Sunday, February 27, 2005


I will not be blogging for a couple of weeks or so because I'm shifting out to my rented house in PJ tonight. Can't help it, couldn't concentrate on studies at home, besides I need to stay somewhere close to the uni to avoid arriving late during exams.

Till then, have fun and don't miss me.

Oh yeah, please don't wish me luck, cuz I don't want to depend on luck for my finals, hahaha...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

muka orang yg buat 'RAPD'

I don't know how she sees it, but my lecturer said I have the face of someone who does 'RAPD'. Heck , I don't even know what RAPD means, but I know it involves a lot of PCR and DNA extractions and lab assessments, stuffs like that (PCR is polymerase chain reaction, a technique by which any piece of DNA can be quickly amplified without using cells).

Today was our Biotech Club first official gathering, which was also the final year undergrads' farewell party. For us second year undergrads, that means the announcement of our thesis titles' list. Prior to that, we've already 'tagged' our lecturers, some hoping to get lecturers who give easy As, some hoping to learn the real stuff.

Yours truly, of course, belongs to the latter group. I approached Dr Lani a couple of days earlier with some coursemates enquiring about the thesis and things related to it. Dr Lani is one of the top lecturers in our faculty, specializing in plant biotech, and a very nice lecturer too (steady and understanding).

Midway through our discussion, she asked us what sort of titles we wanted to do for our thesis. A coursemate of mine made a daring move and said he would love to handle some plant transformation, and Dr Lani said she can offer a title like that to him. Whoa, this is good... So when she asked me, I told her that I wanted to try out the equipments in the labs, which would mean involving a lot of practical and technical work. Well, say only mah, no need to be responsible one also...

When the list came out today, I browsed through Dr Lani's titles and found several interesting ones, and I selected a project which involves development of cryopreservation protocols. Too bad several of my coursemates wanted that same title too, and surprisingly, Dr Lani agreed to create similar titles using different plants to accomodate those who are really interested. Despite having the first option, I wasn't given the title (semua pasal Lin Sin dan She Chyi lah, ambik title aku) but Dr Lani personally advised me to take a title on molecular assessment (she's only offering one title in this field) because I look like someone who can do that. What was that suppose to mean?

I can only think of a few reasons:
1. She thinks my CGPA is poor because I wear an earring and cap to class everyday, so she's offering me a field that is relatively easier compared to transformation and cryopreservation.
2. She thinks when I said I wanted to try out the equipments in the labs, I meant to say I am lazy and wanted to sit in the lab doing assessments only.
3. She thinks I'm awfully meticulous and good in math because I wear spectacles and speak fluent English (if this is the reason, I'm so screwed).

Personally, I prefer the cryopreservation title because Dr Lani said she got a new cryo' equipment recently, and I wanna be the first to use it. Anyway, I guess it's okay now cuz she has granted my request to take part in my coursemates' projects too if I wanna learn some other skills. And I get to use the whole PCR equipment myself because no one else have similar titles. Not too bad.

chicken soup for liverpudlian souls (sorry for the plagiarism)

Was reading this post earlier, and it prompted me to blog something. If you're a Liverpool fan, you'd be stupid to miss such great writing.

Being a Liverpool FC fan myself, it hurts to see the situation now, and Stevie G's problem ain't helping. If he thinks he can achieve more with another team, then there's no point holding him back. No player is bigger than the club. Gerrard's a player I admire, but Liverpool is the team I support, with or without Steven Gerrard. Great players come and go, but there's only one Liverpool FC. Think Robbie Fowler, Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dalglish, Steve Mcmanaman, Michael Owen, John Barnes, Ian Rush. All great players, all history. Great players replaced with great players. Of course, I'd really love to see Gerrard stay and win trophies with Liverpool. Imagine in 50 years time, we may be sitting around boasting about how Gerrard's decision to stay now sparked the glorious revolution and golden era of Liverpool FC, and wondering what would've happened if he had left back then.

