Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So here it comes, election day next weekend, are you voting?

I heard on the radio yesterday where some people were discussing whether to vote the person or the party. Interesting debate, and in general the society (or the callers mostly) are bent on voting for the party regardless of who the candidate will be at their respective area. Is this a wise choice? Or will you choose based on a candidate who can help you and your community in general?

As for my personal preference, I'd like to remain on the fence in open blogs like this, so I wouldn't say what's my stand.

But I do remember back then in my university's election, I did encounter some laughable candidates. I remember a guy came into the lecture hall before the class begins, and tried to preach and convince us students to vote for him. On his manifesto, he vowed to discard MUET as a compulsory requirement for graduation.

I found it amusing and absurd, and I thought this guy would never win an election with silly ideas like that. In a world where people constantly try to improve themselves, why do we want to do that? Shouldn't we be looking forward to achieve better results and strive to be wiser?

How wrong was I. The idiot won, and MUET was discarded from the graduation requirement.

Our country is still young and growing. People, please vote wisely so that our country can prosper.

Happy be-earlied Election Day to everyone, may the best candidates win.


rational thinker said...

election doesn't work if half the voters are stupid/narrow minded, and the other educated half is indifferent. go make a difference today.

Livingmonolith said...

not today dude, it's not election day yet...;)