Tuesday, March 18, 2008

our spm level...

"help me..i m fill the jpa scholarship..closed by this midnight..i want to ask about pharmacy..i got 7A1 and 4a2 in spm..my chem and bio got A2..am i will be shortlisted??or better if i choose the engineering??"

I copied the above from somewhere (not going to mention where) because I find it extremely shocking.

Please look at the sentences and check out the grammar mistakes.

Then proceed to read what kind of SPM results he/she obtained.

Surely it's not possible right?

How can he/she get an A1 or A2 for English? What the heck? Has the SPM standard dropped so low? Dear oh dear, now I know why we get students with crazy loads of As in their certificates.

Shit, and I only got a C3 for my 1119.

I must've been crapshit back in Form 5.

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giganaut said...

unfortunately, that is the standard these days..
pretty sad when you think about it, but then again,it is the election year :D