Friday, February 04, 2005


I don't know why, but after having lived without the internet for so long, I don't seem to find it interesting surfing the net anymore. I can't figure out what to do online, besides doing my researches for my assignments.

Spent the entire day (after lecture) with my relatives at 1Utama shopping for clothes. And it sucks. My legs are aching now. And they made me spent a fortune on my new year clothes. I spent about RM500 on 2 docker pants, a shirt and a pair of football boots. The prices are crazy I'm telling you. Never ever buy regularly at dockers! I was forced to get 2 pairs of pants cuz I haven't bought any new pants for more than 4 years, so this can be considered another long term investment.

But the boots! That's classic. I bought a pair of Adidas football boots for a discounted price of RM59! Red, silver and cool, although it's not really a new design, but I think I got a great deal. It's about time, since my old pair is beginning to tear. This new pair is destined to come to me! Can't wait to kick some ass... I mean, ball, with the new boots of mine.

Thinking of getting a new wallet. Mine's pretty 'teen-age' and not really suitable for my age. But the blood-spilling outing I had today made me think twice before buying one now.

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