Tuesday, September 28, 2004

monolith vs man-ape

whew, just got back from johor yesterday after an exhausting 2-day field trip. to sum it all up, i found that there wasn't anything to learn by visiting fish and shrimp farms, but i took it more as a trip to relax after a busy week filled with midsem tests and presentations.

the trip wasn't all nice and sweet, thanks to the presence of this annoying guy called 'man-ape'. for your information, 'man-ape' isn't my coursemate, he comes from the next biology department (genetics), which shares this same subject with my department (biotechnology). so we biotech guys had to go to this trip together with them.

to begin with, i've never liked man-ape. the reason i named him so is because he looks like one, his body is not proportionate with his legs (long body, short legs, like an ape), and when he yawns, he stretches his arms outward and thumps his chest like an, you've guessed it, ape. but it wasn't his appearance that makes me loathe him; it's more of his attitude. i'm using the nickname 'man-ape' because 1) i do not know his name, and 2) i don't give a damn anyway.

if you still can't imagine how he looks like, a friend of mine took his picture during the trip. i had to cover his eyes so not to reveal his identity.

hmmm, i think he resembles some animal but i can't figure out what it is...

now i'm not someone who enjoys finding faults with strangers, but this weirdo seriously got to my nerves. our first encounter was during a major presentation back in my first semester last year. 4 classes were drawn together and man-ape's class was among those pitted against my class. man-ape's class was the first to present, and although he wasn't the presenter, his class did a great and professional job; their slideshow was full of pictures, animations, analysis and research topics, it looked more like some big international company's proposal (kudos to them). they certainly raised the standard to the maximum. we were obviously intimidated, considering we haven't had any rehearsals and our slideshow was only completed in the morning. but that wasn't the case; i was annoyed because man-ape and his bunch of ass-kissers (he has a group of fans, 5-6 of them, who follows him wherever he goes, constantly kissing his ass) were so arrogant, they went walking around in the hall, chatting with the lecturers, making jokes, and had no respect towards the rest of the presenters (yours truly included). thankfully, there's justice in this world and his class ended up with the lowest mark, while mine scored the highest in the faculty (bwahahaha). you should've been there to watch how the lecture hall erupted with joy when that announcement was made. i never had more fun watching man-ape and his ass-kissers hiding their faces in embarassment.

fastforward to this field trip, man-ape somehow appointed himself as the class monitor for the trip, and to make it worse, i was allocated in the same bus with him. so there i was, enduring a tough journey together with this arrogant bastard and his ass-kissers. in this trip i realize that he's not only arrogant, he likes seeking attention as well. i've never seen someone so self-centred. throughout the entire trip he was busy giving orders to people and acted like our representative, voicing out opinions like everything's his business. and i hate it everytime he makes stupid hokkien jokes in the bus, which only his ass-kissers would laugh at (kissing his ape ass, what else?). how rude of them to converse so loudly in the bus, especially in a language where people of other ethnics don't understand.

if you're wondering whether i'm biased, let me tell you something. no one in my department liked him, everyone has the same perception that he's an ass, and some of my coursemates hated him so much they wanted to make prank calls to man-ape's room every half an hour in the night to make his sorry life miserable (i'm not sure if they really did that). i guess he'd stepped on almost everyone's toes, pity him.

i can't believe an ape can be an object of so much hatred. but this is no ordinary ape; he's an evolved half man, half ape with half a brain born in his ass, so beware!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

the message

I was in the lecture hall preparing for my test today when I received a message. I took a peek to see who the sender is, and it came as a surprise to find that the message came from the girl whom I had a crush on a few years back.

My heart sunk a little at that instance, I had a strange indescribable feeling. I remember promising her that I’ll call whenever I’m free, and we’ll go for a drink. But it has been months since I last contacted her; she’s busy with her job and I’m stuck here in the university tackling my mid semester tests. But I never did forget her.

She sent me an invitation to her boyfriend’s birthday party next month. Yes, her boyfriend. She’s already taken. For over 2 years.

It’s hard to imagine that this is still affecting me emotionally. I thought I’ve let go and moved on with my life. But I guess I didn’t. I started a new life with new surroundings, new environment and a new group of friends, and yet one message puts me back to square one. How pathetic can that be?

I know there’s no one else to blame but myself. I had the chance back then but I chose not to take the initiative. I was indecisive, insecure, and probably even egoistic. Whatever it was, I blew it. We were close friends, but there never was a chance to go beyond that. And we still remain good friends. I’m always among the first to know every time she changes her hp number, and she visits my home during festive seasons. We hung out at mamaks to talk crap, and used to go for Sunday morning exercises in the park together. We both hate my ex-admirer (she gave my crush a hard time back then), but we find ways to make jokes out of it. She never blamed me for all those troubles. All that and yet, nothing happened.

