Thursday, September 16, 2004

what a beautiful day...

before i start, i just want to add some information i left out in my previous post.
20/9 : SHES2121 Plant Biotech - Oral Test (what the hell is that?)
29/9 : SHES2325 Animal Breeding - Midsem Test
4/10 : SHES2121 Plant Biotech - Midsem Test II
i'm starting to have a feeling that my lecturers are addicted to giving tests.

anyway, things haven't gone the way i'd like them to be lately. apart from the tests (a whopping 13 tests in 1 month, plus assignments, presentation and field trips), today i found out that the university charged me RM819 residential fee even though i'm staying at home. because of the same reason, i am to cast my vote at that particular college as i'm supposed to be a resident there. fine, i decided to be nice and go cast my vote at that college which is located behind the jungle, and that was when i realize this year's voting system is transparent; they know who has voted and who are the candidates you're voting for. i was like, 'what the hell? why don't you just go parade me naked in public?' i chose not to cast any votes, and i guess they've probably put my name in the blacklist already by now.

i spent the entire afternoon in the library doing some research for an assignment, decided to borrow some books (for the first time) when the librarian told me to pay up my fine. 'fine? what fine? i've never borrowed shit from your library and now i got fined? for what reason, fined for having never borrowed books from the library before?'. that basket said i took some books from the engineering fac's library, i don't even know there's a library in that faculty. no choice but to fork out RM1.70, my assignment's urgent. that basket then spent 15 minutes lecturing me on how his computer keeps accurate records, he's just doing his job, probably pranks by your friends, his cat just had pms, his mum's a prostitute, his dad's impotent, blah blah... patience, *breath in, breath out*...

then i went for my evening class at 5pm, and i don't have a clue what the lecturer was saying for the whole of her lecture. i also found out that everyone else are having a copy of some book which, according to the guy next to me, will be where the test is based on, crap. everyone else bought it at the start of the semester, double crap.

i was on my way home when it rained heavily. i was stuck in the traffic for 45 minute, my notes and the books i borrowed got all wet. after dinner, i started to write my reports. i was about to wrap up with the conclusion when i received a message from a coursemate at 11pm saying that some information ain't accurate, and i have to rewrite half of that bloody report again. i gave up after that and so here i am surfing the net, trying to post these shits in my blog when the computer decided to play david copperfield on me and wipe out my entire post at exactly this point. stupid pc.

curse my stupid luck, i hope the ceiling won't come falling onto me when i go to bed tonight.

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Lavender said...

hehe..ganbatte yo~!!! a better tomorrow.. ;)