I would really love to see Steven Gerrard becoming to Liverpool what Franco Baresi is to AC Milan...a Kop Legend.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i hate lecturers who wear wigs

urk...feel...cheated...conned by...stupid lecturer...assignment deadline friday...wasted...3 whole days...tomorrow's test...totally screwed...need to...release anger...urk...have the sudden urge...need to sing...happy songs...

When you're cheated and you know it beat that ape,

When you're cheated and you know it beat that ape,

When you're cheated and you know it and you really wanna show it,

Just beat that bloody ape for goodness' sake.

Monday, February 21, 2005


Bwahahahahaha, a 162-page assignment completely done within 3 days, muahahahahaha, I'm a bloody genious with an efficiency rate of 3500%, wahahahahaha... Who says procrastination screws you up? Woooohoooooo... Kinda shy to say this, but I'm so damn proud of myself, wahahahaha...

...Need sleep now.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

picking locks

Went to my rented house with my future housemates today for house-cleaning. Some of us are moving in next week before the week-long study break so that we can concentrate studying instead of blogging.

So there we were cleaning our house when one of my friends informed the rest of us that a door was locked from the inside and we didn't have the key to gain access into the room and clean it. I told them not to worry because I can break locks, and they make the usual lame expressions (you know, the 'yeah right' expression). Fine then, I continued cleaning the windows before leaving the house for a couple of hours to attend a lecture.

When I got back (around 5pm), I found all of them standing in front of the locked door holding a matric card and a screwdriver.

Me: What the hell are you guys doing?
Them: Trying to open the door, duh...
Me: You can't open this type of door with those one lah...
Them: Abuden?

I then proceeded to pick the lock and swinged the door wide open in 2 seconds.

They stared at me for a while and then asked,'Why didn't you say you can pick locks?'

Me: Told you just know but no one believed me.
Them: Good then. There's a few more locks for you to break downstairs.

Sial. If I'm really that pro in breaking locks I won't have to do my degree in a local university now lah.

You see, I somehow accidentally learned how to pick locks a few years back, practicing at home cuz I sometimes forget to bring my keys. And, also when I was staying in residential college, I had to pick my friends' rooms' locks once in a while to take some stuff when they were not around, with their permission first of course. And no, the reason I sleep in class is not because I go thieving at night, you moron. It's because my biological clock is the same as Congo's, stupid.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

friendly football match

Sorry, I was lying. It was not really friendly, in fact it was so ugly that it makes you puke. Okay, I'm lying again. It's exaggerated. It was just not so nice.

Had a football game with some of the lads back in campus earlier in the evening. There were some strangers there playing too and they invited us for a 'friendly' match. We agreed, but who would've guessed it was so wrong?

Early in the game, I accidently barged into the opponents' keeper, I'll call him Fat Bastard (cuz he's fat and he's a bastard), when I was trying to head the ball from a cross. He was somewhat unhappy with my challenge and started talking to his teammates loudly that I was trying to elbow his mutt face, which is so untrue cuz I'm such a nice kitty. But being the nasty bitch I am, I didn't apologize to Fat Bastard (naturally) and he started to bitch around boasting the next time I come around he'll knock my delicate head bleeding.

Then the game turned ugly. Shortly after that, I received the ball near the byline and attempted to put in a cross when Crooked Teeth (Fat Bastard's whiny pal) made an X-rated tackle on me, practically chopping me down and left me with a bruised left knee. I was pissed, naturally, and even more pissed when Fat Bastard yelled asking if I was okay (dumb mutt, your gay pal came in two-footed aiming my knee!). And Crooked Teeth was shouting 'Aku dapat bolalah!' (I got the ball lah). Stupid ass. But, again, being the nice kitty I am, I gave him thumbs up indicating I'm fine.

