Saturday, February 19, 2005

picking locks

Went to my rented house with my future housemates today for house-cleaning. Some of us are moving in next week before the week-long study break so that we can concentrate studying instead of blogging.

So there we were cleaning our house when one of my friends informed the rest of us that a door was locked from the inside and we didn't have the key to gain access into the room and clean it. I told them not to worry because I can break locks, and they make the usual lame expressions (you know, the 'yeah right' expression). Fine then, I continued cleaning the windows before leaving the house for a couple of hours to attend a lecture.

When I got back (around 5pm), I found all of them standing in front of the locked door holding a matric card and a screwdriver.

Me: What the hell are you guys doing?
Them: Trying to open the door, duh...
Me: You can't open this type of door with those one lah...
Them: Abuden?

I then proceeded to pick the lock and swinged the door wide open in 2 seconds.

They stared at me for a while and then asked,'Why didn't you say you can pick locks?'

Me: Told you just know but no one believed me.
Them: Good then. There's a few more locks for you to break downstairs.

Sial. If I'm really that pro in breaking locks I won't have to do my degree in a local university now lah.

You see, I somehow accidentally learned how to pick locks a few years back, practicing at home cuz I sometimes forget to bring my keys. And, also when I was staying in residential college, I had to pick my friends' rooms' locks once in a while to take some stuff when they were not around, with their permission first of course. And no, the reason I sleep in class is not because I go thieving at night, you moron. It's because my biological clock is the same as Congo's, stupid.


Lavender said...

hehe, Jason's blog never fails to make me laugh! :P well, good one Jason, keep up the good job! Next time my door locked dee,can ask u come and pick the lock or perhaps u can teach me?? hehe..since i'm so clumpsy all the time tat i would one day, eventually forget my keys! heheh :P

Livingmonolith said...

alah, go find locksmith settle already lah. if i can break into your house so easily wat's the point having locks? bwahahaha...