Sunday, April 10, 2005

something good, something bad...

I didn't know why I was unable to connect to the internet for the last couple of days, I thought it was because of the TMnet problems. But apparently, my computer was hacked by 'some people' in the house without my permission and switched some defaults which disabled my connection to the access point. Bugger.

I really don't mind if they want to use my computer, but they could have at least informed me first. The nerves they have, using my computer and making their own settings in my computer, and then tried to deny it. Irresponsible brat. I don't want to continue rambling on this, there's no point. Do that one more time and I'm start yelling.

Went out for a drink with the old gang just now, everyone's back in KL and some are starting their industrial trainings next week. Lim, Cheng, LiuPin, Lai, Kar Heng, Pao Ko and Wai Locke turned up for supper, and Nic ffked lah as usual. Lazy to explain already.

While chatting the night away, I received a live update from Janet saying that VI has won the band competition, so to inform those who aren't in Malaysia. Which rounds up a good week for VI, having thrashed SMK Petaling 13-0 in the under-19 football tournament a day earlier.

And then coming home only to see Liverpool's disappointing 1-0 defeat to Manchester City in the news. Days like these aren't good for my heart, damnit.

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