Saturday, April 23, 2005

liverpool sacrifices champions' league spot to ensure palace stay in the premiership

You didn't read it wrong, nor did I write incorrectly. The title says it all. Liverpool's hope of qualifying for next season's Champions' League is all but dashed with the 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace.

I watched in disbelief how awful that match was. If I am someone who has never seen Premiership football before, I'd thought Liverpool is the team fighting to avoid relegation instead of Palace. Take a look at the table, we are closer to the relegation zone than we are to Chelsea's 85 points. How on earth did we still cling on to 5th spot is a mystery.

I don't really understand Rafa Benitez. He told the players to forget about Champions' League and concentrate on the league position, but he sent out fringe players to face a team fighting to avoid relegation. That shows total disrespect and I would say we totally deserved the outcome of the match. What a display of pure rubbish. You expect to field a string of reserve players and snatch a victory? Didn't we have enough lessons from all those backlashes throughout the entire bloody season? Have we not learnt that 5-3-2 is a crap formation in the Premier League after losing to Man City, drawing with Tottenham and barely survived Portsmouth's match playing with this shit formation? And what, no Alonso, Garcia, Riise and Biscan in the starting line-up? God help me, but I think we just shot our own feet.

On the other hand, losing to Palace isn't all that bad news. At least now we don't have to wait anxiously every weekend watching agonizingly Liverpool's under-par performance, while hoping Everton make stupid mistakes like us and slip down the table. And we can safely bid Gerrard farewell for the coming summer. So much of a great player he is, he's no longer the influential captain in the squad and he's starting to show signs of being a liability to the team. Without Gerrard's ambitious goals, Benitez would have enough guts to make drastic changes to the team to his liking and ship out all uninterested players while bringing in some new faces who, hopefully, will show the rest what it means to wear the liverbird on their chest.

We can kiss our Champions' League dream goodbye, and start preparing for the UEFA Cup. While I'm still in this topic, I don't expect Liverpool to go past Chelsea anyway, so what the hell, screw it and please start to concentrate on molding a better team for next season for every Kop fans' sakes.

p/s: For those who want to drop some smarty remarks and add salt to the wound, I'd advise you not to do so because I am not in the mood and too pissed to entertain you, so I'll just delete the stupid comments. Flame all you want, it's my blog and I don't give a damn about your bloody opinions. I didn't ask for your 2 cents, so keep it to yourself and go rain on someone else's parade.

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