Tuesday, March 04, 2008

deaths come too often...

Just received news from relatives that my mother's younger brother had passed away last Saturday due to kidney failure, the same day my sister's having her birthday bash.

Mom took the news quite well, managed to cook up the party without a sweat, and cleaned up the mess too in the aftermath.

Is she feeling tired of facing the same emotional agony once too many times? I won't know for sure, but her eldest brother passed away a few years back, and not forgetting my great-grandma and grandfather had left us for good too last year.

I suppose she's pretty sad, but she's not showing it I'm sure. What could hurt more than deaths of loved ones, though they live so far away? Life's cruel, and definitely testing faith at times.

Sent my parents to the airport yesterday morning so that they can catch my uncle's funeral in time, and they'll only be back tomorrow night.

Counting my uncle, this will be the seventh of the unfortunate many which were happening to people around me. My great-grandma, grandfather, and four of my colleagues have had close relatives passing away in these few recent months. Sure a lot of deaths I'm looking at, too many in fact.

But as our lives goes on, so do the people around us. Time to appreciate loved ones, no?

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rational thinker said...

hey bro,

sorry to hear about. i guess we have to come the age where we put out new lives into this world, and the older ones shall depart from it. sad, but life goes on. keepp your chin up.