Saturday, April 30, 2005

something hilarious to cheer you up

This video totally rocks. Now I know what really happened during that meeting.

Check it out. You won't regret it.

treasure hunting...

VSG's having their annual treasure hunt tonight, and I've just returned after hanging out a while with Jacky, and Nic does another traditional ffk with style. Saw some of the ex-es like Kwan Eu (the current teacher advisor), Kevin, Nash and his batch, and Rashvin's batch too. Too bad didn't get to see any of Ashaari's gang, was hoping to see how they're doing in life.

Nothing much to say about the treasure hunt, for I spent most of my time talking to fellow ex-es instead of shouting profanities at boyscouts like what some ex-es enjoyed doing back when I was treasure hunting. I still think that ex is an idiot, but I'm not naming names.

Over the years I think I'm feeling less and less interested in the troop's well being. Partly because I no longer see any familiar faces in the troop apart from a few who had been actively involved when I was still in charge. And listening to the endless problems with the school administration really tires me and made me thinking of giving up completely. Well, Ms Shanti endured for six years before she called quits. Whatever she's involved with right now, I hope she's having a great time because she gave our troop a lot during her time here.

Still, I am looking forward to this year's campfire in mid of July and rekindle old memories. To all VSGians, all the best in the future and may you guys be forever Second to None.

p/s: I can't believe Semang is still in school instead of jail. Corrupted fat bastard. Die and burn in hell!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

what a boring week...

Life has been pretty routine for the past week I could have died of boredom. Crap, can't believe life can actually become so bland and tasteless, I can't remember another time I've spent doing the same things over and over for days. Which is why I was away from blogging for a while, you know, cuz I don't wanna bore you guys to death with my boring life.

Just some random thoughts on a couple of recent issues, though I didn't really pay much attention to them:

Reports were saying eating while driving is considered an offence and offenders will be slapped with a RM300 summon. People are complaining the fine is too high, and should lower it down to RM100. Makes me wonder, since we know it is an offence, what difference would it make if they set the fine at RM100 or RM300, or even RM1000? You shouldn't be committing the offence anyway in the first place. Probably they feel at RM100 it's worth a shot once in a while. Which makes no difference anyway, since these buggers would be the first ones to slip some 'duit kopi' to the officer. Bunch of retards.

What's up with friendster nowadays? People are quick to register their blogs but no one seems to understand what is a weblog. And we're left with unattended online journals which serve no purpose in this cyberworld. And a pathetic thing with the 'popular searches in my network' which reads sick stuffs like 'free video', 'free japan av movie', 'meraba kesedapan' (what the shit does this mean?!!) and 'free prono' (dumb sickos can't even spell correctly, I'm not sure if the person meant to type promo or porno). Go get some vcds from the pirates lah for God's sake. Oh man, the world we live in now...

Anyway, I've finally been given a project experiment to conduct on my own back where I'm working so I can submit a report at the end of this industrial training. Supposed to culture and extract some plasmids and make some transformation before cloning them. A bacterial colony called Enterococcus faecalis, which I don't have any clues what it is. Came home and searched for some relevant infos about it, and found this article, 'The Bacteria Antibiotics Can't Kill'. Oh boy, this is gonna be one great experience. Let's pray that I'll finish my training here still alive and well.

And Chelsea-Liverpool tonight. Part of me tells me to stay up and watch the match, and another half keeps reminding me that I have to work tomorrow morning. Kam, you gonna watch it tonight (or in the morning to you) or not?

Saturday, April 23, 2005

liverpool sacrifices champions' league spot to ensure palace stay in the premiership

You didn't read it wrong, nor did I write incorrectly. The title says it all. Liverpool's hope of qualifying for next season's Champions' League is all but dashed with the 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace.

I watched in disbelief how awful that match was. If I am someone who has never seen Premiership football before, I'd thought Liverpool is the team fighting to avoid relegation instead of Palace. Take a look at the table, we are closer to the relegation zone than we are to Chelsea's 85 points. How on earth did we still cling on to 5th spot is a mystery.

