Monday, December 17, 2007

darn weekend...

Supposingly the Super Grand Slam Sunday is going to be hell of a great entertainment for me with Liverpool vs Man Utd and Arsenal vs Chelsea being showed live on the telly. I could just sit on the couch and watch football with junk food all over the place.

Instead I've been working all night and missed both matches, and I had to endure keeping track of the games using Soccernet's Gamecast. Bloody hell, already missed the match live, and Liverpool lost despite having over 60% possesion and 20 attempts? This has to be kidding, it's like last season's fixture and dejavu.

Gonna give football a break this week, too tired to get my brains all worked out on something beyond my control. So I'm here happily blogging on a Monday evening, how is that possible?

Hahahaha, I didn't go to work today...;) Wait, actually I did. It's just that I worked for over 24 hours continuously I only came home at 8am this morning. Gonna tell ya, working from 6am to 8am the next day without a break is pretty hell draining, by the time I took my shower this morning my eyelids kept shutting themselves and I felt all lightweight and drifting around.

Crashed into the bed and didn't wake up until 3pm when a client called (damn, I forgot to turn off the mobile).

An easy Monday today, another couple of days at work, and I'll be off for a longer break. You can be pretty darn sure I'm gonna turn off my phone during this coming break, any calls work-related will pretty much bring stress even when you're on holiday.

So people, expect me to be M-I-A for a week...:)

Friday, December 14, 2007

i'm dreaming of the white christmas...

Ho ho ho, it's the year end holidays and Christmas is approaching in 10 days, it's going to be a cool and long break for me after so long.

I don't know why, but Christmas seems to be the holiday I look forward to most. Probably caused by all those Christmas movies back then which gave me a warm and serene feeling during this festive season, I seem to enjoy this most.

I'll be on a long break from work next week onwards, a deserving one I would say, after going for a stretch of 3 weeks without any days off. And I still have to apply using my annual leaves instead of replacement leaves, sigh... Can't complain much, there are days where I'm idle, and there'll be days when I have to work my socks off.

Anyway, I'll be celebrating Hari Raya Haji and Christmas in Butterworth this year, much to my delight to be able to be at a place so far from work they'll have no chance to drag me back...;) After that, I should be on a short trip to Singapore for an appointment, all the way until the end of the year and back in time for New Year.

Things didn't change much, except that I lost my passion in blogging, gained 2 new pet tortoise, bought a new handphone, and with fingers crossed, owned my first ever property (provided that nothing goes wrong during the transaction in half the year that follows).

My pet tortoises (Indian Stars) came about 3 months back when we're having an awful lot of time and decided that these cuties can bring much joy to our lives. True enough, the two hatchlings have been keeping us occupied with their daily diets and sunbaths, cleaning their poops and aquarium, my girlfriend now shudders when I told her I wanted to get another pet: a hedgehog. Hahahaha, anyway, I still hope that will happen, I'm so desperate to have a hoglet, and am now studying so hard to be a breeder. Hopefully I'll be able to turn it into a hobby, a hobbyist breeder. How nice does it sound?

Forgive me for not posting any photos of my pets here, I've been away from blogging for a gazzilion years (in blogging world, at least), I've forgotten how to post a picture here.

For this Christmas I've got myself a new handphone (yes, I've finally BOUGHT a handphone) instead of inheriting old mobiles from my brother for the past 7 years. Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. Google it up if you have no idea what phone is this. Got it during SS14's Digital Mall Price Crash early this month, although I suspect that the price didn't really vary that much. Anyway, splashed RM1,000 on this slim buddy, at least I have the comfort to know that now I don't have to bring out an old phone when I'm out meeting clients, hehehe... Downloaded some interesting songs into it and boy, does it play like a real radio. I'm impressed with the sound quality when it's on MusicPlayer mode, but the ringtones and alert tones are a bit too quiet. Wonder why is that... Anyway, I'm still pretty much satisfied (you have to when you've spent 4 digits on a phone!).

