Tuesday, March 04, 2008

resolution no. 7: check...

Had to separate the posts despite writing at the same time, just for my preference's sake.

Was browsing through my new year resolutions for 2008, and am proud to say that I can cross of my no. 7 from the list.

Bought a couple of Public Mutual funds last month after much consideration, and am pretty happy with the funds I've selected. One of it isn't doing too well right now, but overall I'll be content considering that KLCI isn't performing that good anyway. For a long term prospect, I'll be hoping that this will be the first step in my unit trust investments, and hopefully these will help me cover the inflation rate and rising cost of living in Malaysia. Will be looking forward to get a few more after more research and discussions with some experts.

Some of the resolutions look to be on course as well, of course, the majority of them are year-long targets, I won't know until 2008's over, but at least I'm yet to break any.

Plus, if all is according to plan I will be receiving my hoglet in approximately 10 days from my breeder. He has shown me the pictures, and boy isn't the little guy handsome! A standard salt and pepper hedgehog with unusually huge amount of white quills, making it looking like a snowflake.

I guess you guys won't know what I was talking about there, when I receive the hoglet I'll post some pictures in my blog, so be prepared to be poisoned with hedgehogs!

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