I don't really understand Rafa Benitez. He told the players to forget about Champions' League and concentrate on the league position, but he sent out fringe players to face a team fighting to avoid relegation. That shows total disrespect and I would say we totally deserved the outcome of the match. What a display of pure rubbish. You expect to field a string of reserve players and snatch a victory? Didn't we have enough lessons from all those backlashes throughout the entire bloody season? Have we not learnt that 5-3-2 is a crap formation in the Premier League after losing to Man City, drawing with Tottenham and barely survived Portsmouth's match playing with this shit formation? And what, no Alonso, Garcia, Riise and Biscan in the starting line-up? God help me, but I think we just shot our own feet.

On the other hand, losing to Palace isn't all that bad news. At least now we don't have to wait anxiously every weekend watching agonizingly Liverpool's under-par performance, while hoping Everton make stupid mistakes like us and slip down the table. And we can safely bid Gerrard farewell for the coming summer. So much of a great player he is, he's no longer the influential captain in the squad and he's starting to show signs of being a liability to the team. Without Gerrard's ambitious goals, Benitez would have enough guts to make drastic changes to the team to his liking and ship out all uninterested players while bringing in some new faces who, hopefully, will show the rest what it means to wear the liverbird on their chest.

We can kiss our Champions' League dream goodbye, and start preparing for the UEFA Cup. While I'm still in this topic, I don't expect Liverpool to go past Chelsea anyway, so what the hell, screw it and please start to concentrate on molding a better team for next season for every Kop fans' sakes.

p/s: For those who want to drop some smarty remarks and add salt to the wound, I'd advise you not to do so because I am not in the mood and too pissed to entertain you, so I'll just delete the stupid comments. Flame all you want, it's my blog and I don't give a damn about your bloody opinions. I didn't ask for your 2 cents, so keep it to yourself and go rain on someone else's parade.

Monday, April 18, 2005

doesn't it feel great...

...when you wake up early in the morning, get all ready to work, and then realize it's a holiday and you can fall back into your bed to sleep again?

...when you are all stressed out trying to finish up the assignments on the table and your mom walks in bringing you your favourite Neslo Ice?

...when you can hang out with your close friends in a cafe in the middle of the night, talking about nothing at all?

...when you did well in the finals because you had actually 'listened' to the lecturers in class, while your brilliant coursemates screwed up memorizing notes?

...when you accompany your mom for a lengthy walk at the pasar malam, and talked about everything without being secretive or condemning, just like when you were younger?

...when a complete stranger walked up to you and tell you that you have nice hair?

...when you spend some time taking a walk in the park before dawn, and enjoy the serenity?

Doesn't it feel great to know that you are still alive at this exact moment? Life's too short to dwell on past regrets, enjoy everthing that you're doing now, cherish all things around you, and life will be just, well...great.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

my computer's possessed!

Is it just me, or the computer's playing some prank on me? I was surfing for a while and wondering why the hell there aren't any updates at all in any of the websites I've visited, when I realize the bloody clock reads 11:31pm, 16th April 2005.

And it's 2:30am when I got back home.

Funny thing is, I left home around 11, right after I'm done surfing the net, so even if the bloody computer froze no way it can be at 11:30 cuz I had already turned it off by then. After I corrected the time and date, everything went back to normal and all the websites are updated to present time. I mean, my computer's clock shouldn't be affecting the websites right?


Okay, now let's talk about something else.

So, Liverpool drew 2-2 with Tottenham, and Stevie G missed a penalty huh? What else is new? The next thing we know Bolton and Bluenose are battling it out for the final Champions' League spot. This is fast becoming a wacky world. Just a couple of seasons ago both teams were fighting relegation battles instead.

Read an article earlier in Soccernet, some reporter was asking if it is finally the perfect time for Gerrard to go. So much of a great player he was (and still is, in my POV), he is fast losing the support from local fans. He may still be a Kop hero to many, but then again, players like Alonso and Biscan are making some big names of themselves too. And Liverpool had proved from time and time again that they can produce excellent results without the versatile captain. So now the question is, should Liverpool let Gerrard leave to another club?

Personally, I think Gerrard's a great player, and he will excel wherever he goes. Should he be staying at Liverpool, the least he can do is come out and make an effort to convince us supporters that he's staying. I remember Owen doing the same about the same time of last season, and then he's off to Real Madrid. Surely he's not missed, but at that moment I can only think that he betrayed Liverpool and led us supporters through much despair after some merry-go-rounds. That makes me mad and miserable. But now, I'm happy to see that he's doing well there, and there are no bad feelings anymore.

