Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's just one of those days you can't reach work on time...

I feel so damn annoyed and irritated.

Sometimes I wonder what the government's thinking when they built those digital signboards along Loke Yew road.

Yeah, yeah, of course they tell you informations regarding the traffic. And also about flashfloods. And accidents. Important stuffs.

The only thing is that the bloody digital signboard is erected right in the middle of Loke Yew road, and you need to be caught in the stupid jam for a veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy long time before you can read what's written on it.

Today I was caught in the traffic on my way to work. I was wondering why the queue was so damn long, cars weren't able to move as far as from Leisure Mall. Must be some accident in front I thought. So I crawled for a further half an hour before I can finally see that signboard which read:

"Raptai untuk sambutan Hari Wilayah. Laluan di Dataran Merdeka ditutup"

And I get to choose whether to spend 15 minutes to crawl my way to the alternative route, which will take another 30 minutes to reach my working place, or continue to crawl in the jam for another 30 minutes before I reach the same destination.

That's pathetic isn't it?

If I was warned before Leisure Mall, I would've turned right away and head towards PJ, pay the toll, drive all the way to Midvalley before making a U-turn heading back to KL to my workplace. And I can still arrive faster, for bloody's sake!

So what's the point having that stupid digital signboard again?

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