Sometimes I do wonder; if I have the chance to do it all over again, would it be a different outcome if I had taken the opportunity? Could it be a fairy tale ending? I don’t know, and I guess I’ll never know. It remains the only regret in my life. But what I know for sure is that I’m happy for her now. Happy that she has found a person who is smart, good-looking, rich, and most importantly, a person she really loves and cares for. For all that I’ve lost, it makes up by knowing she’s having a wonderful life. And for all that matters, I am happy, and that is all I can ask for.

It’s true what people say, your heart is an amazing organ. You’ll always have it beneath your chest no matter how much you’ve given out.

Thank you, for giving me a taste of sweet and bitter in life. I shall cherish every single moment of it.

Monday, September 20, 2004

surrounded by shitheads

I just had my first practical test today, and it sucked. Thanks to these inconsiderate and selfish shitheads.

This test consists of 3 parts; a section where you have a hands-on experiment, a section answering questions and do some calculations, and the last part you’re given some explants and make a short essay of what you have observed.

Now, the shitty part is this; for the last section, you’re only given 5 minutes to go up front to the microscope and make a thorough observation before you return to your seat and write whatever it is that you think it is. But obviously, some people just don’t know how long 5 minutes is. Heck, some bitches even took 30 minutes to make that bloody observation.

Imagine a shithead doing this while you’re waiting for your turn:
00:00: starts walking to the front and sit in front of the microscope.
00:10: adjusts her seat and arranges her answer sheets nicely on the table.
00:25: takes a look at the Petri dish with full concentration.
00:50: a bird flew past and she looks out the window.
01:00: continues looking at Petri dishes.
01:15: holds the Petri dish up in the air, assuming the lecturer had pasted the answer underneath.
01:40: puts it down and takes another dish, again holding it up in the air.
01:55: puts it down and takes another dish, again holding it up in the air.
02:20: jots down some notes on the answer sheet.
02:50: stares blankly at absolutely nothing, wondering why her boyfriend didn’t call the night before.
03:20: looks at the answer sheet and realizes that she made some notes, and has to get a new one.
03:30: stands up and starts walking back to her seat in slow motion.
03:40: waves at another shithead looking at her direction.
03:45: takes a new answer sheet and walks back to the microscope in slow motion.
03:55: again waves at the same shithead and smiles.
04:05: takes her seat in front of the microscope.
04:15: adjusts her seat and arranges her answer sheets nicely on the table.
04:30: looks at the dishes and makes confused looks.
05:10: I put up my hand and complained to the tutor that 5 minutes has passed.
05:20: the tutor tells her to finish up fast.
05:25: she replies loudly, “I just started.”
05:50: stares blankly at nothing, wondering why her monthly pms cycle hasn’t arrived.
06:45: holds the Petri dish up in the air.
07:00: starts writing something down on her answer sheet.
08:15: stops writing and starts humming Jay Chou’s ‘Qi Li Xiang’.
09:10: continues writing.
10:05: I put up my hand and complained to the tutor that 10 minutes has passed.
10:15: the tutor told her to speed up.
10:30: puts the dishes under the microscope and starts to make observations.
11:10: holds the dish up in the air and hopes the answers were scribbled underneath.
11:30: puts it down and stares blankly at nothing, wondering if she has left her bag unzipped outside the lab.
12:05: continues writing.
12:50: stops writing and stares blankly at nothing, wondering how long it takes for her to gobble up a big mac.
13:20: continues writing.
14:25: adjusts her seat and arranges her answer sheets nicely on the table.
14:45: stands up and adjusts her hair.
15:00: walks back to her seat, waving to the same shithead again on the way back.

Bloody bitch. It makes me wonder how some people can get their brains so far up away from their ass.

When it was my turn, there was only 5 minutes left on the clock. I made my observation in 2 minutes, and wrote my bloody essay in the next 3 minutes. I have no idea what shit I wrote, even though I know exactly what’s the answer!

I hate my coursemates. I hope they get infected with syphilis and rot in hell.

