Friday, January 04, 2008

short news...

Back from Singapore for several days already, and back to work as usual. You guys should stop bugging me to keep updating my blog because I don't have internet connection all the time!

Anyway, it's 1am right now, brains' not functioning well, especially since I've just returned from futsal half an hour ago, it's damn tiring. Was out for a month already, after taking a couple of weeks off to let my ankles heal, and then after that off to Butterworth and Singapore. Thank god I came home without a scratch, I'll be gutted to have injure myself again after resting for so long.

Anyway, how's the new year so far? Nothing much on my side, except that one of my tortoises died. We brought them back to Butterworth and the younger one apparently got motion sickness, didn't eat well after that and refused to take antibiotics. The vet said it suffered from stress from the long journey, pretty damn sad about that. The other one is doing fine though, was damn excited throughout the journey and kept climbing around in the tank. Wonder why these 2 can have so different adaptabilities...sigh...

Anyway, it's January, everything's back to square one. New targets for the new year, going to go all out again after a comfortable 2 weeks break, I'm all geared up for work now!

Happy New Year everyone!

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