Monday, April 04, 2005

how to make an ordinary day at work more thrilling...

It was like any other fine day. I stepped out from the car and made my way to the lab. Upon reaching the door, I saw a figure sitting by the stairs. L gave me a blank look.

'It's locked.'

I wasn't amused.

'So what do we do then?'

She turned the other way and stared into the view outside the building, seemingly to be burdened by deep thoughts.

'I guess we'll have to wait.'


15 minutes has passed. The key holder, V, has finally arrived. 'My apologies, I terribly regret this.' And with that, he opened the pathway to the lab.

Everyone began their usual routine. I took out some chemicals and began mixing the ingredients. 'I will need to autoclave this,' I thought to myself. As I take my steps towards the autoclave, located in the room beside, I stopped by the door.

'Anyone else needs autoclaving?'

L stood up and gave me an intense look.

'Is it urgent?'

I didn't know what to say, but decided to play along.

'Only if you think it is.'

She lets out a sigh. 'I'll only need a minute to prepare mine.'


I refilled the autoclave with distilled water. Suddenly, something caught my attention. There was a long thick thread-like thing sticking out from one of the holes of the base plate in the autoclave. How on earth did a worm manage to make its way in? I kept calm and planned my next step. It seemed wise, at that time, to continue refill the autoclave and flood it, and see what godly creatures will come up to the surface.

The worm-like thing, as expected, disappeared into the hole. But something else came up. A triangular figure reappeared at another hole.

Grabbing my courage, though with a heavy heart, I moved closer to have a clearer look. And then it sprawled its way out from the hole, trying to jump and escape! I was shocked and taken aback, retreating myself to a safe distance. I hurried back to the next room.


'A rat! A rat has somehow made its way into the autoclave!' I said, puffing as I tried to regain my breath.

There were faint gasps across the room, and everyone started to feel unease and disturbed by its presence. Tension began to boil, there was a moment of silence, and someone finally asked, 'What do we do now?'

V stood up. 'I say we autoclave the rat and let it die!'

'No! There must be another way!' E spoke out of turn.

'Then tell me, what do you suggest?'

'We have to remove it alive, or the autoclave shall be but history!'

'Fine,' V reluctantly agreed. 'Livingmonolith, let's go.'

I stood up and put on my gloves. On our way towards the autoclave, I attempted to figure out other solutions. 'Can't we let it escape through the opening at the bottom of the machine?'

'No,' V replied calmly, 'the hole is just to small for it to make its escape. We will have to unscrew it nonetheless, to remove the water first.'

As we both stand in front of the autoclave, V finally asked, 'Are you ready for this?'

I took a deep breath, and replied, 'Let's do it.'

-The End-
p/s: No animals have been harmed or endangered in any way in this story.

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