It’s another day where shitheads emerged triumphant.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

third world mentality

this is not good.

it has been 47 years since our country gained independence, and we still think like stone-age cavemen. now you tell me if our education system isn't discriminating people from different ethnics. i can't believe the higher education minister would have the guts to step out and make this racist statement. some things are better left unsaid, but no, some people just can't keep their mouth shut. his stupidity has prompted me to make myself heard.

before i start, let me assure you that i'm not a racist. in fact, i have plenty of friends from various races. i only have an issue with our government. i think the bumiputras are already in a safe position in our country, because no matter how crap they are, they would always be one step in front of the other races. the education system is an obvious example. bumiputras can do shit all they want, and they always reap the benefits.

“The reality is that UiTM is an institution relating to the rights and privileges of the Malays. This can’t be questioned.”

this statement really pisses me off. we know your rights and privileges, that is why we work so much harder than the bumiputras to excel, and that is why we are the ones ending up more successful than them. i remember back when the recent matriculation results were announced, the total chinese top scorers were as high as bumiputras'. at that time, only 10% of the seats were occupied by non-bumiputras. what does that tell you?

“Up to today, we are unable to match graduates from other races, and you can imagine the situation if the enrolment was open to other races.”

how nice, they are the ones not matching the expectations, and we are the ones suffering. he claimed that if graduates from malaysia were only made up of one race, it could lead to political instability. that is why they are dragging us back along with those who aren't ambitious. they won't let the other races succeed, for fear that they could do a better job than what they're doing now. and this is why our country has been producing such top class morons like that minister to lead our country. and this will go a long long way still.

back then, i thought if i was never to be given a chance to further my studies locally, i would do it overseas and never return. call me a traitor if you want, but it's malaysia's education system that forces me to think in such a way. why bother to be patriotic when your own country isn't giving you an opportunity to serve them? how many geniuses have left the country because of this discriminative policy? how can you complain of other countries stealing your talents when you are the one booting them out of the country?

i'm not sorry to say that we can never achieve our vision 2020. i don't believe we'll ever manage to progress with this kind of third world mentality.

Friday, September 17, 2004

now i'm bitchy and dumb

sigh, i think i screwed up big time.

i was rushing to finish up my report last night cuz it was due today, this morning to be precise. i've spent the entire week surfing the net to find related information and hibernated in the library for countless hours to make a thorough research on this topic. i was pissed off with the assignment because the topic given by the lecturer has some contradiction with the info i found. plus, i am already pretty messed up with all the tests and presentations and assignments circulating my life, if i even have a life.

then i did the unimaginable. in the end of the report, i included a page of personal opinion where i criticised my lecturer's hypothetical method. i also wrote that his experiments were poorly conducted and he used wrong and insufficient parameters to measure the observation. his work was supposed to prove a different theory altogether and it ended up with results that can determine nothing. i then stated my own methods to obtain a proper observation which in my opinion, is the actual objective of his experiments. i think i included some strong words in my report with implications that i'm ridiculing his work.

my coursemates read my report and asked if i'm really gonna pass it up like that. i guess i shouldn't, but i did. i didn't get enough sleep and i couldn't be bothered.

i hope this won't appear on monday's newspapers:
"Undergraduate, 21, killed for ridiculing lecturer"

classified as homicide

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today i finally realize that i can never work in a team. probably there's some attitude problem with me. i already have some feeling long time ago that i am somewhat demanding when being put into group projects, but i've never seen how bitchy i can get until today.

i don't know if it's just me, but i feel that when we're assigned into groups, we should be putting in extra efforts so not to disappoint your groupmates. we're talking about how much influence one person can be if he/she decides to screw up. that's why i have this mentality of being a perfectionist, everything must be done properly and nicely.

to achieve this, i usually will make my own research beforehand, and present my ideas to my groupmates on how to create the best possible presentation. but the problem is, when i do this, i always want my ideas to be the only one implemented into our presentation. this is when i start to bitch; i make eveyone agree with me. when they offer other ideas, i always find reasons to reject them (not that their ideas are acceptable anyway, but that's not my point). i would always be thinking, 'dumbass, how can you even suggest such pathetic ideas? has it never occured to you that we have brains, for a reason?'. of course, i voice it out in a polite and manipulative manner. can't help it. usually in the end, almost the entire project would be prepared by myself alone, since i don't trust others to make a good job out of what they're supposed to do either.

the only way to make me stop bitching around is by letting me work alone.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

what a beautiful day...

before i start, i just want to add some information i left out in my previous post.
20/9 : SHES2121 Plant Biotech - Oral Test (what the hell is that?)
29/9 : SHES2325 Animal Breeding - Midsem Test
4/10 : SHES2121 Plant Biotech - Midsem Test II
i'm starting to have a feeling that my lecturers are addicted to giving tests.

