Sunday, February 13, 2005

no, i'm not celebrating V day, again...

It's been quite a while since I last double-post in one day, but it's Valentine's Day Eve, so what the heck.

I have been pretty much unattached for like, my entire life, and it is honestly true that I do not understand all the hype of Valentine's Day, nor the importance of having a girl/boy friend. So what actually makes Valentine so special compared to the other 364 days in a year? Celebration of love? Don't you do that for your anniversaries for the first time you met, or your first kiss, or the first time you held his/her hand, first time you make passionate love, or whatever other imaginable or celebratable (okay, this word doesn't exist, but I like it) events. Heck, forgive me for my naive thoughts, but I will never get it. Not for the time being, at least.

Before taking a poke at me, do consider first what is happening around us. I've seen friends get together only to break because they understand each other too well. Primary school sweethearts changed hearts because she can't stand long-distance relationship, despite being together for as long as I can remember. People don't mean it when they say 'till death do us part'. Oh man, no more romantic mushy wushy chessy lines please.

Anyway, after my supper with Wui En last night, he sent a message to me which says,'hope u get a gf by monday la haha, SSS (name withheld to avoid gossips) gd ma, stil available'. Sigh, when are people gonna learn that all nice girls are already taken? But still, thanks to SSS for being so considerate and save me from other gossips linking me with so many others. Don't get me wrong, it's nice when people hope I get attached, it's just that I don't feel like doing so with this state of mind of mine. Don't worry, I'm still straight though. And I surely won't mind if you guys wanna introduce some hot friends of yours to me. *smirks*

So my dear friends, have a wonderful Valentine's celebration and forget what I said, because you know when I'm on my day, everything I said are crap!


tomatoinc said...

how's it going brother?

Livingmonolith said...

everything's fine, i'm pretty loaded with assignments and tests right now. oh, not forgetting i'm moving out next week, told you that already right?