Wednesday, April 27, 2005

what a boring week...

Life has been pretty routine for the past week I could have died of boredom. Crap, can't believe life can actually become so bland and tasteless, I can't remember another time I've spent doing the same things over and over for days. Which is why I was away from blogging for a while, you know, cuz I don't wanna bore you guys to death with my boring life.

Just some random thoughts on a couple of recent issues, though I didn't really pay much attention to them:

Reports were saying eating while driving is considered an offence and offenders will be slapped with a RM300 summon. People are complaining the fine is too high, and should lower it down to RM100. Makes me wonder, since we know it is an offence, what difference would it make if they set the fine at RM100 or RM300, or even RM1000? You shouldn't be committing the offence anyway in the first place. Probably they feel at RM100 it's worth a shot once in a while. Which makes no difference anyway, since these buggers would be the first ones to slip some 'duit kopi' to the officer. Bunch of retards.

What's up with friendster nowadays? People are quick to register their blogs but no one seems to understand what is a weblog. And we're left with unattended online journals which serve no purpose in this cyberworld. And a pathetic thing with the 'popular searches in my network' which reads sick stuffs like 'free video', 'free japan av movie', 'meraba kesedapan' (what the shit does this mean?!!) and 'free prono' (dumb sickos can't even spell correctly, I'm not sure if the person meant to type promo or porno). Go get some vcds from the pirates lah for God's sake. Oh man, the world we live in now...

Anyway, I've finally been given a project experiment to conduct on my own back where I'm working so I can submit a report at the end of this industrial training. Supposed to culture and extract some plasmids and make some transformation before cloning them. A bacterial colony called Enterococcus faecalis, which I don't have any clues what it is. Came home and searched for some relevant infos about it, and found this article, 'The Bacteria Antibiotics Can't Kill'. Oh boy, this is gonna be one great experience. Let's pray that I'll finish my training here still alive and well.

And Chelsea-Liverpool tonight. Part of me tells me to stay up and watch the match, and another half keeps reminding me that I have to work tomorrow morning. Kam, you gonna watch it tonight (or in the morning to you) or not?


tomatoinc said...

somehow i got the premonition that some 'team' is gonna camped and holed up.
i actually stayed up to watch it..but fall asleep just before the start of the match.

0-0..lucky bastards.

Livingmonolith said...

haha, too bad then, liverpool didn't do too bad though, so in a way chelski's pretty lucky too.