Tuesday, September 14, 2004

hmmm, what to eat leh?

well, i don't know how am i casting my vote this year. the political issues in campus are getting ridiculous. this is the first time in recent years that the election have so much problems, it seems to be ending with a bad taste in everyone's mouth. why is that?

for once, this year's candidates are all from the same party. the major opposition party has decided to boycott this election, claiming unfair decisions and tactics. since there's gonna be only one party, what's the point of voting? it's like you get into a restaurant, the waiter hands over the menu to you, and the menu reads:
1. mee goreng ikan bilis
2. mee goreng ikan kerapu
3. mee goreng ikan sardin
4. mee goreng ikan kembong
and so on...

me : what's the difference?
waiter : well, they're all mee goreng, only served with different fishes.
me : then i have no choice but to eat mee goreng only?
waiter : yes.
me : what if i want to order nasi goreng?
waiter : sorry, can't help ya. can i have your order now?

secondly, despite having candidates from one party only, every undergraduate are compulsory to cast a vote. residential colleges are threatening to investigate if there's any attempts to 'not vote'. whatever happened to privacy? just today my coursemate was telling me that for every single one who didn't vote, 5% of residents of the same ethnic group will be expelled from college the following semester. what the hell is that?

me : but i'm allergic to noodles.
waiter : not my problem. just order something, if you don't like it just leave it on the table.
me : what's the point then?
waiter : that's the rule. if you're not ordering, i'll have to ask you to leave the restaurant.

my friends in colleges are complaining of darurat. no one is allowed to enter or leave the college after 12am, no outsiders are allowed, no campaigning in colleges, you have to flash your matric card everytime you pass a security booth, yaddayadda...

me : can i go to the washroom?
waiter : i'm sorry, you can't.
me : why?
waiter : just as a safety precaution. in case you go into the toilet and make nasi goreng delivery orders.

well, it's not that i want to eat nasi goreng; i'd rather go for some burgers and fries, but aren't we in a democratic country? i have the rights to choose whether i want to eat or not, and what i want to eat. but now they're forcing me to order something to eat, and they only give me one option. what a stupid restaurant. i'm going to have my lunch at mcd's.

for those who have difficulties understanding my lunchtime crisis, please refer to this.


tomatoinc said...

hey! we are having the election of student representatives here as well. just that we don't get that much of politicking though. just posters and stuff a simple voting booth. about 30% turnout only. anyway, guess mentality of malaysian voters are still baby...that's why all this mee goreng crap is happening. someone decide that any else than mee goreng is bad. btw, can u vote for NO CONfidence in the candidiates?

Livingmonolith said...

latest news i got from my friends (i didn't vote), this year's voting system is transparent. that means they know if you've voted or not, and they know who are the candidates you vote. i feel so naked now. crap...