anyway, things haven't gone the way i'd like them to be lately. apart from the tests (a whopping 13 tests in 1 month, plus assignments, presentation and field trips), today i found out that the university charged me RM819 residential fee even though i'm staying at home. because of the same reason, i am to cast my vote at that particular college as i'm supposed to be a resident there. fine, i decided to be nice and go cast my vote at that college which is located behind the jungle, and that was when i realize this year's voting system is transparent; they know who has voted and who are the candidates you're voting for. i was like, 'what the hell? why don't you just go parade me naked in public?' i chose not to cast any votes, and i guess they've probably put my name in the blacklist already by now.

i spent the entire afternoon in the library doing some research for an assignment, decided to borrow some books (for the first time) when the librarian told me to pay up my fine. 'fine? what fine? i've never borrowed shit from your library and now i got fined? for what reason, fined for having never borrowed books from the library before?'. that basket said i took some books from the engineering fac's library, i don't even know there's a library in that faculty. no choice but to fork out RM1.70, my assignment's urgent. that basket then spent 15 minutes lecturing me on how his computer keeps accurate records, he's just doing his job, probably pranks by your friends, his cat just had pms, his mum's a prostitute, his dad's impotent, blah blah... patience, *breath in, breath out*...

then i went for my evening class at 5pm, and i don't have a clue what the lecturer was saying for the whole of her lecture. i also found out that everyone else are having a copy of some book which, according to the guy next to me, will be where the test is based on, crap. everyone else bought it at the start of the semester, double crap.

i was on my way home when it rained heavily. i was stuck in the traffic for 45 minute, my notes and the books i borrowed got all wet. after dinner, i started to write my reports. i was about to wrap up with the conclusion when i received a message from a coursemate at 11pm saying that some information ain't accurate, and i have to rewrite half of that bloody report again. i gave up after that and so here i am surfing the net, trying to post these shits in my blog when the computer decided to play david copperfield on me and wipe out my entire post at exactly this point. stupid pc.

curse my stupid luck, i hope the ceiling won't come falling onto me when i go to bed tonight.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

hmmm, what to eat leh?

well, i don't know how am i casting my vote this year. the political issues in campus are getting ridiculous. this is the first time in recent years that the election have so much problems, it seems to be ending with a bad taste in everyone's mouth. why is that?

for once, this year's candidates are all from the same party. the major opposition party has decided to boycott this election, claiming unfair decisions and tactics. since there's gonna be only one party, what's the point of voting? it's like you get into a restaurant, the waiter hands over the menu to you, and the menu reads:
1. mee goreng ikan bilis
2. mee goreng ikan kerapu
3. mee goreng ikan sardin
4. mee goreng ikan kembong
and so on...

me : what's the difference?
waiter : well, they're all mee goreng, only served with different fishes.
me : then i have no choice but to eat mee goreng only?
waiter : yes.
me : what if i want to order nasi goreng?
waiter : sorry, can't help ya. can i have your order now?

secondly, despite having candidates from one party only, every undergraduate are compulsory to cast a vote. residential colleges are threatening to investigate if there's any attempts to 'not vote'. whatever happened to privacy? just today my coursemate was telling me that for every single one who didn't vote, 5% of residents of the same ethnic group will be expelled from college the following semester. what the hell is that?

me : but i'm allergic to noodles.
waiter : not my problem. just order something, if you don't like it just leave it on the table.
me : what's the point then?
waiter : that's the rule. if you're not ordering, i'll have to ask you to leave the restaurant.

my friends in colleges are complaining of darurat. no one is allowed to enter or leave the college after 12am, no outsiders are allowed, no campaigning in colleges, you have to flash your matric card everytime you pass a security booth, yaddayadda...

me : can i go to the washroom?
waiter : i'm sorry, you can't.
me : why?
waiter : just as a safety precaution. in case you go into the toilet and make nasi goreng delivery orders.

well, it's not that i want to eat nasi goreng; i'd rather go for some burgers and fries, but aren't we in a democratic country? i have the rights to choose whether i want to eat or not, and what i want to eat. but now they're forcing me to order something to eat, and they only give me one option. what a stupid restaurant. i'm going to have my lunch at mcd's.

for those who have difficulties understanding my lunchtime crisis, please refer to this.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

bbq anyone?

with the finals coming up soon, my mind is surprisingly still wandering around like a lost boat in the ocean. anyway, funnily i'm looking forward to the annual new year's eve bbq party me and my friends are supposed to organize end of this year.