Late in the game, when we were 3-2 down, I was through on goal after a nice pass from a teammate. I took a touch and looked at Fat Bastard as he tried positioning himself in front of the goal. At that moment, the only thing that came into my mind was 'Aim his stupid multilayered fat mutt face and hit it hard!'. I don't give a damn, someone can come and tap in the rebound when Fat Bastard is writhing in pain on the ground. One on one with the keeper, and I took a shot right into his mutt face.

I was preparing to jump with joy seeing the ball going right into his mutt face, imagining how his multilayered fat face bobble like jellyfish having sex, when he ducked. Yes, ducked! Stupid lame Fat Bastard keeper ducked his mutt face from a shot! What the hell?! What kind of stupid keeper is that?! He has the body size of an elephant and brain size of an elephant glue. Let me tell you what a keeper would do in that situation: take it right in your multilayered fat mutt face!!!

Oh, by the way, the shot went wide, and we lost 3-2. Rotten bastard and his gay pal totally screwed my day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

why do we need to study hard?

Why do we need to study hard?
So that we can get a good course in university.

Why do we need to get a good course in university?
So that we can get a good degree.

Why do we need to get a good degree?
So that we can get a decent job.

Why do we need to get a decent job?
So that we can get promoted fast.

Why do we need to get promoted fast?
So that we can earn money fast.

Why do we need to earn money fast?
So that we can get married.

Why do we need to get married?
So that we can have kids of our own.

Why do we need to have kids of our own?
So that we will work harder for more money.

Why do we need to work harder for more money?
So that the kids can have good education in the future.

Why do the kids need to have good education in the future?
So that they can earn more money.

Why do the kids need to earn more money?
So that we can retire and have fun travelling around Europe.

Suppose I don't plan to get married, so I don't have to study so hard, eh?
*throws notes into dustbin, packs bag and heads to Europe*

Sunday, February 13, 2005

no, i'm not celebrating V day, again...

It's been quite a while since I last double-post in one day, but it's Valentine's Day Eve, so what the heck.

I have been pretty much unattached for like, my entire life, and it is honestly true that I do not understand all the hype of Valentine's Day, nor the importance of having a girl/boy friend. So what actually makes Valentine so special compared to the other 364 days in a year? Celebration of love? Don't you do that for your anniversaries for the first time you met, or your first kiss, or the first time you held his/her hand, first time you make passionate love, or whatever other imaginable or celebratable (okay, this word doesn't exist, but I like it) events. Heck, forgive me for my naive thoughts, but I will never get it. Not for the time being, at least.

Before taking a poke at me, do consider first what is happening around us. I've seen friends get together only to break because they understand each other too well. Primary school sweethearts changed hearts because she can't stand long-distance relationship, despite being together for as long as I can remember. People don't mean it when they say 'till death do us part'. Oh man, no more romantic mushy wushy chessy lines please.

Anyway, after my supper with Wui En last night, he sent a message to me which says,'hope u get a gf by monday la haha, SSS (name withheld to avoid gossips) gd ma, stil available'. Sigh, when are people gonna learn that all nice girls are already taken? But still, thanks to SSS for being so considerate and save me from other gossips linking me with so many others. Don't get me wrong, it's nice when people hope I get attached, it's just that I don't feel like doing so with this state of mind of mine. Don't worry, I'm still straight though. And I surely won't mind if you guys wanna introduce some hot friends of yours to me. *smirks*

So my dear friends, have a wonderful Valentine's celebration and forget what I said, because you know when I'm on my day, everything I said are crap!

singing the blues

Man, I couldn't believe the scoreline I saw when I came back after a drink with Wui En.


This so damn sucks. They're officially the third team who did the double against Liverpool (the other two are Man Utd and Chelsea) this season.

It has been bugging me for months that Everton are sitting comfortably above Liverpool. I hate this. I've never thought such things can happen in my lifetime. Man Utd? Fine. Arsenal? No problem. Chelsea? They can drown you in a sea of banknotes. But bluenose Everton? Never. Never ever ever ever (x3,000,000). Everton is the second team in Merseyside. They play second fiddle to Liverpool and that's all they do.