The same thing goes to Gerrard. If he is leaving, this time I'll be wishing the best for him, maybe it's the best for both sides after all. He is destined to win trophies, with or without Liverpool.

I'd really like to see him stay and win with us though.

That's all for tonight. I need to rest now because I'm working part time in the morning to earn some cash to cover my expenses, since I don't get any salary for my training. Sigh. 1 more month to go.

And I'll cover the computer with some cloth before I sleep, I'd hate to think that some white figure might crawl out from the monitor and scare the shit out of me. Stupid haunted PC.

Friday, April 15, 2005

hillsborough '89 (this is an extremely long post)

Bruce Grobbelaar, who was closest to the Leppings Lane terrace, quickly realised there was something terribly wrong when he went to retrieve a ball and heard fans screaming - 'They're killing us, Bruce, they're killing us.' Bruce shouted at the stewards to do something.

John Aldrige- 'I cast my eyes over to John Barnes and could see tears in his eyes. He was sitting there quietly, not wanting to be disturbed.'

John Barnes- 'People wept all the way home. All the wives were crying. I was crying. Kenny was crying. Bruce said he was considering quitting.'

Today marks the 16th year since the greatest tragedy which saw 96 Liverpool fans lose their lives.

Guess I won't be in my usual crappy mood to entertain you guys, I've been browsing through the net and read various articles and reports written by countless individuals who, in one way or another, are able to relate to the saddest day in Liverpool history. Some of them almost brought me close to my tears, for as long as I have been a Liverpool supporter, I have never been able to imagine the horrific day that struck on the 15th of April 1989.

I'll share some (a lot actually) of the recollections of those who are unfortunately stuck with this painful memory for the rest of their lives. Do read, and you'll understand why I think Liverpool Football Club is the greatest football club in the world, and why I am so proud to be a tiny fan among so many loyal Liverpudlians.

Kenny Dalglish- 'I will never, never forget 15 April, 1989. I cannot even think of the name Hillsborough, cannot even say the word, without so many distressing memories flooding back. I find it very difficult to write about Hillsborough, where terrible mistakes by the authorities, both police and football, ended with 96 of our supporters dead. The memory will remain with me for the rest of my life.'

Alan Hansen- 'Two months short of my thirty-fourth birthday, I had been out of Liverpool's first team for nine months - the result of a dislocated left knee sustained in a pre-season friendly against Atletico Madrid in Spain - and had only started playing again, for the reserves, four days before the semi-final. The Liverpool fans gave me a tremendous reception as I came on to the pitch, and I made a great start to the game. In those opening minutes, I hit three good passes - two long balls over the top of the Forest defence to Steve McMahon and the other to peter Beardsley, who hit a shot against the Forest bar. All my fears about my fitness evaporated. I felt as if I had never been away. Then, suddenly, I started to fall into the blackest period of my life.'

John Barnes- 'I went numb. I couldn't believe it. Complete silence seized the room. Every face turned towards the television screen. No one sat down. No one spoke. Forest's players were also in the lounge. What could they say? 'We're sorry your fans have been killed?' The fact that they played for Forest and we played for Liverpool was irrelevant. These were human beings who died.'

John Aldridge- 'For the two weeks following the disaster I was in a state of shock, helpless to do anything, I feel no shame in admitting Hillsborough affected me mentally for a time, a long time. I couldn't cope, It weakened me physically, emotionally and mentally. The thought of training never entered my head. I remember trying to go jogging but I couldn't run. There was a time when I wondered if I would ever muster the strength to play. I seriously considered retirement. I was learning about what was relevant in life. I didn't really see the point in football.'

John Barnes- 'Bill Shankly's comment that 'football is not a matter of life and death, it is far more important that that' sounded even falser after Hillsborough.'

John Aldridge- 'We often talk of nightmares in our lives, of disaster, of tragedies, but most of us don't really know what we're talking about. I was injured playing for Liverpool the season before Hillsborough and I called it a personal disaster. Disaster? When you know people have died in your vicinity you realise missing a football match or two through injury is irrelevant. Most things are irrelevant. The death of the innocent - the suffering, the injustice - is a real disaster. A real tragedy.'