And the property. Ha, what's to say, let's just say this is my first step into investment world. A cheap, and I would say bargain, property which came along several months back when I was still learning my trades in property investment. I've come to realize that this interest requires a lot of research and endless reading and scouting. Hopefully this will be a success, and the first of many.

Too long and winding for reading, I know, I'll end this post here now. Kam, so now that you're back in NZ, I guess you can expect to get my updates from this half-dead blog. ;)

Adios amigos...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

short update...

Let's start with a joke:

A pair of husband and wife are filing for a divorce. Both wanted the custody of their 6 year old son. The judge couldn't decide who should the boy follow, and therefore asked the child, "Who would you prefer to stay with?"

"Neither. Both of them always beat me. I don't want to stay with them," replied the boy.

"Then who do you want to stay with?" asked the judge again.

"I want to stay with the Malaysian Football Association."


"Because they never beat anybody."

Haha. Okay, lame.

So here's the update. I was MIA for such long time due to a single reason: my girlfriend was staying with me for the past couple of months, and since she said she would not want to read my blog, I have no choice but not to blog at home.

Of course, now she's back in Penang she encouraged me to update my blog since she knew it's one of the things I usually do before we started dating a year back. ;) Very thoughtful girlfriend I have here, doesn't it make you jealous? Hahahahaha...

She finally got her posting and she'll be based in PJ, woohoo! So now she is no longer worried about being thrown to whatever town she had never heard of, I can also take a breather. And since she's starting work next month, I'm thinking of getting a part time job at night. Any recommendations?

I'm seriously thinking of Starbucks, but apparently the pay's real bad. I mean, I really wanna learn a trick or two in this business, but if it really takes up so much time and gains so little in return, maybe this is not really a good idea. But I guess I can look for others. Well, let's just wait till the girlfriend's steady with her job first, then I can put some serious thoughts into this.

I'm damn sleepy right now I don't remember what I wrote above. Next few days will be hectic, I'll need to get all the sleep I can get now. Tata...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

a little bit of this and that in 2007...

I'll start the same way I've always done - 'It's been some time since I last posted...'

Hahahahaha, damn, I just can't find the passion to blog the way I used to like a few years back.

2007 certainly isn't going the way I expected. Particularly since so much misfortunes that have happened, and it's still only May. My greatgrandmother passed away 10 days before Chinese New Year, and the entire family spent the festive season in a solemn mode. With her passing, the family got into some minor rifts with the relatives, although I'm not really that into it I still managed to catch some gossips here and there, and to put it in a simple word I couldn't be bothered about what's what with my distant relatives.

Early April my colleague's sister and family were involved in a bad highway accident, which ended in death to the entire family except the daughter, who is now staying with her aunt back in Johor. Such a young age with so much in life ahead of her, and here is she now, an orphan. Makes you think why God let these things happen don't you?

Later that week my grandfather decided that he has had enough and passed away peacefully in his sleep. As much as I hated him for all that he did in the past, I still have his blood running in my body, and obviously I'm gutted to see him gone. In fact, I feel a little odd now that I don't have to push him around in his wheelchair, no more talking to somebody who'll just stare blankly at you, and seeing his room unoccupied with just a bed and empty wardrobe in it.

His funeral is not the best of experience you can get, where my step-uncle decided to come back with his family to pay his respect. No complains on that, only that he quickly left before our family started discussing the shares everyone need to chuck in for the funeral. Funny, since we're the ones who helped him out of his stupid debts when he came searching for us looking to split my grandfather's wealth (which didn't really work, he had some heavy debts as well) a few years back when my grandfather suffered from stroke. Mind you, he's not dead yet that time, of course I'm offended that he wanted to talk about the will.

My aunt then went through operation to remove her fibroid and uterus for fear of a cancerous growth in her body, and thankfully it was successful and safe. She's all well now, only that she has some difficulty moving around for the time being.

