Wednesday, January 16, 2008

days of past glory...

It's probably the worst possible time to be a Liverpool fan these days. All these results crises, Yankees takeover which left the club in debt, and the owner speaking to a potential replacement behind the current manager's back, humiliated by Luton Town last week, and 12 points off the pace in the League.

How bad can it go?

A year back, when Hicks and Gillette took over from Moores to be the new owner, much promises were made. New stadium, huge transfer kitty, free of debt, and a chance to challenge for the much craved Premiere League trophy.

One year later, the yankee doodles claimed that they don't have enough money to fund the new stadium, and are now in debt. How did these American buggers manage to cheat millions of Liverpool fans and most importantly, the Liverpool Football Club? How can millions of eyes be so blind to not foresee this will happen?

Rafa Benitez has had a run of poor results, and we all are pretty annoyed to be honest, but speaking with a clear conscience it's totally unethical to speak to Klinsmann in what was meant to be 'an insurance policy' when the club was still fighting in all four competitions back in November (although Liverpool got knocked out from the League Cup after that).

It's exactly like what happened to Tottenham earlier in the season, and we all see how low can Martin Jol bring the club down with all these turmoils inside a club. I don't have to elaborate much further on what outcome for both Jol and Tottenham...sigh...

Come on Liverpool, let's get things back on track and show what you can do. I sure can enjoy a good winning run in the league, and have another crack at the Champions' League trophy.

And while I'm still on this topic, I wish some club would just offer some big stash of cash to take away Riise, Voronin and Sissoko, watching them play is such a pain in the ass.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

new year resolutions...

I'm not one who set myself some targets to achieve every year, but somehow I have a feeling that I should be making a list to keep myself from going off track from my ambitions this year.

Here goes my new year resolutions for 2008...

1. Lose some weight. Yes, you hear me, stop laughing. A healthy 2-3 kgs will do fine. I'm not very greedy.

2. Hit at least one big target in my job, which will be hopefully a healthy performance for the company.

3. Travel overseas at least twice. Booked tickets to Bangkok already, which will be in May. Target second outing at the end of the year.

4. Make at least one investment in properties. Big or small, whatever.

5. Keep my pet star tortoise alive and well.

6. Treat my parents to big meals on their birthdays.

7. Buy unit trusts.

8. Don't overspend a month's salary in any months.

9. Bring my girlfriend outstation to Malacca or PD or Ipoh or wherever nearby for a weekend outing. Twice.

10. Try my hands in hedgehog breeding, and become a hobbyist breeder, getting side income from this.

Let's see if I can stick to my resolutions come end of the year.;)

Friday, January 04, 2008

short news...

Back from Singapore for several days already, and back to work as usual. You guys should stop bugging me to keep updating my blog because I don't have internet connection all the time!

Anyway, it's 1am right now, brains' not functioning well, especially since I've just returned from futsal half an hour ago, it's damn tiring. Was out for a month already, after taking a couple of weeks off to let my ankles heal, and then after that off to Butterworth and Singapore. Thank god I came home without a scratch, I'll be gutted to have injure myself again after resting for so long.

Anyway, how's the new year so far? Nothing much on my side, except that one of my tortoises died. We brought them back to Butterworth and the younger one apparently got motion sickness, didn't eat well after that and refused to take antibiotics. The vet said it suffered from stress from the long journey, pretty damn sad about that. The other one is doing fine though, was damn excited throughout the journey and kept climbing around in the tank. Wonder why these 2 can have so different adaptabilities...sigh...

Anyway, it's January, everything's back to square one. New targets for the new year, going to go all out again after a comfortable 2 weeks break, I'm all geared up for work now!

Happy New Year everyone!