Kenny Dalglish- 'The next day people began coming up to Anfield. They just wanted to leave tributes and flowers at the Shankly Gates. Peter Robinson got in touch with the groundsman and told him to open the ground. Liverpool Football Club didn't want supporters standing around on the street. That was a magnificent thing to do. At 6 p.m. we all went to St Andrews cathedral. Bruce Grobbelaar read from the scriptures. There was an awful sense of loss, confusion, frustation. So many emotions were felt. The players and their wives were determined to do something. We all went into Anfield the next day. The wives were brilliant. Everything just stopped and rightly so.It comforted people coming into Anfield, talking to the players, the wives, and having a cup of tea. Liverpool Football Club was the focus of so many people's lives that it was natural they should head for Anfield. It gave them somewhere to go, something to talk about.'

Steve Hunter, match commentator for the official LFC website:
I was hanging on to this rail for dear life and then the pressure of fans trying to get through took it's toll and I could hang on no longer. I was swept down the middle and I ended up on the floor and honestly thought I was going to die. How those poor fans at the front must have felt brings tears to my eyes as I'm writing this piece.

I was on the floor with bodies trampling all over the top of me. I was knocked unconscious then dazed I heard someone shout 'christ, there's a lad collapsed down here, let's get him out.' The next thing I knew I was lifted over the top of the perimeter fencing and when I regained my senses I found myself on the pitch witnessing the aftermath of your worst ever nightmare. It's not even a nightmare is it to be honest, it was pure hell and I was living it.

Anfield was a shrine and the Kop was littered with scarfs and banners all paying their respects. When football resumed it was fitting Liverpool's first game was against Dalglish's old club Celtic in a friendly and the atmosphere in Celtic was just something else, when the whole 60,000 crowd were singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone' in unison.

Kenny Dalglish deserved a medal for what he did for the people after Hillsborough, and the players and backroom staff including Phil Thompson were absolutely fantastic. They went to funerals and talked to the families and survivors offering comfort and trying to help people get on with their day to day lives.

Peter Hooton, lifelong Liverpool fan:
A fan appeared on the pitch, he seemed unsteady on his feet, nobody had the faintest idea of what was happening and then more and more people spilled out onto the pitch.

Forest fans began to sing "You Scouse bastards" thinking that this was indeed a pitch invasion. It soon became obvious that something more serious was happening but still the enormity of the tragedy could not have been imagined.

I saw heroes that day and the majority were not in uniform. The real heroes that day were the ordinary Liverpool fans who seemed to take control of the operation taking casualties to the opposite end of the pitch and laying the fans in the penalty area, in front of the Hillsborough Kop.

Some people refused to give up pumping chests of complete strangers or maybe loved ones, giving the kiss of life to fellow Liverpool fans as the line of the police looked on.

That day, that night, that week, that year, that decade I was inconsolable but I was also proud to be a Liverpudlian. I had witnessed the selflessness, courage and dignity you afforded the dead and dying before they were handed over to the authorities.

Hillsborough 96
John Alfred Anderson (62)
Thomas Howard (39)
Colin Mark Ashcroft (19)
Thomas Anthony Howard (14)
James Gary Aspinall (18)
Eric George Hughes (42)
Kester Roger Marcus Ball (16)
Alan Johnston (29)
Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67)
Christine Anne Jones (27)
Simon Bell (17)
Gary Philip Jones (18)
Barry Sidney Bennett (26)
Richard Jones (25)
David John Benson (22)
Nicholas Peter Joynes (27)
David William Birtle (22)
Anthony Peter Kelly (29)
Tony Bland (22)
Michael David Kelly (38)
Paul David Brady (21)
Carl David Lewis (18)
Andrew Mark Brookes (26)
David William Mather (19)
Carl Brown (18)
Brian Christopher Mathews (38)
David Steven Brown (25)
Francis Joseph McAllister (27)
Henry Thomas Burke (47)
John McBrien (18)
Peter Andrew Burkett (24)
Marion Hazel McCabe (21)
Paul William Carlile (19)
Joseph Daniel McCarthy (21)
Raymond Thomas Chapman (50)
Peter McDonnell (21)
Gary Christopher Church (19)
Alan McGlone (28)
Joseph Clark (29)
Keith McGrath (17)
Paul Clark (18)
Paul Brian Murray (14)
Gary Collins (22)
Lee Nicol (14)
Stephen Paul Copoc (20)
Stephen Francis O'Neill (17)
Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23)
Jonathon Owens (18)
James Philip Delaney (19)
William Roy Pemberton (23)
Christopher Barry Devonside (18)
Carl William Rimmer (21)
Christopher Edwards (29)
David George Rimmer (38)
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Kevin Daniel Williams (15)
Arthur Horrocks (41)
Graham John Wright (17)
You'll Never Walk Alone
Rest in peace
Excerpts taken from:

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Well, pardon me for posting a lot of short and uninteresting stuffs lately, it's because I was busy on this:

It's my current wallpaper. Took me about 3 nights to finish this piece of work and the eyes strains' killing me. Probably will try to make some more of these, since I won't be this free after July. I still need those sudden 'light bulbs' to spark up my creativity though.

There aren't a lot of good photos I can manipulate here cuz I'm too lazy to go out and get some great captures. Plus, people will stare at me and whisper to their friends about the weirdo who goes around holding the digicam taking pictures. That's bad reputation.

liverpool are through!

Yess!!! Liverpool are through to Champions' League semifinal for the clash against Chelsea!

It must be the worst 90 minutes of football match I have endured, but in the end it was worth every single second of it. Liverpool didn't play that good, but they managed to cope with the pressure and forced a stalemate. Juventus' play was brilliant and were probably a bit frusfrated in the end as their players kept making unnecessary fouls. The Kop fans behaved very well, the Juventus' supporters were fantastic and ... ah well, everything seems great to me right now, huh?

It's really nice to see Liverpool securing a place in the last 4 even without Gerrard. Igor Biscan was celebrating furiously at the end of the game like some WWE wrestler, great to see him taking over Gerrard's role decently. Xabi Alonso looked completely drained seeing out the entire match, while Hyypia and Carragher were rock solid at the back. Luis Garcia was everywhere, Baros spurned a couple of chances but I guess fans can forgive him for once. And the best news of all, Cisse came on as a substitute and played the last 15 minutes without showing any signs of his injury. This is a day for celebration.

I definitely didn't regret staying up to watch this nil-nil game.


I can't remember what exactly was I doing in the lab this morning, pipetting some solutions I assume, when I received a call from a private number. Thinking that it might be an urgent call or something, I answered it despite my supposedly 'no contamination' experiment, only to find out that it was Pao Ko. This conversation then took place...

Me: Hello?
PK: Hey, Jason, wanna ask you something. How do you say 'honeydew' in Cantonese?
Me: 'Mat gua'.
PK: Ok. Thank you. Bye.

And with that he hanged up and left me completely dumbstruck. Bugger, I really didn't see that coming.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

la pasta, mi amigo!

Didn't have anything interesting to post lately, busy trying to design some wallpapers and posters at home. So while waiting for them, I'll post a couple of pictures of my supper I just cooked earlier, which is called the La has something to do with mushrooms and herbs, er... damn, whatever lah. Some edible pasta, okay? I'll think of a name for it next time.


Would you just look at the delicious sliced sausages and creamy cheese omelette beneath the fettucine twists? Sluuurrppp...

Come on, admit it, I'm a great chef!

Monday, April 11, 2005

me, myself and i...hey, who's the other guy then?

Hahaha...sorry but I have just too much time and too little things to do...

left, right, left, left, right, damnit!!

After all these years, I still can't seem to be able to differentiate the word 'left' and 'right' in Cantonese. Well, I don't really understand it myself. Pretty embarassing too, since I've been speaking Cantonese my entire life. I don't have this problem when speaking in English and BM though.

Not that I can't tell at all, it's just that I need a split second and say to myself 'left right' (in Cantonese) before I can confirm. It's like your mind's completely blank for an extremely short period of time.

Me: Woi, yi ka jun pin dou ah? (woi, now turn which side ah?)
Friend: Yau. (right)
Me: ...(silent for a second and says to self, 'jor yau') Right.

It's not something that bothers me a lot in my everyday chores, but sometimes it can get pretty annoying. Like for instance, people are telling you directions and you completely lost it because he uses left and right repetitively with ease. Times like these make me wonder why the hell I can't figure it out right on the spot. Damn...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

something good, something bad...