It really saddens me when I look at the table now. But mediocre results from mediocre players are pretty expectable, isn't it? Hyppia's too slow, Pellegrino's too old, Nunez can't dribble, Hamann's lost it, Baros can't keep it, Morientes takes forever to get back his fitness, Traore can't concentrate, Dudek has butter fingers, Josemi's clumsy, Biscan's not Premiership quality, Gerrard's not interested, Kewell, Cisse, Kirkland, Alonso, and Pongolle are out for months.

At times like these, I really hope Benitez would just throw some youngsters into the fray and hope they produce some excellent displays to show what it really is playing for LFC. It's about playing for pride, not wages.

Hope Liverpool will finish 4th above Everton. And get rid of players who aren't interested to don the famous red jersey.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

now this is what i call a good movie

'Seoul Raiders'. Yup, this is the movie to watch this CNY. Well, at least it's the best I've seen so far (the other being the overated 'Himalaya Singh').

Actually, I enjoyed watching it because I've always liked Tony Leung's acting, especially when he's in his witty sarcasm and comical roles. He always seems to be able to pull off the funny one-line jokes and yet look seriously cool. Great actor, really.

Not really a fan of Shu Qi, so no comment there. I don't like watching movies where people try too hard to speak a language they can't speak in (which includes Richie Jen and the three hot assistants of Tony's). I personally enjoyed Richie Jen's previous movies but this is clearly not his genre. But I guess his acting was not bad.

And the three assistants are pretty hot, ;) especially the one who's always wearing the short skirt (not the reason I think she's hot).

If I'm a movie reviewer (how I wish I am), I'll give 'Seoul Raiders' somewhere around A- and B+ (plus point: goodlooking cast, witty jokes; low point: Shu Qi and Richie Jen's poor fluency in Cantonese), which is way above 'Himalaya Singh' (a big F--).

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

himalaya my foot!

Argghhhh!!! How can I watch such movie?!! It's disastrous!!! I can't believe I stayed in the cinema for the whole 1 and a half hours!!!

To cut the long story short, we actually booked tickets for 'Seoul Raiders', only to reach there and found out the price is RM16 per ticket because it's premiere class. We were not willing to fork out so much just for a movie, so we decided to watch something else instead.

The next option was actually 'Constantine', which sounded like a good movie. But Kam Fei didn't want to sit in the third row from the screen, so we ended up watching 'Himalaya Singh'.

Let's just say the movie sucked big time, and the only thing worth watching is, wait... there are nothing worth watching. I'd rather watch a snail crawling up the wall than this movie if I knew it was this bad, with a capital B.

Stupid plot, stupid casts, stupid director, stupid script, stupid animations, stupid jokes, stupid stupid.

I vote 'Himalaya Singh' for 2005's Razzberry. Total crap.

Oh, by the way, Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Originally I didn't thought of blogging today cuz I'm kinda in a busy mode. But this is definitely worth talking about.

I was surfing the net searching for some journals for my research assignment when an old friend of mine messaged me thru the msn. Naturally, I was a little surprised, considering the fact that he rarely sends messages.

So there we were, chatting for a while before he said this,"got something to update u". I instantly knew he was going to tell me he has got a girlfriend (I don't know why, but every friend of mine who said this sentence always refer to the fact that he has left the bachelor alliation). It is a great news, I never thought he would finally get a girlfriend, hahaha... The hell, I was the first among his 'older batch' of friends who got to know it first. That's a bit to be proud of, although he made me swear to keep it a secret from the rest of the gang. So, sorry guys, can't tell ya who it is. You'll have to wait for him to tell you himself.

Come to think of it, there aren't many of us in my circle of friends who are left unwanted, me being the most obvious one. Luckily there are still losers like Seow and Ah Si to accompany me, or else come Valentine's I will again be tossed aside without any mates, hahaha. This is terribly pathetic. (I hope I won't be the last among us to get a girlfriend) Sigh, it's gonna be another lonely lonely Valentine's day for me.

