Saturday, February 12, 2005

now this is what i call a good movie

'Seoul Raiders'. Yup, this is the movie to watch this CNY. Well, at least it's the best I've seen so far (the other being the overated 'Himalaya Singh').

Actually, I enjoyed watching it because I've always liked Tony Leung's acting, especially when he's in his witty sarcasm and comical roles. He always seems to be able to pull off the funny one-line jokes and yet look seriously cool. Great actor, really.

Not really a fan of Shu Qi, so no comment there. I don't like watching movies where people try too hard to speak a language they can't speak in (which includes Richie Jen and the three hot assistants of Tony's). I personally enjoyed Richie Jen's previous movies but this is clearly not his genre. But I guess his acting was not bad.

And the three assistants are pretty hot, ;) especially the one who's always wearing the short skirt (not the reason I think she's hot).

If I'm a movie reviewer (how I wish I am), I'll give 'Seoul Raiders' somewhere around A- and B+ (plus point: goodlooking cast, witty jokes; low point: Shu Qi and Richie Jen's poor fluency in Cantonese), which is way above 'Himalaya Singh' (a big F--).

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