Saturday, November 06, 2004

of bad role models...

Back in secondary school, I never really had any respects for the teachers, apart from several who played important roles in shaping the person I am today. The reason?

When I was still in Form 6, this conversation (or something like this, I can't remember very well the exact words) took place:

YY: Jason, do you mind driving me over to AAA plaza after meeting today?
Me: What for?
YY: I accidentally bumped into the back of a car a few days ago in the school's car park. The owner wasn't there, so I left a note with my mobile phone number so that he could look for me to claim the cost of the damage done. Turns out he's working in that plaza.

YY was a year my junior back in secondary school.

I didn't hesitate to drive him there. Honestly, I respect him for doing that, considering a lot of people would've left without giving a damn about the stranger's car. This shows how much moral and discipline is instilled among students in my school. But one thing for sure, the teachers didn't play any role in this. Let me recall an incident told by Ah Si.

He parked his car at the car lot beside the swimming pool which directly faces the school quadrangle one day after school. He was sitting inside his car when he saw a teacher reversing her car into a parking space when she bumped and wrecked another car's headlight. The teacher stopped her car, got off her vehicle, took a look at the stranger's car, looked around, and left. Just like that! Nothing else. None. Zero. Zilch. She clearly didn't notice Ah Si was still in his car watching the whole thing from start to end. Now tell me if teachers like that deserve any respect. Screw her, I hope she dies of anorexia bullimia.

Ah Si then went over the the unknown owner's car and left a note with that teacher's contact number and name (smart move, eh?).

Of course, that is not the only reason why I don't respect the teachers. There's also teachers who stole the school's fund *cough RM30,000 cough* and others but I don't think it's appropriate to post it here now cuz I can go on and on about the whole thing. Maybe next time. Or maybe I'll just leave it to Nic to say something, I'm sure he has a lot to talk about, right, my friend?


tomatoinc said...

skipping form 6 allows me to have good memories of those teachers. haha. but somestill sucks big time.

1) except for ngui thiam koon, all other HEP PK sux.
2) half of my sejarah teachers
3) almost all my english teachers
4) baby churning teachers

i can easily come up with more stupid prefects than teachers.

Anonymous said...

we did have a cool English teacher from BBGS...

"Get your ass off your chair and start moving!!" That's what she yelled on the first day teaching...not too bad.


Jr. said...

Well, i hope i'm not that stupid prefect that you mentioned. Coz i clearly recalled i have been nice to you guys. ahhahaha

Well, if you had 'Pn. Mahai' as your history teacher...many bad things could have happened to you. She was the only one in this world who has caused me failed my exams due to her incompetency. Couldn't blame her can i? She just came to class one day and decided to give us an essay test. And embarassing enough, i scored zero for that test.

tomatoinc said...

haha..seow..don't cry over failing exams. if that's a criteria..i have to hate all my university lecturers. hahaha

Livingmonolith said...

is that the only test you've ever failed? hahahaha... i mean, failing tests was kinda common back then, but it's the teachers being bad role models which annoys me. if the students really looked up to them, god knows what monkey school our former school will become. i shudder when i think about that.

still, there's a few great teachers there, notably miss shanti (for me lah) for being such a nag, for good reasons. and also...and also...also...i can't think of any now, maybe i'll be able to recall some other time.

NiC said...

hahaha... i dun even know if anyone's gonna read this comment. but jason, why all the secrecy? the teacher - encik othman (semang) reportedly swindled a large amount of money from the schools account. i dun really care bout that. the thing that i care about is the fact that he is sooo biased against us (scouts and editorial board) or maybe he just hates my guts. whatever the reason, i hate him for screwing up whatever sweet memory i had left in form 6. i won't elaborate much more here, but i guess i'll be posting something in my blog soon bout this.