Thursday, January 27, 2005

The hair talk

Yes, the news has been spreading as fast as the speed of light. I have officially had a haircut. All 30cm of them. All gone.

It feels utterly weird with this new look of mine, especially since it has been years since I had a haircut this short. I tried not making a big deal out of it, but yeah, the people around can be such nuisance. Before I continue, I can assure all of you that I am still mentally stable, there's nothing too stressful happening, so there's no pressure, none of my relatives pass away, and definitely not a failed relationship. And I'm not a new kid in the block, no matter how funny you guys can make it sound. I cut my hair because I want to. That's all.

Wait. No, there are actually a few reasons I had a haircut. First of all, it's because I'll be doing my industrial training (hopefully) come March. Then there's the Chinese New Year coming up next month. Also, my hair's getting tangled up pretty often too, and I don't know how to keep it, um, untangled (whatever). And there are a couple of times where some middle-aged women walk up to me and complimented my hair. What the hell was that? I mean, no offence, but if you're a 20 year old with long straight hair, pretty big eyes with an alluring smile and drop dead gorgeous looks, complete with a miniskirt and revealing tube top I'd be happy to talk this over dinner, followed by a romantic walk in the park, ending up at my place for a cup of coffee before we hit the shack. But no, aunty, I'm not interested to start a conversation with you. Thanks for the compliment though, that's very flattering.

It's been a week and people still hasn't made enough fun of my hair yet. Honestly, that I'm okay with. The 'not okay' part? People staring at me when I'm peeing in the toilet and asked if I'd just had a haircut. Stop doing that! That is so freakingly disturbing! Just leave the hair talk outside the toilet, okay?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

great save!! or was it?

I'm telling you, if there is a save of the week the award must surely go to Roy Carroll for producing the impossible save that no other human in this world world can pull off. What the hell was that? Rob Lewis was a disaster. The ball went 2 feet into the goal and he couldn't be sure? The fans sitting at the opposite at the end were yelling goal and he 'couldn't be sure'? How stupid can a pig be?

It's about time for technology to be introduced into football before it starts killing fans like me. Just last week Tiago's clearance with his hand went unpunished which resulted in a 1-0 win against Liverpool, now Man Utd salvaged a precious point thanks to the referee blunder. To hell with the FA if he wants to ban Jamie Carragher for speaking what's in his mind, I'd bark even harsher if that can get the message across. Yeah, you can ban the linesman for a month, a year, whatever, but when the points were awarded they can't take them back, can they? I say, bring the technology into football!

Rob Lewis will be among the officials in this weekend's Burnley-Liverpool FA Cup match. Let's just pray this time around he'll be blunder-free. Bummer.