me and my group of close friends have been doing this for the last two new years, and i would say this event is pretty much the only thing i find to be worthwhile in my calendar. nowadays, we don't really get together that often; some are studying overseas, some in another state, everyone's busy with their own stuff. so when there's a chance to hang out as a group, hell i'm not gonna let the oppoturnity pass by. it's a nice way to find out how everyone are coping with their lives, what's the latest gossip, any of them got hooked up with some chick, got arrested for drink-and-drive, you get the picture. the important thing is that we can enjoy the night and bring back tonnes of memories from our secondary school years. how fast time flies...

i'm expecting the usual suspects to turn up again if we are indeed going to be having a bbq party. Nic and Buppalo would definitely be around town then, and i assume Tomato, Ang, Ah Si (shit) and Kuhon (stingyguy) to be back for holidays too end of the year. Lim should be back from johor, Lai's still around, Liupin (Pampers) could be here too if he's able to travel from kepong. too bad Cheng's stuck in sabah and Seow would've left back to uk already then. i hope others like Kar Fai, Lam Chun, Kar Heng, and the rest (sorry if i didn't mention your names) would also be free. besides, we only get together once a year.

when time allows, i hope i can blog more about my friends in my future posts, and probably tell some tales about the origin of their weird nicknames, haha...

Friday, September 10, 2004

hectic schedule ahead

my brains' pretty messed up now, thanks to my lecturers. in barely over one month, i'll be sitting for 11 tests and 2 field trips with additional assignments meeting their deadlines.

my upcoming miseries:

17/9: SHES2323 Plant Physiology - Research assignment Deadline
20/9 : SHES2121 Plant Biotech - Practical Test
23/9 : SHES2322 Fungi Biotech - Midsem Test II
23/9 : SHES2322 Fungi Biotech - Practical Presentation
24/9 : SHES2130 Basic Biochemistry - Midsem Test II
24/9 : SHES2323 Plant Physiology - Practical Test
25-26/9 : SHES2325 Animal Breeding - Field Trip to Keluang and Gelang Patah (fish breeding), report to be submitted after 1 week
1-2/10 : SHES2122 Animal Biotech - Field Trip to Penang (fish breeding) and Sg Siput (ostrich breeding), report to be submitted after 1 week
11/10 : SHES2325 Animal Breeding - Final Assessment
12/10 : SHES2323 Plant Physiology - Final Assessment
15/10 : SHES2130 Basic Biochemistry - Final Assessment
19/10 : SHES2122 Animal Biotech - Final Assessment
20/10 : SHES2121 Plant Biotech - Final Assessment
21/10 : SHES2322 Fungi Biotech - Final Assessment
*one more midsem test, unconfirmed date

i just love malaysia's education system...; )

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

real 'lecture'

my 3-hour classes this morning turned out to be half an hour of normal lecture with another half real 'lecture', if you get what i mean. the first two hours' classes were cancelled cuz both lecturers are away on separate conferences, and this last class was mostly on the poor results in our spot test last wednesday.

out of 64, 32 of them failed the paper. only 2 got A. the lecturer was so darn mad with the outcome of the results, he couldn't stop complaining. and considering the fact that around 16-17% cheated in the test (still wondering how he got that figure), it was so disappointing to see half the class failed. then he went on ranting about our attendance (students enjoy signing coursemates' attendance here), our responsibility, etc.

i can't agree more with the things he said (probably for the first time). i mean, we're already a bunch of 20-odd years old young adults, it's so sad to see so many of us still have the mentality thinking that cheating in exams is fine. we thought we should be better than this. we are better than this. whatever happened to trustworthy? being undergraduates, we should be able to decide what's wrong and what's right, and start shouldering heavier responsibilities. so what's with the cheating in exams and copying seniors' lab reports? is our nation's youth so darn pathetic now that they can't think on their own, that we need to be spoonfed at all times? why ask your friends to sign your attendance if you're not planning to come for classes? will it make you feel better if you 'turn up' for every lecture? turns out that our lecturer knows about this all these while, he was making headcounts in every lecture. we got over the top this time and he blew off, for good. i noticed an 'erased name' in the attendance sheet, guess at least one grew up and learnt a lesson today (assuming that person signed for his/her friend and then decided to erase it). well, it is indeed a lesson to be learned, honestly.

by the end of the class, the lecturer made us promise to change our attitude and mentality. there was a whiny 'yes' echoed from some of the students, so at least there's somewhere we can start.

