Saturday, February 26, 2005

muka orang yg buat 'RAPD'

I don't know how she sees it, but my lecturer said I have the face of someone who does 'RAPD'. Heck , I don't even know what RAPD means, but I know it involves a lot of PCR and DNA extractions and lab assessments, stuffs like that (PCR is polymerase chain reaction, a technique by which any piece of DNA can be quickly amplified without using cells).

Today was our Biotech Club first official gathering, which was also the final year undergrads' farewell party. For us second year undergrads, that means the announcement of our thesis titles' list. Prior to that, we've already 'tagged' our lecturers, some hoping to get lecturers who give easy As, some hoping to learn the real stuff.

Yours truly, of course, belongs to the latter group. I approached Dr Lani a couple of days earlier with some coursemates enquiring about the thesis and things related to it. Dr Lani is one of the top lecturers in our faculty, specializing in plant biotech, and a very nice lecturer too (steady and understanding).

Midway through our discussion, she asked us what sort of titles we wanted to do for our thesis. A coursemate of mine made a daring move and said he would love to handle some plant transformation, and Dr Lani said she can offer a title like that to him. Whoa, this is good... So when she asked me, I told her that I wanted to try out the equipments in the labs, which would mean involving a lot of practical and technical work. Well, say only mah, no need to be responsible one also...

When the list came out today, I browsed through Dr Lani's titles and found several interesting ones, and I selected a project which involves development of cryopreservation protocols. Too bad several of my coursemates wanted that same title too, and surprisingly, Dr Lani agreed to create similar titles using different plants to accomodate those who are really interested. Despite having the first option, I wasn't given the title (semua pasal Lin Sin dan She Chyi lah, ambik title aku) but Dr Lani personally advised me to take a title on molecular assessment (she's only offering one title in this field) because I look like someone who can do that. What was that suppose to mean?

I can only think of a few reasons:
1. She thinks my CGPA is poor because I wear an earring and cap to class everyday, so she's offering me a field that is relatively easier compared to transformation and cryopreservation.
2. She thinks when I said I wanted to try out the equipments in the labs, I meant to say I am lazy and wanted to sit in the lab doing assessments only.
3. She thinks I'm awfully meticulous and good in math because I wear spectacles and speak fluent English (if this is the reason, I'm so screwed).

Personally, I prefer the cryopreservation title because Dr Lani said she got a new cryo' equipment recently, and I wanna be the first to use it. Anyway, I guess it's okay now cuz she has granted my request to take part in my coursemates' projects too if I wanna learn some other skills. And I get to use the whole PCR equipment myself because no one else have similar titles. Not too bad.


tomatoinc said...

whole lot of jargons. :S

Livingmonolith said...

i know, i did it on purpose...