And later in the month the father of a close friend got involved in an accident which until now, no one knows how did he end up in the hospital. My friend came all the way back from NZ, and I'm glad now his father is recuperating well.

Later in August my grandmother's going to have an operation on her knee, which have been bothering her for quite some time.

Well, not all are bad news really. At least Liverpool now is in the Champions' League final, and have a decent chance to lift a trophy in what was a disappointing season, for me. Milan will be tough, especially seeing the way they ripped Man Utd apart at San Siro, but Liverpool have every chance to battle it out to lift the trophy for the 6th time, and they're again wearing all red against Milan's all white. Hahaha, sometimes the English papers write so many superstitious stuff you can't really ignore. Liverpool have not lost in a European cup final wearing red against opponents in white, how's that? Not that I'm going to think the final's tilting this way because of that, but a 50-50 match will be interesting to watch.

And I can also look forward to the Phuket trip with my girlfriend end of this month. The first time I actually get to travel overseas by plane. Not bad eh? It may sound embarassing that I've never been to anywhere outside M'sia except S'pore (to visit my uncle) while my family members have been all over the world; across Europe, HK, Taiwan, NZ, Turkey, Korea, China, whatever place and no one asked me along to any of the trips. Nevermind, at least now I'm earning my own money I can spend some to go places I wanna go. I'll be leaving a day after the Champions' League final, so won't be missing anything there, hahaha...

I hope this post is long enough to compensate the 2-month missing entries. Expect more or less the same in the future, I really don't find it fun anymore especially that the blogsphere is full of 'copy-and-paste' copyright criminal bloggers. I'm giving up on the blogging world and going back to normal human life. ; ) So see ya people, keep in touch the old way, phone or meet-up, whichever more convenient.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

photo day...

Had some great time doing a photoshoot two weeks ago. Here are some of the photos for you guys to enjoy, hehehe...

Too lazy to upload the rest already. Maybe next time. Ditto for now...

Monday, March 05, 2007

wanna know how i celebrated chap goh meh?

Sometimes I don't get why people enjoy going to concerts.

You take out a big chunk of your bank savings so that you can go wrestle your way to some dirty seats in a bloody hot and smelly stadium, get bitten by mosquitoes for 3 hours, have some crazy drama queen fans screaming their lungs out right behind you, and that annoying girl beside you kept kicking you as she sings horribly out of tune the entire night. The worst thing I can imagine - thank goodness it didn't happen to me - is to have a 60 year-old woman beside you, dressed like some la-la mui and shouting so hard you'd be worried whether her lungs will fly out right at your face.

Welcome, people, to Wang Lee Hom's KL Heroes on Earth Concert. I rest my case.

Surprisingly though, I actually thought the concert was worth the money. I mean, where else can you find an artist; who also writes and produces, who plays the guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, violin and er hu, all in the same concert?

That's a great concert, to be honest. Even for people like me who loathe these teenage fangirls' activities. Lee Hom definitely has the looks and body, dances well (modern, hip-hop and breakdance in the concert, as well!) fantastic showmanship, and has a good voice. Together with the talent to fuse classical Chinese music into western styles, I'm running my brains overtime to figure who else can do such thing.

Now don't worry, I won't go screaming my lungs out for this Lee Hom guy here. Not a fan, never will.

Too bad the girlfriend is one. That explains my appearance at Bukit Jalil Stadium last night.

Ok, that's it. No more free advertisement for this American-Chinese guy anymore in this blog. One concert is enough. Let's hope Michael Jackson doesn't stage a comeback concert in Malaysia or I'll spell bankrupt.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's just one of those days you can't reach work on time...

I feel so damn annoyed and irritated.

Sometimes I wonder what the government's thinking when they built those digital signboards along Loke Yew road.

Yeah, yeah, of course they tell you informations regarding the traffic. And also about flashfloods. And accidents. Important stuffs.

