Friday, March 21, 2008


Hopefully I can catch this tonight. If time permits.

hoglet in the family...

It's working hours now but what the heck, now it's officially lunchtime and I'm gonna blog this anyway, hahahaha...

I went to collect my hoglet (baby hedgehog) from my breeder Dickson last night, boy, it was a tiring journey to drive all the way to Batu Caves. But thankfully, it was worth it.

Sat down at the KFC with Dickson and his girlfriend, and chatted on the basic necessities of this hoglet. Apparently the hoglet belongs to his cousin, and fortunately I reserved this young fella earlier because when the hoglet began quilling, this kiddo turned to be a beautiful salt & pepper snowflake, and his cousin must be thumping his chest, Dickson said his cousin claimed that if no one has reserved he wanted to keep it, hahaha... I'm lucky that Dickson kept his promise. It was originally more of a standard salt & pepper. Dickson confessed that this is by far his most beautiful hoglet he and his cousin managed to breed.

It had an injured right ear, part of it bitten off. Got it after a fight with siblings (what a loser). But anyhow, it'll be fine, in fact now I can recognize my hedgehog easily, hehe, still applying some medication though... And for a hoglet, it is unusually tame. When we first met this kiddo let me hold it and it doesn't ball up like other hedgehogs (hedgehogs recognize smells, and usually rolls itself into a ball when they see strangers or smell different stuff). It was already running around actively, and not making any hissing or puffing noises. Hahaha, I think it's my fate that I always end up with pets that are unusually tame. ;)

Reached home very late, and took the hoglet out so it can adapt to a new environment. Dickson said usually his hoglets take about a couple of days before they get used to the new surrounding, food and stuff. This little guy doesn't look like it needs time though, this morning when I woke up it already pooped all over the wheel I left in it's box.

No doubt I'll start posting pictures here when I have the time, but now it's back to work. I'll be attending a play tonight in PJ, entitled 'Broken' if I've not mistaken. Hope it turns out to be good. And tomorrow I'll be back to the alma mater to resolve some issues, you guys know what they are. So after that I'll be back home playing with my hoglet again!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

our spm level...

"help me..i m fill the jpa scholarship..closed by this midnight..i want to ask about pharmacy..i got 7A1 and 4a2 in chem and bio got i will be shortlisted??or better if i choose the engineering??"

I copied the above from somewhere (not going to mention where) because I find it extremely shocking.

Please look at the sentences and check out the grammar mistakes.

Then proceed to read what kind of SPM results he/she obtained.

Surely it's not possible right?

How can he/she get an A1 or A2 for English? What the heck? Has the SPM standard dropped so low? Dear oh dear, now I know why we get students with crazy loads of As in their certificates.

Shit, and I only got a C3 for my 1119.

I must've been crapshit back in Form 5.

Monday, March 10, 2008

just another manic monday...

Or not.

General Election 2008 is over, and things are back to normal. At least things look to be normal to me. In fact, Sunday was pretty normal too, much to my surprise. But I'm proud that this time around, Malaysians are mature enough and did not cause any troubles anywhere in the country after the elections.

A quick recap on what happened on Saturday, few prominent BN candidates were ousted from the Parliament.

S. Samy Vellu himself, with G. Palanivel, S. Sothinathan, S. Veerasingam and Dr K.S. Nijhar; the top five in MIC, won't be sitting in the Parliament for the next four years, arguably the worst casualty in BN's group of parties.

Gerakan's leader Dr Koh Tsu Koon lost, and lost big, in Penang, with only two of his party members remaining in the Parliament. PPP president M. Kayveas is in the losing end as well.

MCA's leader Ong Ka Ting stays, but many won't be joining him as Tan Chai Ho, Ong Tang Chuan, Wong Nai Chee, Fu Ah Kiow, Donald Lim and Chew Mei Fun among those rejected by the people.

Umno did not fare too well, big names Sharizat Abdul Jalil and Zainuddin Maidin are out.

Of all these names, Sharizat must have been the biggest surprise. Although Nurul Izzah does ooze some confidence and a leader in the making, I did not expect Sharizat to falter after all she has done for the country for the past few years.

Tsu Koon's defeat was down to his Motorola deal, obviously, and Samy Velly didn't make a good impression with his threats. MCA's list of losers are clearly due to their inability to voice out the people's unrest.

I believe the major reason why the Opposition had so much support this year is due to citizen's rejection to the Government. Easy assumption, with all the prices hiking up, poor management of funds ending up with hundreds of millions going to the drain (90 million to send an idiot to space as a participant? what the hell?), corruption, racial polarisation and discrimination among few.