i didn't say anything but i don't think i did anything wrong up until now, so there's no need for change. i believe that there's no shortcut to success, you get what you give. somehow in the back of my mind, i know i'll come out from the university a whole lot better man compared to these bunch of coursemates of mine even if my grades don't reflect it.

after the lecture, i walked up to the front and have a look at the results' sheet. after searching for a while, i found my name right underneath the 'A' students. 72/100, an A minus and a lesson in my pocket today. not too bad, huh? ; )

Sunday, September 05, 2004

we are what we are

i was going through the newspaper today and read this e-mail submitted by David Siow from Seremban.

our statistics for the olympics: 26 athletes, 26 officials, 11 events, four years of preparation, RM9.7mil spent, and 0 medals!

isn't this just too sad? i think it's about time we give up sports and do what we malaysians do best: snatch-thieving. now, where the hell did i put my helmet? ; )

Friday, September 03, 2004

lord, i'm doing all i can to be a better man...

i've made up my mind, some things are best left as it is. and the good part is i have learnt some valuable lessons in life, i'm so much more of a better person than i was.

along the path of life, i've went through heaven and hell. some things were brilliantly amazing, some agonizingly painful. either way, i seek ways to improve myself after every obstacle, and i'm constantly making a better man out of me. i'm not a perfectionist, but i'm only a stone's throw from being one. i put high hopes on myself but i have low expectations. things never go your way all the time and it's at times like these i know i am special. because i never gave up. because i never lose hope. in the end of the day, i learn to see through different perspectives and this makes me think with my head instead of my heart. i've been through shit and survived, and i'm happy with myself now. the only thing i hate is i'm getting more and more 'empty' inside. i can't feel emotions as much as i have wanted, but i guess we need to sacrifice something, 'give and take' they say. i can try to care, but i don't really have the heart anymore. but i'm not regretting, never did. i am what i am so don't expect anything more from me.

if you're still wondering what i'm babbling about, forget it cuz you'll never know. probably just going through some 'mood fluctuations'. i'll be better in the next morning.

by the way, it's sasi's birthday today. let me yell this out:
"macha, happy 21st birthday. ni alaga ireket, and you da man! thanks for being such a great pal in uni, but do me a favour and stop skipping biochem lectures." ; )

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

happy belated national day! watever...

well, a bit late, but only because i was busy celebrating...;)

went to hartamas with nic and seow the night before. heck, the place was surrounded with hyperactive malaysians who can't stop cheering. we're the only ones sitting there looking cool, the waiters didn't dare to come over and distribute those free gifts (balloons, flags, and some other stuff for celebration i don't know what they are called). then there's this huge lady standing on the chair cheering with her butt facing me, sigh, i really wanted to kick her ass then. but with all these fanatics around, i figured it's a smarter choice if i just sit further away. we were boring, talking about computers and politics when people were busy yelling and throwing cans. went to play pool after that (both of them, not me) and later mamak at uncle don's. sort of worried that the waiters might beat up someone again, hahaha... national day was terrible, i woke up at 12, had my breakfast and read the papers, then spent the next 10 hours finishing up my lab reports. still feeling kinda dizzy now...

my views in conjunction with our national day. well, malaysia is indeed a great country. i'm proud to be a malaysian because our censorship board thinks that the title 'daredevil' is not appropriate and not suitable for malaysian viewers, but 'final destination' with all those freak accidents is fine. we say we can achieve 4 gold medals in the olympics but ends up with none. eritrea has one bronze to show (no, i don't know where's eritrea, didn't even know it existed in the 1st place). we condemn the cruelty usa did to iraqi citizens, but we beat up our maids who were hired from indonesia. we are always creating records like the biggest ketupat, most golfers in a single tournament, etc and no other countries can match, or should i say, wanted to match. we agree that we should curb crimes together, but everyone's buying pirated vcds and downloading mp3s illegally at home. we give incentives to police officers to lose weight instead of punishment. we organize national service to instill patriotism but girls got raped instead. we kept producing world class geniuses and then deny them chances to further studies locally. we complain that the government is not running the country right, but we elected them back year after year. we have infinite freedom of speech, but we can't question the government, bumis' rights, other religions, etc. we have god knows how many rape and murder cases unsolved and the police are busy giving summons to citizens who hold hands in public. we spent rm 238.8 million on a 1.7km flyover and it cracked after 2 years. we have people whose daily job is snatch thieving, and they own luxurious double-storey houses and luxury cars. we instill meritocracy in university place allocations based on quota systems.

happy independence day. now be nice. ; )