The only thing is that the bloody digital signboard is erected right in the middle of Loke Yew road, and you need to be caught in the stupid jam for a veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy long time before you can read what's written on it.

Today I was caught in the traffic on my way to work. I was wondering why the queue was so damn long, cars weren't able to move as far as from Leisure Mall. Must be some accident in front I thought. So I crawled for a further half an hour before I can finally see that signboard which read:

"Raptai untuk sambutan Hari Wilayah. Laluan di Dataran Merdeka ditutup"

And I get to choose whether to spend 15 minutes to crawl my way to the alternative route, which will take another 30 minutes to reach my working place, or continue to crawl in the jam for another 30 minutes before I reach the same destination.

That's pathetic isn't it?

If I was warned before Leisure Mall, I would've turned right away and head towards PJ, pay the toll, drive all the way to Midvalley before making a U-turn heading back to KL to my workplace. And I can still arrive faster, for bloody's sake!

So what's the point having that stupid digital signboard again?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

gathering soon?

Not meant to be for you guys who're probably reading this, cuz I'm talking about a possible gathering with my ex-coursemates soon. ;p

Received a call from Yean in the evening today, she just switched jobs and gave me a call (more like a scolding). Stuff like why so long didn't contact, why no news, things like that.

So in the end I agreed to hold a reunion in the coming months. When exactly, I have no idea yet, ahahahaha... But I think there are quite a few of them who remained in KL after graduation, so there'll be some help in organizing a 3-day get-together.

Hmmm, I'm thinking of allocating one day for an outing to Sunway Lagoon. Since I've never been there before. And it fills up an entire day's agenda, hahahaha...

Ok, need to start sending out mails to people, need to show some progress before Yean gives another scolding!

Monday, January 15, 2007

one hand in my pocket, the other holding an empty wallet...

I should probably blog more often, it's already 2007 and I didn't post much for the past few months, hehe...

I should set "blog more often" as my new year resolution, but I know I'm gonna break my resolutions anyway, so I didn't bother.

I went to the Pharmacy Nite last Friday, quite reluctantly to be honest. (Well, already low in $$$ this month, and dinner like that chopped off a big slice of my remaining allowance for the rest of January). I thought of skipping it, but I guess the softer side of me knows that attending it would make my girlfriend's day.

It's her final dinner anyway, I'm sure she wants me to be there with her.

Well, for this round, girlfriend 1, $$$ 0. Let's hope it stays one round.

The dinner was good though, but I didn't eat a lot (I had my dinner a couple of hours before that because I wasn't expecting to go until the last minute). Plus, the performances and video presentations were totally awesome. Spent most of my time helping them to take photos, and taking care of the purses when they all went all over the place taking photographs.

But in the end, seeing the looks on my girlfriend's face, I guess it's worth it.

Or, to put it on a simpler term, worth 2 months of lunch.

Yes, looks like this time I WILL really get back in shape. Wish me luck, fellas!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

money money money...

Pretty long since the last update (again), but since Nic is actively blogging again, I thought I should pretend to be putting in some effort too, hehehe...

Between now and the last post, I've been to Butterworth three times, and celebrated New Year with my girlfriend's coursemates in Port Dickson; filming their music video for the Pharm Nite dinner which will be held this Friday.

Thought of going to the dinner, but with the way I'm spending recently, I'm better off saving a few more pennies in case of emergency.

Last month was a disaster, financial-wise. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to overspend my salary. The trips obviously took up a big chunk of it. Also, some unavoidable expenditure for Christmas gifts and house-warming gifts. But still, I never thought I would outspend my income. I guess it's time for me to do some financial planning.

No more lunch. No more suppers. No more new clothes. No more driving around aimlessly. No more coffee breaks. No more unnecessary breakfasts outside.

Hmmm... sounds like a good way to diet too. ;)

Okay, will be meeting up with Cheng one of these days to talk about some insurance policies and stuff like that. Pretty sure that'll take up a big slice of my salary too from next month onwards. Sigh...