Of the late 2 weeks, they did not do well even though the managed to control the local medias to broadcast and channel their 'successes', while hiding all the flaws from public. What they did not expect is that the internet nowadays provide more than adequate news, unfiltered ones, for the citizens. The Star, NST, TV3, RTM and the others, you guys should be ashamed for letting BN control you guys like muppets.

With BN denied their craved 2/3 majority, what will happen in the Parliament? It'll be some time before we can expect some major changes towards our lives, especially now that the combined PAS, DAP and PKR seek to make some voices heard with the five states won.

But still, expect changes. For better or worst.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

and mommy told me tomorrow will be better...

So the Opposition did what they set out to do, deny Barisan Nasional the 2/3 majority.

My plea to the Opposition leaders,

We have made our voices heard now, we have shown that we can make a difference, and we have voted you all to help us achieve a better tomorrow.

Now it's time for you to show us what you can do, and don't let me and my fellow countrymen down.

We have gone lengths to show our support, and while I believe changes may not necessary always be better, at least we have hope. We can hope for a better governance and future for our beloved Malaysia, for the sake of every single Malaysian who stepped forward to be counted.

We voted you in, and we have the power to vote you out.

Goodluck, and God bless Malaysia!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

tales of inks...

Flipped over the NST this morning and to my disgust the Election Commission has declared that the indelible ink will now not be used during voting procedures, 3 days before the big day.

News splashed across all national newspapers and blogs, internet news all over the world.

47,000 bottles of the indelible ink, costing the government RM2.4 million, was brought in over a week ago, and after 'much discussions' the EC chairperson Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman has confirmed that it will cause plenty of troubles and misunderstanding at the polling stations and decided against it.

Why, for Pete's sake, does he only manage to figure that out after spending RM2.4 million of us taxpayer's money is beyond my imaginations. I mean, look! I am paying my tax to subsidize the government to buy bottles of inks which are now practically going to be stored in some whoknowswhereisitgonnabe storeroom until they get expired and be disposed off!

This news just pisses me off and flipped my day.

I'm sure we will not be facing petroleum price hikes if these funds are used to subsidize petrol, plus all those cash gone in transactions in government bodies, or in another word, corruption.

Why is Abdul Rashid the EC chairperson? I can pick up a stone and throw it across the street, any man who gets hit can still make a better judgement than this guy. Especially when it involves so much money!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

resolution no. 7: check...

Had to separate the posts despite writing at the same time, just for my preference's sake.

Was browsing through my new year resolutions for 2008, and am proud to say that I can cross of my no. 7 from the list.

Bought a couple of Public Mutual funds last month after much consideration, and am pretty happy with the funds I've selected. One of it isn't doing too well right now, but overall I'll be content considering that KLCI isn't performing that good anyway. For a long term prospect, I'll be hoping that this will be the first step in my unit trust investments, and hopefully these will help me cover the inflation rate and rising cost of living in Malaysia. Will be looking forward to get a few more after more research and discussions with some experts.

Some of the resolutions look to be on course as well, of course, the majority of them are year-long targets, I won't know until 2008's over, but at least I'm yet to break any.

Plus, if all is according to plan I will be receiving my hoglet in approximately 10 days from my breeder. He has shown me the pictures, and boy isn't the little guy handsome! A standard salt and pepper hedgehog with unusually huge amount of white quills, making it looking like a snowflake.

I guess you guys won't know what I was talking about there, when I receive the hoglet I'll post some pictures in my blog, so be prepared to be poisoned with hedgehogs!

deaths come too often...

Just received news from relatives that my mother's younger brother had passed away last Saturday due to kidney failure, the same day my sister's having her birthday bash.

Mom took the news quite well, managed to cook up the party without a sweat, and cleaned up the mess too in the aftermath.

Is she feeling tired of facing the same emotional agony once too many times? I won't know for sure, but her eldest brother passed away a few years back, and not forgetting my great-grandma and grandfather had left us for good too last year.

I suppose she's pretty sad, but she's not showing it I'm sure. What could hurt more than deaths of loved ones, though they live so far away? Life's cruel, and definitely testing faith at times.

Sent my parents to the airport yesterday morning so that they can catch my uncle's funeral in time, and they'll only be back tomorrow night.

Counting my uncle, this will be the seventh of the unfortunate many which were happening to people around me. My great-grandma, grandfather, and four of my colleagues have had close relatives passing away in these few recent months. Sure a lot of deaths I'm looking at, too many in fact.

But as our lives goes on, so do the people around us. Time to appreciate loved ones, no?