I didn't know why I was unable to connect to the internet for the last couple of days, I thought it was because of the TMnet problems. But apparently, my computer was hacked by 'some people' in the house without my permission and switched some defaults which disabled my connection to the access point. Bugger.

I really don't mind if they want to use my computer, but they could have at least informed me first. The nerves they have, using my computer and making their own settings in my computer, and then tried to deny it. Irresponsible brat. I don't want to continue rambling on this, there's no point. Do that one more time and I'm start yelling.

Went out for a drink with the old gang just now, everyone's back in KL and some are starting their industrial trainings next week. Lim, Cheng, LiuPin, Lai, Kar Heng, Pao Ko and Wai Locke turned up for supper, and Nic ffked lah as usual. Lazy to explain already.

While chatting the night away, I received a live update from Janet saying that VI has won the band competition, so to inform those who aren't in Malaysia. Which rounds up a good week for VI, having thrashed SMK Petaling 13-0 in the under-19 football tournament a day earlier.

And then coming home only to see Liverpool's disappointing 1-0 defeat to Manchester City in the news. Days like these aren't good for my heart, damnit.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

early sneak peek of my cgpa...

Well, the picture's probably too small to see what the content is really about. So let me summarize the big picture for you guys, okay?

I received a mail from a coursemate today stating that our CGPA 'may' be out already, although there aren't any results posted in the faculty yet. This is because the new 'extra credit hours' application form has new GPA and CGPA which are different from previous semester. Now, if you notice properly in the middle, it stated that my GPA for the semester is 3.73, which has increased my CGPA to 3.61. But this is not confirmed yet, as no one can verify the validity of the webpage.

Why am I posting this? Hell, because if this is true, this will be the first time ever I get into the Dean's List! That's why! I can finally ditch the tag on my forehead which reads 'the-only-biotech-kid-who-has-never-been-in-the-dean's-list'. Mind you, that is pretty big for me, cuz my coursemates have some pretty good time showing off their certs in front of me. For three bloody semesters. And now we're level, bwahahaha... Okay, not exactly level, I'm still way behind in the CGPA, but that's another story...*grumble grumble*

A part of me is feeling overwhelmed, but another part is hoping that the news' false, cuz I was hoping to get a higher GPA to put me back into first class. Well, what can I say, men are greedy creatures...

Monday, April 04, 2005

how to make an ordinary day at work more thrilling...

It was like any other fine day. I stepped out from the car and made my way to the lab. Upon reaching the door, I saw a figure sitting by the stairs. L gave me a blank look.

'It's locked.'

I wasn't amused.

'So what do we do then?'

She turned the other way and stared into the view outside the building, seemingly to be burdened by deep thoughts.

'I guess we'll have to wait.'


15 minutes has passed. The key holder, V, has finally arrived. 'My apologies, I terribly regret this.' And with that, he opened the pathway to the lab.

Everyone began their usual routine. I took out some chemicals and began mixing the ingredients. 'I will need to autoclave this,' I thought to myself. As I take my steps towards the autoclave, located in the room beside, I stopped by the door.

'Anyone else needs autoclaving?'

L stood up and gave me an intense look.

'Is it urgent?'

I didn't know what to say, but decided to play along.

'Only if you think it is.'

She lets out a sigh. 'I'll only need a minute to prepare mine.'


I refilled the autoclave with distilled water. Suddenly, something caught my attention. There was a long thick thread-like thing sticking out from one of the holes of the base plate in the autoclave. How on earth did a worm manage to make its way in? I kept calm and planned my next step. It seemed wise, at that time, to continue refill the autoclave and flood it, and see what godly creatures will come up to the surface.

The worm-like thing, as expected, disappeared into the hole. But something else came up. A triangular figure reappeared at another hole.

Grabbing my courage, though with a heavy heart, I moved closer to have a clearer look. And then it sprawled its way out from the hole, trying to jump and escape! I was shocked and taken aback, retreating myself to a safe distance. I hurried back to the next room.


'A rat! A rat has somehow made its way into the autoclave!' I said, puffing as I tried to regain my breath.

There were faint gasps across the room, and everyone started to feel unease and disturbed by its presence. Tension began to boil, there was a moment of silence, and someone finally asked, 'What do we do now?'