Anyway, today's post is not about me. It's about my anonymous friend who has finally moved out from the bachelor gang of ours. So CONGRATULATIONS to you! May your most beautiful days be ahead of you.

Monday, February 07, 2005

so many things to do, so little time

One week break for Chinese New Year is not enough. Okay, not really 1 week break, still have class on Tuesday.

2 days went by and spent entirely on assignments. Stupid paperwork. Better get As for these few subjects or else gonna skin my lecturers alive.

Need to study for the upcoming tests. Algae Biotechnology 22/2. Applied Microbiology 23/2. Tissue Culture 24/2. Crap.

Need to start preparing folio for Human & Animal Physiology. Worth 30%, pass up 2 weeks before finals. Pass up Biotech Special Topics' folio when lectures resume, 80%. Tissue Culture assignment, 10%, 24/2 deadline.

Need to buy mattress, toiletries, prepare stuff for house-cleaning. Moving out from home to SS2 end of the month. Springcleaning on 18, 19 and 20 Feb. Find transport to shift tables, mattress and other things before moving in.

Need to feed the dog and fish, daily, dog at 7pm, fish at 3pm. Train dog. 20 minutes a day right before feeding.

Need to check on industrial training application. Bug the office, weekly. Pester them to act fast.

Need to sneak Janet into UM's library next Tuesday. Need to find a matric card for her to get past the gates. Have to think who's around to lend me a matric card.

Need to rest. Pao Ko called to watch 'Seoul Raiders' Tuesday midnight. Agreed after 0.2 milliseconds of thinking. Booked tickets for 4 (including Tham and Kam Fei).

Need to get away from assignments. Going to my brother's room. Play Lord of the Rings-Battle for Middle Earth.

Wait. Need to pee. Going to the bathroom first.

Friday, February 04, 2005


I don't know why, but after having lived without the internet for so long, I don't seem to find it interesting surfing the net anymore. I can't figure out what to do online, besides doing my researches for my assignments.

Spent the entire day (after lecture) with my relatives at 1Utama shopping for clothes. And it sucks. My legs are aching now. And they made me spent a fortune on my new year clothes. I spent about RM500 on 2 docker pants, a shirt and a pair of football boots. The prices are crazy I'm telling you. Never ever buy regularly at dockers! I was forced to get 2 pairs of pants cuz I haven't bought any new pants for more than 4 years, so this can be considered another long term investment.

But the boots! That's classic. I bought a pair of Adidas football boots for a discounted price of RM59! Red, silver and cool, although it's not really a new design, but I think I got a great deal. It's about time, since my old pair is beginning to tear. This new pair is destined to come to me! Can't wait to kick some ass... I mean, ball, with the new boots of mine.

Thinking of getting a new wallet. Mine's pretty 'teen-age' and not really suitable for my age. But the blood-spilling outing I had today made me think twice before buying one now.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Blogging from home, finally...

Bwahahahaha, miss me? It's great to finally have internet connection at home. Although I am kinda proud to say I managed to survive almost 3 months without, despite real difficulties doing my assignments and researches. But despair no more, I'll be here for a very very long time, muahahahaha...

Went to my former college's reunion dinner last night (we do that about a week before the real reunion dinner every year, just so that everyone can have a get-together activity). The food okay, at least it's better than last year's. Pretty fun too throughout the night. Too bad the turnout wasn't that ideal. Only about 100 came, and about half of them seniors (even though there's about 200 juniors this year). I don't really know what's really happening in the college, but glad I am no longer a part of it and I don't have to worry about the waning spirit of 'togetherness' among them, like what we had last time. Several notable outstanding juniors, I must say, and I honestly hope they will remain in college next semester to guide the new freshmen.

I don't need to blog long, I can blog often now.Therefore, I am leaving you guys now, wahahaha...