Wednesday, May 28, 2008

united malaysia for malaysians...

Got the link through a close friend's blog, and finally got to listen and watch the music video after numerous attempts, don't have a speaker you see, I'm poor...;) Goofy as it seems, the video served it's purpose to call for unity in our home, our country, our beloved Malaysia.

As of now (10.37pm, 28 May 2008), 59,469 individuals have downloaded the song, over 100,000 had listened the song through youtube, and thousands of bloggers are spreading the same message through their blogs: we all hope for a single united nation and we are all proud to be Malaysians. See beyond colours and you will see that we are brothers and sisters, after all.

Spread the love, Malaysians. Spread the love.

Our country needs it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


You know, sometimes you really wonder if you're experiencing difference phases in life after being alive for a quarter of a century. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm not old enough to talk philosophy, but sometimes, at times, I begin to feel more and more content with whatever I have now in my life, or anything that may come in the future.

There has always been times when I felt that I do not make enough money to live a comfortable life. Call me materialistic, or anything you wish, but that's what makes the world spin, no? I want to, I need to, be financially-independent if I'm being serious in buying my own home to stay with my beloved one, and to take care of my family with ease, while at the same time making enough money to travel to places I have never been to, and perhaps going for some occasional fine-dinings if my financial situation permits.

I'd live extremely frugal at times in recent years, to the extent that I thought I can save a couple of bucks if I have bread for lunch instead of a decent chicken rice with iced tea. At times I'm very satisfied, but there will be times where I wonder if I'm doing enough.

But then again, from time to time, I'd have moments where I sit back to think, long and thoroughly that maybe, perhaps maybe, sometimes money isn't everything. I'd count my blessings to have a proper roof over my head now. I'd appreciate myself if I can spend a little more to have some decent dinner outings with my girlfriend. I would spend a little to pamper myself and the people surrounding me, just for the sake of spending. During these moments, I would think that there aren't more important things in life than having a good time, and enjoying life to the fullest in slow-motion.

I know it won't be long before I go full throttle in making money again, but it's always during phases like these I would tend to sit back and relax, and think about what's best in life. And a cup of nice hot coffee on a Sunday afternoon, with nothing else to worry about, it's as though the best thing that can happen to me at the moment.

Sometimes, after taking a couple of steps forward, you need to take one step backward just to have a wider view of the road ahead of you.

Sometimes, it keeps you sane.

Other times, it keeps you happy too. I'm content to be happy, at the moment.

Friday, May 02, 2008


I've uploaded quite some photos of Cactus lately, it'll be biased if I didn't put in any photos of my beloved tortoise as well.

Photo uploading will do for now, lately I'm a bit too busy to think of proper stuff to blog about. Things may change though after the Bangkok trip end of this month.

So for the time being, enjoy some tortoise photos!