V stood up. 'I say we autoclave the rat and let it die!'

'No! There must be another way!' E spoke out of turn.

'Then tell me, what do you suggest?'

'We have to remove it alive, or the autoclave shall be but history!'

'Fine,' V reluctantly agreed. 'Livingmonolith, let's go.'

I stood up and put on my gloves. On our way towards the autoclave, I attempted to figure out other solutions. 'Can't we let it escape through the opening at the bottom of the machine?'

'No,' V replied calmly, 'the hole is just to small for it to make its escape. We will have to unscrew it nonetheless, to remove the water first.'

As we both stand in front of the autoclave, V finally asked, 'Are you ready for this?'

I took a deep breath, and replied, 'Let's do it.'

-The End-
p/s: No animals have been harmed or endangered in any way in this story.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

the versatile gerrard

I just realized Steven Gerrard played as a striker yesterday, or at least that's what I read from the news lah. So that would mean he has officially played in everyone position except the goalkeeper for Liverpool.

Man, Carragher must be gutted Gerrard has taken over his 'versatile man' tag, hahaha...

Nothing else to post, other than Alonso had won for the second successive race, and Hafiz Hashim won the Thai Open. It's a great weekend for sports, and I can't really be bothered to post anything else.

my player of the day...

I think Igor Biscan is finally establishing himself as a cult hero at Anfield. 86th minute winner and 1 point behind Everton. Can it get any better? Well, of course it can, but for right now it'll do.

For someone who has so often find himself a target of abuse by the fans, Biscan has done himself justice by proving that he can compete as well as the rest of his colleagues. With Hamann and Alonso out, he has deputised with great consistency and played steady football. Not the best he is, but at least he played with his heart, and with that he's starting to win his herds of fans aplenty. And his goal celebration showed how much he cared for Liverpool.

Biscan may not survive Benitez's summer culling, but if Liverpool does qualify for the Champions League next season, fans like us can only look back and see what contributions this man, claimed to be Houllier's worst signing, had put in for the team in red.

Igor Biscan may not be the most gifted player, but I am sure by now he has earned some loyal fans of his own. Keep up the good work, and may you still be part of the Liverpool side come next August. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

tribute to my ex-coach

Back in primary school, I was in the school's handball team. Yes, I represented my school in a sport, you don't have to make those 'astonished' looks. But to be true, I think lady luck played a big part at that time.

Handball was pretty famous in my school, partly because there wasn't any basketball teams around, and the football team kicked dirt. Most of those who aspire to get into SMSS (the secondary school I originally enrolled into) would try their best to make it into this squad.

When our coach, Ms Roslin, selected 14 players for the first squad for training I was the 13th guy to be picked. That meant I was originally not in the squad (a normal handball squad only has 12 players) but was only selected so that we can train as 2 teams. I was slightly disappointed at first, knowing that when the competition arrives I will be sitting in the stands instead.

However, that didn't stop me from training hard. I arrived early for trainings and never missed any sessions. My coach probably noticed that and paid special attention to me and had me work out on my weaknesses. Eventually, after months of training, I just barely made it into the final squad as a backup leftback, with the jersey number 10.

I continued coming early for trainings and developed more in my tactical side (as my coach would call it, since I was not that 'well-built' for this sport) of the game. Under my coach's intensive practice sessions, my tactical awareness became one of the best in the squad. I was able to anticipate crosses, make interceptions, steals and blocks with ease my teammates called me 'sixth sense'.

When the Bangsar Zone MSSWP competition arrives, I had already made my way into the first team. I started every game and we won every single match including the final, conceding only 2 goals along the way. It was also the first time in my school's history that a sports team has managed to win a zone competition and represented the Bangsar Zone. It was the proudest moment for us, and the school called for a special assembly to award us the medals.

The MSSWP competition, however, was another story. Let's just say our fairy tale ended there and then.

Anyway, from this experience I've learnt that it doesn't matter whether you have what it takes to achieve greatness or not. Talent keeps you on top, but hardwork and determination brings you a step further ahead.

And all these would be beyond my reach if it wasn't for my coach. This is long overdue, but I would like to tell Ms Roslin Sidek how much I appreciated your dedication and guidance. Thank you for bringing the best out of me and for being a great coach.