty ok so far, ain't it? It's wonderful to feel alive, so instead of mumbling and rambling of shortcomings in life, let us celebrate for the fact that we are still alive. Salvage the moment and BE ALIVE!!!

p/s: I am not drunk.