Saturday, September 18, 2004

third world mentality

this is not good.

it has been 47 years since our country gained independence, and we still think like stone-age cavemen. now you tell me if our education system isn't discriminating people from different ethnics. i can't believe the higher education minister would have the guts to step out and make this racist statement. some things are better left unsaid, but no, some people just can't keep their mouth shut. his stupidity has prompted me to make myself heard.

before i start, let me assure you that i'm not a racist. in fact, i have plenty of friends from various races. i only have an issue with our government. i think the bumiputras are already in a safe position in our country, because no matter how crap they are, they would always be one step in front of the other races. the education system is an obvious example. bumiputras can do shit all they want, and they always reap the benefits.

“The reality is that UiTM is an institution relating to the rights and privileges of the Malays. This can’t be questioned.”

this statement really pisses me off. we know your rights and privileges, that is why we work so much harder than the bumiputras to excel, and that is why we are the ones ending up more successful than them. i remember back when the recent matriculation results were announced, the total chinese top scorers were as high as bumiputras'. at that time, only 10% of the seats were occupied by non-bumiputras. what does that tell you?

“Up to today, we are unable to match graduates from other races, and you can imagine the situation if the enrolment was open to other races.”

how nice, they are the ones not matching the expectations, and we are the ones suffering. he claimed that if graduates from malaysia were only made up of one race, it could lead to political instability. that is why they are dragging us back along with those who aren't ambitious. they won't let the other races succeed, for fear that they could do a better job than what they're doing now. and this is why our country has been producing such top class morons like that minister to lead our country. and this will go a long long way still.

back then, i thought if i was never to be given a chance to further my studies locally, i would do it overseas and never return. call me a traitor if you want, but it's malaysia's education system that forces me to think in such a way. why bother to be patriotic when your own country isn't giving you an opportunity to serve them? how many geniuses have left the country because of this discriminative policy? how can you complain of other countries stealing your talents when you are the one booting them out of the country?

i'm not sorry to say that we can never achieve our vision 2020. i don't believe we'll ever manage to progress with this kind of third world mentality.

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